Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 371: The battles keep on coming, another one!

The cheers threaten to reach the high heavens. The fight between Hinagiku and Vishi had enthralled the crowd into an absolutely hyped state. Their passions could be heard through their voice. They wanted the next match to begin a.s.a.p.


At this point, the spectators aren’t even sure who they are rooting for anymore. They would cheer with all their hearts whenever they see someone giving their all out there in the arena. At this rate, a lot of students are going to end up with sore throats after this tournament.


Of course, the fighters responded by fighting at their maximum spirit Boring matches turned into intense ones, magic, and dou qi flying everywhere, secret skills being utilized for the first time ever &, etc… The crowd and the higher-ups all enjoyed watching the fights.


The bottom ranking 80 something rankers fought like madmen on top of the arena, They fought with such energy and zest that even the top 50 students are impressed and astonished.


Wu Yan can’t help but comment on how hype can make people bring out their true power.


The second round of the grand tournament had been in session for half a day now. Shokuhou Misaki, Hinagiku, Fei Fei, Astrea, and Mikoto had already finished their second fights.


Astrea fought against another top 10 ranker who had a higher rank than Vishi. She went up against the no.6 of this school who stood close to the top 5 of this school.


Astrea wasn’t like Hinagiku, as the highest level participant in this tournament. Astrea put on a brilliant show of handing her opponent’s butt to him. She used her Photon sword like a cudgel to bash her opponents, only when her opponent lost their consciousness did she stop.


The other top 10 rankers prayed to whatever gods they believed in when they saw her going absolute ludicrous savage on her opponents. It’s not just her strength, they are also intimidated by her fervent attacks that bordered on insanity. They thanked their gods that she already fought two rounds.


Faced with the threat of no food, she really could unleash unforeseen power. It’s the first time he saw anyone turn the desire for food into power.


Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar’s heart sank when they saw her display of power.


Silvaria World Institute originally had only 3 tier 8 individuals and they ruled over the student body like kings. Yet, within the short span of a month, Misaka Mikoto appeared, Ikaros, and now Astrea.


Are tier 8 individuals raining down here or what.


Caah bitterly laughed. This world is much larger than he thought. He thought that by reaching tier 8 before age 25, he is one of the most talented individuals in Silvaria. However…


Caah didn’t know that his talent is actually one of the best since Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea are not from this world in the first place.


Caah is making plans on how to recruit these people into Feia empire.


Unlike Caah, Sylph briefly examined Astrea and she said nothing. It’s unknown what this icy expressionless princess thought of these strong newcomers.


Jaafar snorted at Astrea and he turned his head the other way.


Wu Yan is the only one of his group who hadn’t fought his second match yet. Now, to wait for the result…


Wu Yan got picked for his second fight soon enough. He almost laughed out loud when they announced his opponent.


“Next round: Wu Yan v Bing Ling!”


Everyone stopped cheering for a moment, they confirmed the names and then they went into an uproar.


Wu Yan and Bing Ling stared each other down.


It’s finally time for them to have their much-awaited fight.


They didn’t get to finish their fight back then. They can finally continue where they left off, now that he’s got Gate of Babylon, his strength had increased.


“Big brother!”


Bing Mian yelled out while clenching his fists. His dark expression conveyed to his brother that he wanted him to beat Wu Yan up real good but even Bing Mian is not sure whether it would end up like that.


Like Bing Mian, Qing Jing Hua held back Bing Ling’s sleeve with a worried look. Both of them is familiar with Wu Yan’s strength by now.


Bing Ling dismissed their worries with a wave of his hand. He stopped the two from saying anything. He said nothing to Wu Yan as he got up the railing and leapt towards the arena.


Wu Yan smiled. Mikoto, Hinagiku, Fei Fei, Lulu, Flandre-chan, and Ikaros cheered for him.


“Onii-chan (Yan), you can do it!”


Flandre-chan and Lulu yelled out loud.


“Teach that fellow a lesson!”


Mikoto said.


“Don’t get careless now!”


Fei Fei and Hinagiku said.


Wu Yan responded to them by giving them a bright smile. Wu Yan isn’t too worried about this fight with Bing Ling, at the same time, he knew he should stay on his toes as well.


With True Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, and Gate of Babylon. If he still loses to someone from the same tier as him then he won’t be able to forgive himself.


The two stared at each other in the arena. The two figures with special uniform stood in the plain arena, the scene was strangely fascinating.


The grudge between them also added to the allure of this match.


Bing Mian got schooled in front of the student body in the arena tower. In order to protect his younger brother’s honor, Bing Mian stood up to challenge Wu Yan. A top 10 ranker challenging a newbie drew a lot of attention at first.


Compared to Bing Ling, Wu Yan had much simpler motives. He needed to complete his sudden quests and he couldn’t care less who his opponent was or what kind of person he was. He also didn’t give a rat’s furry ass what people thought of him.


Because Lirin intervened and got Sylph to stop the fight he had to wait until now to finish his fight with Bing Ling. For the spectators, they are excited because they knew about the juicy details and the background between the fighters.


The crowd is now at the peak of excitement.


Bing Ling looked at Wu Yan. He shifted from not taking him seriously to taking him seriously. Now, he had a grim expression.


Bing Ling didn’t dare to treat him as just another newbie. Wu Yan has the strength that if Bing Ling is truthful with himself, exceeded him.


From the fights he observed, he could tell Wu Yan has an Armament that can shoot armaments.


Bing Ling had no idea Wu Yan got his hands on Gate of Babylon recently, he assumed Wu Yan had hidden it up till now.


Bing Ling felt fortunate that he had ways to counter Wu Yan, an effective way.

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