Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 365: Power levelling, where the sisters went...

After Shokuhou Misaki’s victory, the matches carried on, with 100 participants, there are 50 rounds in total and there are some quick rounds here and there while some matches took longer than needed.

Not surprising, after Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki won. The top 10 rankers also won their matches without any hitch. Now the tournament is proceeding into its later stage.

Fei Fei also participated. As the no.5 ranker, she dispatched her opponents without much trouble. After the fight with Wu Yan at Beherl, her strength had increased and she is now a level higher than she was before.

Her opponents never could draw out her true fighting strength. She always batted her opponent outside the arena with a round of sword beam.


Astrea shared the same situation with Fei Fei.


Shokuhou Misaki had popularity and people skills but without a strong assistant to back her up, she couldn’t have achieved her status as the leader of the 13th strongest faction.


Each of the leaders of the 12 factions are very strong rankers who dominated the first 12 spots among the rankers, that is, before Wu Yan & co came to the school anyway. The leader’s strength is very crucial to a faction.


Shokuhou Misaki didn’t have such power with her level only being at Level 64. She is lower in one level than Hinagiku. This is the reason why she “recruited” Astrea in the first place, to have someone of strength to back her up.


In terms of power, Astrea is the strongest after Flandre-chan and Ikaros. She is definitely strong enough to be a force that Shokuhou Misaki can utilize.


Shokuhou Misaki’s participation in this tournament is to put Astrea in the spotlight and spread the fame of Starlight Queen.


If Astrea became the tournament champion then Starlight Queen will officially stand on the same ground as the strongest 12 factions.


Flandre-chan and Ikaros are not competing so there’s a real possibility that Astrea can take the champion title.


Shokuhou Misaki caught wind of Flandre-chan and Ikaros’ non-participation and she immediately told Astrea to participate and she told her that there will be no food if she went easy on her opponents.


No food is a very serious thing for Astrea, she wasted no time in drawing her photon sword when it was her turn.


Let’s just say we don’t want to see the sorry state her opponents are in after the fight.


Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou didn’t participate, they aren’t rankers.


Rankers are those who stands out among even the most talented of 1000 special students. The three girls aren’t even at tier 7 so they could not rank even if they wanted to.


Hence, their role during this tournament is to be one of the spectators.


After wiping out half the participants, the first day of the tournament ended.


By this time, the sky had also darkened.


Lei Wang saw the sky’s color and he stood up.


“The first round of the grand tournament ends here, note to the 50 victors, the second round begins tomorrow at the same time as today, be there!”


Lei Wang nodded towards the other directors and they bid farewell to each other before they disappeared instantly.


Seeing as the show is over, the crowd also started dissipating.


Wu Yan & co haven’t left yet.


Someone has unfinished business.


Mikoto growled at Shokuhou Misaki, sparks crackled around her.


“Shokuhou Misaki, return the sisters to me!”


“Ara ara, Misaka-san, you’re talking to me as if I stole them…”


Shokuhou Misaki laughed with a hand covering her mouth. Her unfazed appearance caused Mikoto to grind her teeth in anger.


“You took the sisters away without my permission. If that’s not abduction I don’t know what is!”


“Oh, Misaka-san, you’re mistaken…”


Shokuhou Misaki smiled at Mikoto who is still fuming. She glanced at Wu Yan before she continued.


“The sisters are summons of Lil Yan over there. True, I didn’t ask permission from an irresponsible elder sister like you but Little Yan over there said otherwise so technically I didn’t abduct anyone.”


Wu Yan cursed silently. He made a mental note to go really rough on her next time they are doing the nasty. For now, he has bigger things to worry or rather cry about.


He just knew he’s going to get dragged into the fight whenever these two starts fighting.


Damn, I should have run when I had the chance.


Mikoto had things to say about Shokuhou Misaki’s rebuttal. However, the part where she called her irresponsible struck too close to home. Mikoto felt like she had to pay back a lot of debt to the sisters. At the same time, Wu Yan is the one who did most of the rescue, she didn’t do much so she can’t exactly refute Shokuhou Misaki’s statement.


Now, regarding the guy who disappointed her by allowing the sisters to be in the custody of someone she hates.


She turned towards Wu Yan with a red face.


“Yan! Is this true?”


Wu Yan silently retorted.


Hey, you were there that day, you saw how she took it from me…


“Well, of course.”


Shokuhou Misaki saw that Wu Yan is too stumped for words so she hugged Wu Yan’s arm while putting words in his mouth. She blushed while rubbing her face against his.


“Little Yan made sure I paid the proper ‘dues’ before I could take care of them, isn’t that right? Little Yan…”


Luckily for him, nobody saw Shokuhou Misaki acting all flirty with Wu Yan, if they did, Wu Yan would have to deal with a mountain of challenge letters again.


Wu Yan saw Mikoto’s I-will-end-you face and he looked at Shokuhou Misaki with a pained expression.


“Babe, I think it’s better if you spill the beans on the whereabouts of the sisters..>”


Shokuhou Misaki clicked her tongue, she also didn’t forget to pinch his arm for not standing by her side.


“The sisters were bodyguards when Starlight Queen’s faction is still in its infancy stage, they are no longer by my side…”




Mikoto yelled out loud.


“Explain yourself!”


Takitsubou Rikou who was busy looking at Wu Yan finally chimed in.


“The sisters are in the Giant Beasts Forest…”


“The giant beast forest!”


Shokuhou Misaki smiled at them.


“Surely you guys have noticed that your experience points are increasing even when you are not fighting anything?”


Wu Yan caught onto her scheme before she said it.


“So you sent the sisters to the Giant Beast Forest to grind levels?”




Shokuhou Misaki nodded.


“Since summons share the same amount of EXP, I thought that the sisters all 20000 of them can net us quite a substantial amount of experience points if they fought monsters in the Giant Beast Forest.”


“But, to let them stay in the Gaint Beast Forest…”


Wu Yan had an anxious tone.


“Oh, relax…”


Shokuhou Misaki continued.


“You should be worried more about the demonic beasts and the assholes who are gunning for the girls…”

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