Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 372: Gate of Babylon countered, Nietono no Shana fights back.

Bing Ling had a smug smile.


“That’s quite an Armament you got there…”


Wu Yan flinched and then he laughed.


“Oh? So you know that’s an armament? As expected of a top 10 ranker…”


Bing Ling continued.


“Truthfully speaking, I don’t have the confidence to fight against you not when you have that armament. No matter if it’s power, speed or defense your armament seems to be able to cover all bases. It doesn’t help that you can restore the number of stored armaments.”


Wu Yan frowned. What’s wrong with this guy? Why is he praising him and diminishing his own image?


Bing Ling shook his head as though he read Wu Yan’s mind. He laughed out loud.


“Wu Yan, your armament is annoying but that’s just it. Against me and my Cyto family ice dou qi, your armament is going to be rendered ineffective.”


Done with his talk, he withdrew two icy daggers. It’s pretty clear that the pair of daggers are Rare armaments.


He rotated the knives in a deft manner, those 2 daggers are like polar lights twirling in his hands. The knives then collided together while generating sparks. The sparks that appeared had a cold and eerie aura.


Then, cold blue dou qi started coming out of Bing Ling. He had covered himself in this icy aura.


The blue dou qi started expanding until it formed into a gas cloud, something seemed to be brewing within it.


Wu Yan’s alarm went off when Bing Ling made his move. He frowned, this is the very same move Bing Ling was going to use back in the arena tower. However, Sylph stopped him before he could.


Seeing it again, and referring back to what Bing Ling said, this battle isn’t going to be as easy as he thought.


“Freezing gale!”


After his low chant, the blue gas cloud made of dou qi shot towards the sky and it stayed there.


In the platform for the participants, all the top 10 rankers narrowed their eyes. They knew what Bing Ling is going to do next, some of these people who had experienced this themselves gasped in surprise.


The gas cloud exploded and countless blue streams of light rained down and covered the arena.


Wu Yan’s expression froze for a moment. He examined the blue lights and his intuition told him the blue lights here are different from last time.


With an ominous feeling, Wu Yan looked at the blue lights wandering around the arena and he decided to act first.


“I have a bad feeling but who cares, I am going to strike first anyway!”


Snapping his finger, the familiar red space appeared once more with thousands of iron swords peeking out of portals. The next instant, Wu Yan is utterly shocked.


The blue lights charged towards the swords like bees to honey. The blue lights then covered the iron sand swords and they slowly encased the swords in ice.


Bing Ling is almost as surprised as Wu Yan was. He stared at the crimson space.


“Odd armament you have there, my freezing gale should be able to freeze most if not all armaments, yet, it seems to be ineffective against yours!”


Bing Ling turned his tone around.


“No matter, without your swords, your crimson space is useless…”


Wu Yan’s expression turned dark. He never thought he had this countermeasure in place. Wu Yan smiled, if this guy thought that he only had Gate of Babylon then he is sorely mistaken.


He waved his hand and dismissed the frozen swords. Bing Ling can’t help but laugh as he raised his daggers.


“Come, let me see what else can you do?!”


Bing Ling shot himself at Wu Yan while aiming his daggers at Wu Yan’s arms.


Wu Yan almost made a wrong move, he observed the approaching Bing Ling and he recalled that the blue lights could slow Bing Ling’s opponents down.


Wu Yan is now in striking distance of Bing Ling.


He materialized Nietono no Shana but he creased his forehead when Nietono no Shana started getting encased in ice.


“It’s useless!”


Bing Ling accelerated towards Wu Yan.


“It’s certainly troubling…”


Wu Yan, still focusing on Bing Ling raised Nietono no Shana against a somewhat surprised Bing Ling.


Flames started sprouting from the blade itself. It melted away all the ice covering it by turning it into steam in almost an instant. Wu Yan dashed up to Bing Ling with the flaming Nietono no Shana.


This sudden change elicited a sudden change in Bing Ling’s expression. He didn’t expect Wu Yan had an armament that can counter his ice dou qi.


Wu Yan figured it was his turn to return the surprise Bing Ling gave him.


The students started getting noisy. They vigorously discussed the weirdly slim sword that is on fire. They had seen that armament last time but it wasn’t burning then.


Lei Wang amusedly shook his head.


“Where is he getting all his tricks from? Is he a disciple of some famous master?…”


Bing Mian and Qing Jing Hua had difficult expressions. Meanwhile, Fei Fei and Lulu were astonished whereas Hinagiku and Mikoto merely exchanged smiles with each other.


It’s just his armament and he hasn’t even pulled out Meteor Storm yet. If he did, the girls wondered what they would think?…


Bing Ling stopped dashing, he wanted to examine Nietono no Shana more. His expressions kept changing. Cyto family’s ice dou qi is very special in that it can slow enemies down, it can also freeze other people’s armament. However, fire is its fatal weakness.


Wu Yan raised Nietono no Shana while brushing his finger across the sword, the fires didn’t seem to burn him as if it knew how to recognize its owner.


Wu Yan smiled at Bing Ling.


“Come on, where did all your fire go?”


Wu Yan immediately appeared in front of Bing Ling.

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