Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 370: The breathtaking fight and finally, victory!



The sound of blades crossing sounded for the umpteenth time. It’s a fight between swordmasters, every time the crowd thought one of them can’t block an attack, they block it.


It’s a very spectacular display of sword mastery.


The crowd sang praises and rained down cheers upon the two fighters. Hinagiku had changed the students’ opinion of her.


None of the crowd think that any one of the newcomers is an easy target. These special students are all very strong individuals.


This excluded Flandre-chan who has her powers sealed for the time being, nobody would expect a kid to bring them any entertainment during a fight.


Hinagiku unfurled a piercing storm of sword jabs. In the blink of an eye, Hinagiku struck out a 5 hit combo that forced Vishi back.


Not giving him a room to relax, Hinagiku went into a dash as her pink hair danced in the wind due to her speed, she looked like a sakura-colored flower in that battlefield.


Vishi had more strength than Hinagiku, when he retreated, Hinagiku got close but Vishi struck out with his arming sword.


His arming sword glowed brightly due to the infused dou qi. He unleashed a sword beam from the arming sword, the golden beam with massive energy in it headed towards Hinagiku in the form an arc.


“Watch out!”


Wu Yan yelled out. He grabbed onto the railing with all his might while watching the match in an anxious manner. Her fighting style is different from Vishi who relied on his overwhelming dou qi, Hinagiku used pure skills and strength to unleash her attacks.


In terms of power, Hinagiku is weaker, the only thing she can use is the technique she developed during her student years in Hakuo.


Her kendo foundation and the effect of leveling up had made her a very strong person. The downside of her technique and strength meant that she can only do close ranged attack and she didn’t have fancy attack skills.


It’s an unknown whether or not Hinagiku can sustain this fight while defending against Vishi’s dou qi attack.


Hinagiku glanced at Wu Yan and she could see that Wu Yan is really worried for her.


It’s like time had stopped. Exposed to dou qi attacks, her eyes flashed.


I don’t want to see your worried expression anymore…


But, Yan, just let me be selfish one more time…


Hinagiku had a firm expression. Shirosakura brightened as if responding to her resolve.


Hinagiku raised Shirosakura and she charged towards the beam contrary to the crowd’s expectation. She sliced at the sword beam.




Wu Yan, Mikoto, Fei Fei, and Lulu cried out.




The frightening power in that sword beam made Hinagiku wince from the vibrations. She started feeling a heavy sensation in her chest. However, she didn’t retreat, she psyched herself up with a battle cry and she pushed forward while stomping with her hands firmly holding onto the blade.


Her powerful advance managed to crack the sword beam.


“Hey now, you’ve got to be kidding me…”


Vishi is flabbergasted by this scene. He had an ominous feeling when he saw how his dou qi beam got cracked.


But, before Vishi can react in time, Hinagiku gnashed her teeth and she yelled before giving another mighty push with her crystal sword.




Like an old rag, the crystal sword split the beam in half. The remnants of the sword beam scattered into Hinagiku’s background.


“What the f…”


Vishi almost cussed. His full power sword beam got split in half like some third-rate cleaning rag.


Vishi didn’t stop to realize that Hinagiku isn’t done just yet.


Hinagiku leveraged her momentum and tossed her sword at Vishi. Shirosakura flew at Vishi while splitting the air.


Vishi panicked and he immediately retreated away but it’s the same situation as Hinagiku was in before, there is no leeway to dodge.


The tip of the sword is already very close to his face. He could see the fine grains of the sword and he would be hard-pressed to imitate Hinagiku’s counter.


Vishi chose to unleash his dou qi and use the force to repel the sword.


Since Hinagiku simply threw the sword, the force from the unleashed dou qi repelled the sword quite easily.


However, Vishi thought wrongly if he thought Hinagiku didn’t factor this in.




He knew this won’t end well when he heard the sound.


Hinagiku grabbed the sword that was flying away and she slapped Vishi’s body with the side of sword like a bat.




Vishi flew away and crashed hard into the ground. He endured the intense pain coming from his chest and the sword appeared this time, with its tip pointing at his forehead.


The crowd went silent.


Vishi looked at the sword and he looked at Hinagiku who is both pale and panting hard at the moment.


“I lost…”


The crowd looked at each other as if to confirm that just happened. They cheered, nay roared in elation.


Hinagiku won everyone’s respect and applaud.




Her comrades all sighed in relief before they smiled at each other.


“What an agile one.”


Lei Wang laughed out loud.


“Formidable strength, quick mind, and wonderful technique. I should have expected as much from one of the teammates of that young fellow.”


The higher-ups all nodded, they thought very highly of Hinagiku’s performance as well.


Lei Wang stood up and he declared the winner.


“Victory goes to Katsura Hinagiku!”


Everyone got hyped up as well. Another ranker had risen up as one of the new top 10 rankers. Moreover, she is one of the newcomers.


Hinagiku came back to a sea of cheers and hugs. Wu Yan felt a bit of pain when he saw Hinagiku’s pale face, he caressed her face while whispering into her ears.


“Take a good rest…”


Hinagiku nodded and she closed her eyes while Wu Yan stroked her.


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