Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 366: The second round, the first one again?

The second day of the tournament finally arrived much to the student body’s anticipation.


Everyone got up at the first break of dawn, they did their morning routine at a rapid pace and they all got ready.


It didn’t take long for things to get rowdy in Silvaria World Institute.


The students got into groups or went solo as they headed towards the central plaza.


In just a few moments, the plaza is already jam-packed with people. People are talking loudly or cheering for their favorite participants, the whole place is practically in an uproar.


They are in even higher spirits than yesterday.


It is natural that they are hyped as heck. There aren’t a lot of flashy fights yesterday owing to the strong rankers who swiftly dealt with their opponents.


The crowd is waiting for strong rankers to get paired up with strong rankers, in other words, they wanted to see a fight, not a slaughter.


Surprisingly, Lei Wang and the other directors of the board arrived earlier than anyone else. They are currently discussing something on top of the VIP stage.


When Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Fei Fei, Lulu, and the others gathered, the participants are more or less here already.


After the arrival of the various factions including the one led by Shokuhou Misaki, all the participants are in full attendance.


Lei Wang slightly nodded his head before he stood up from his seat. He waited for the crowd to pipe down before he announced something.


“The second round of the Grand Tournament is a bit different from the round yesterday. Participants, listen up…”


The crowd piped down even if they didn’t have to. The spectators were afraid they might miss a word Lei Wang said.


“Today, the opponents are still randomly picked. But, each participant will be picked twice for two different fights.”


“In other words, each of the 50 participants will have to fight two times. Winning one round doesn’t guarantee participation in round 3. Losing one round doesn’t mean losing the chance to participate in round 3 as well.”


“After every participant had fought their two fights, the second round will be over…”


The crowd started making a fuss. The rules are the rules but how are they going to determine who gets to proceed to round 3?


Lei Wang laughed as if he anticipated this confusion.


“To get to the third round, you must all exhibit your true power. We of the board will decide 10 and only 10 participants who will make it to the 3rd round!”


“By the end of today, we will know the 10 rankers who will get rewards from the school’s board of directors!”




The crowd started making noises. The 50 participants frowned or turned grim. They didn’t expect the board to determine the finalists by the end of round 2.


Those stronger participants aren’t too worried. For them, it didn’t matter when they decided the finalists, they were sure they could make it no matter what the board decided.


Some of them are fools who think too highly of themselves while some are those who truly could stand among the finalists.


Lei Wang couldn’t care less what the crowd thought about the review system. He took note of the individuals he had high hopes of, namely, Sylph, Caah, Jaafar, Fei Fei, Wu Yan & co.


“Let us begin, the second round of the Grand tournament!”


The names of the participants shifted rapidly on the projection. The participants aren’t too worried about who they go up against. If they get knocked out on the first fight, they still have one more round to deal with so there’s no point in getting too worked up.


The names appeared on the projection.


Lei Wang flinched before he laughed out loud at the appearance of a stunned Wu Yan.


“First round: Wu Yan v Chester!”


Wu Yan shook his head in a helpless manner.


What luck, to get picked again for the first round.


Are they using me because I did well on my first fight or am I just the appetizer?


Wu Yan didn’t mind going up first. The first and the last fight usually has everyone’s attention so it’s fine.


Shokuhou Misaki is an exception to this rule, that cheeky lady has a popularity that borders on being a cheat.


Fei Fei had a serious look, she told him.


“Yan, watch out…”


Wu Yan pursed his lips.


“Why? Is that Chester also another one of Bing Ling’s admirer?”


Fei Fei slapped Wu Yan’s shoulder.


“What are you talking about, you know Chester is a guy…”


Wu Yan retorted in a grumbling manner.


“Well, he might swing that way so…”


Fei Fei missed this part and if she did hear it, she might have been a bit mad. She got close to him, Wu Yan could smell something faintly sweet coming from her.


“He’s one of the leaders of the 9 factions who came to the arena tower with you!”


“One of the leaders of the 9 factions…”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. Looks like this fight is going to be fun.




Fei Fei said.


“Chester is the successor to the 3rd largest noble family in Feia empire. His strength is not yet at the top 10 rankers’ level but he could easily attain no.11 if he wanted to. If you’re not careful you might just lose…”




He’s not afraid of competition, however, he would have liked for Chester to fight him before this tournament. That way, he could have completed the mission to take a spot among the top 20 rankers.


The System notified him that due to the tournament and the potential for ranker’s name list to shift rapidly before and after the event, the ranker name list is currently unreliable for the sake of completion of the mission.


This means he won’t get anything even if he wins.


Wu Yan shook his head to clear his thoughts as he took the stage.


If he continued winning, completing his quest is only a matter of time.


Right now he needs to focus on winning and winning!

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