Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 368: Jaafar's fight! Beast Battle Arts!

When Lei Wang declared the victor, Wu Yan jumped out of the arena while everyone threw respecting and fearful gazes at him.


Bing Ling grimaced when he saw Wu Yan returning to his seat with nary a sign of fatigue.


Chester’s strength might not be in the top 10 but he is very close to the apex.


Bing Ling wondered if he could defeat Chester in such a short span of time without paying a significant price. In the end, it’s impossible for him.


Qing Jing Hua worriedly looked at Bing Ling. Bing Ling responded with a smile.


“Looks like I have to find a way to counter his crimson space…”


The reason why Wu Yan can easily take down a foe Bing Ling would never be able to do the same to is due to his possession of the Gate of Babylon.


Gate of Babylon can shoot out D rank swords like bullets and it can even recall the weapons. When Gate of Babylon is firing, the attacks are going to keep coming like endless rain.


Gate of Babylon is a C rank equipment at the moment, by enhancing the D rank swords, the destructiveness of its projectiles cannot be underestimated.


A certain blonde dude with flashy golden armor used this to his maximum advantage and basically ruled the entire round of Holy Grail war. It’s precisely because it is so impressive that Wu Yan thought nothing of sinking a massive amount of resources to attain it.


Bing Ling is also a worthy foe for being able to guess the function of Gate of Babylon by just watching a few fights in which Wu Yan used it.


Bing Ling laughed as he glanced at Wu Yan.


“Your equipment is a pain to deal with but the special ice dou qi of Cyto family will be the end of you.”


Bing Mian couldn’t restrain his laughter when he heard about his brother’s idea. He felt fortunate that his opponent relied on his equipment, if they couldn’t deal with this, even he would doubt his own brother’s chances of victory.


A few more rounds went pass and the crowd stopped focusing on Wu Yan. They began cheering like madmen at the explosive and intensive fights that followed.


Mikoto, Hinagiku, Fei Fei, Shokuhou Misaki, and Astrea also fought once during this intermission. Those opponents were small fries so they won without a hitch. Shokuhou Misaki and Fei Fei got picked for their second fights relatively soon and they won theirs with flying colors so they can kick back and relax for the remainder of this round.


Only the judges can decide who proceeds from here onwards but simply by their outstanding achievements, Shokuhou Misaki and Fei Fei should be picked without any issue.


Shokuhou Misaki faced Bing Mian as her second opponent.


Naturally, Bing Mian got defeated after Shokuhou Misaki used her powers on him, his strength as a top 30 ranker notwithstanding. She couldn’t completely control him due to his strength but she had ample powers to reveal every dirty secret like how old before he weaned, stopped peeing his bed, surrendered his virgin card &, etc… Bing Mian gave in and he surrendered while roaring like mad.


The crowd was less than forgiving, but, they liked hearing juicy secrets and spreading them around, especially when they concern famous people…


“Next up, Jaafar!”


Everyone turned and looked at the burly man who has his eyes closed right up until this moment.


Jaafar sat quietly at his spot without care unless it’s his turn. If he isn’t one of the participants in the upcoming match you can bet that he wouldn’t twitch even a single muscle, let alone open his eyes.


Jaafar opened his eyes and the crowd could see a dormant beast waking up to the sound of battle.


Jaafar, the crown prince of Baruba empire, the no.3 in Silvaria World Institute.


He got up and he slowly walked over to the stage with heavy steps, the air turned heavy whenever he approached. One could feel the excitement coming off of him before he even reached the stage.


When he got close to the railing he stomped the ground like a bear and he jumped up. When he landed in the arena, the force of the impact shattered the ground around him.




Wu Yan could his heard racing at the thought of how strong Jaafar is, he revealed a grin.


As expected of a tier 8 individual.


Jaafar’s opponent had a grim look, he looked slightly intimidated. He stopped at a distance 20 meters away from Jaafar not because of regulations but because he didn’t dare to approach any further.


Jaafar’s aura is too scary for him.


It’s like he’s facing a brutal beast that is baring its teeth against him. He could see the image of himself being devoured by the savage beast before him. Cold sweat started pouring down the side of his face.


Jaafar hasn’t moved and he already won a bout.


He cracked his neck and loosened his body with crisps sound of joints popping. he stretched his hands out, revealing his bear-like enormous palm. He clenched his fists and he revealed his beast claws.


A giant image appeared behind Jaafar, it looked like some sort of wolf-esque magic beast.


It’s not an illusion, there’s really an image of a beast there.


Caah smiled.


“Jaafar has improved from vague figures to such a concrete looking image huh, this level of mastery in Beast Battle Art is going to make snatching no.2 away from him much harder.”


Caah flinched and he suddenly recalled Sylph and Mikoto before he shook his head.


“No, perhaps that would make the third spot harder to snatch…”


Jaafar made a movement and the image behind him howled.


He blinked in front of his enemy and he unleashed a palm strike that blew his opponent out of the arena. His opponent spat out a mouth of fresh blood and passed out.


One blow.


The tier 7 individual got taken down right at the start of the battle.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Fei Fei looked at each other. They had grave expressions, Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Fei Fei had yet to reach tier 8, they all felt heavy emotions.


Without a doubt, Jaafar is very strong.


Wu Yan clenched his fists. Something is telling him that his opponent might be Jaafar.


He saw Jaafar returning to his seat and his golden iris revealed a glint of battle intention.


The projection that showed the upcoming participants dispelled his battle intention.



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