Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 363: Hinagiku's fight, a dazzling finish

The opponent made his appearance. He appears to be a slightly handsome young man of roughly 24 or 25 years of age. He had a red emblem displayed clearly in front of his uniform, a proof that he belonged to Crimson Land.

His good countenance is spoiled by his sour look.

He should be happy that he got matched up with a newcomer. Yet, his mood don’t appear to be jolly at all.

He’s displeased with Hinagiku earning the cheers of the crowd with her elegant entry. She’s just a little bit, where’s the cheer when he arrived on top of the arena.

The guy decided that he’s going to win back the cheers by winning this match in a brilliant manner.

“Let’s start…”

Lei Wang started the battle after he confirmed that both sides are ready.

Everybody looked forward to this fight.

Wu Yan, Mikoto, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Takitsubou Rikou, Frenda, Kinuhata Saiai, these eight special students had an unprecedented level of fame among the students of Silvaria World Institute.

Wu Yan challenged the 9 great factions and he fought a top 10 ranker, broke through floor 5, everyone in Silvaria World Institute knows about him. The same applied to Mikoto just for fighting Sylph. Ikaros’ brief appearance also signaled to others that she held a strength that could be enormous should she so chooses to display it.

Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou did a one-up on Wu Yan & co. They established the 13th biggest faction within a short time after entering Silvaria World Institute.

Entering as a special student at the same time as the others, what surprises will she bring to this battle?

Even Lei Wang is looking forward to this fight. He can try to hide it behind his poker face but it still shines through. He’s not so much interested in her as interested in what kind of friends are hanging around Lulu. He’s here to screen them.

The crowd started rooting for Hinagiku and their voices are collectively deafening.

The guy who is used to people showering him with praises started getting peeved that she’s getting so much attention.

Befitting a ranker, he had better patience than your average thug. He suppressed his emotion, he drew an arming sword when Lei Wang declared the start of the fight.

It’s quite obvious that he’s not going to hold back just because she is the fairer gender. He channeled his dou qi and got into battle mode.

Hinagiku waved her hand and a gale carrying sakura petals surged around her hand before materializing as a crystal like sword.

She tilted her head while smiling, the sight of her opponent channeling dou qi didn’t seem to faze her.

Hinagiku’s figure blurred as she closed the distance between his opponent in an instant.

Before he can react, his opponent had already started attacking him.

He got angry when he saw how Hinagiku didn’t take him seriously with that non-chalant face. He slashed at her with a dou qi infused sword strike.

The sword strike is as vicious as they come, the strike tore through the air as it made its way over to Hinagiku’s shoulder.

Wu Yan flinched a bit, he was worried for her. If this hit landed, she would be lucky to get away with just a huge gash on her shoulder.

Hinagiku analyzed the strike. She lifted the corner of her lips into a smile.

At this point the attack seemed as though it would hit any moment now.

Hinagiku struck out with Shirosakura like a pink llightning.


The two blades, both completely different in size, connected. Hinagiku’s eyes had a flash and she seized a leverage point to deliver a parry the swept aside the opponent’s sword beam.


The sword beam cut through the clouds and disappeared beyond the heaven. Hinagiku came out of this completely unscathed.


He yelled out of shock. His shock spelled the end of his fight.

She got into her stance and she lashed out another pink lightning sword strike that struck the opponent’s arming sword. She twisted her blade and with a powerful lift, she disarmed him.

The arming sword fell outside the arena. This is the end of the fight, not because the opponent is disarmed but because of what Hinagiku did next.

She slapped the opponent on the chest with the side of Shirosakura. The opponent flew out of the arena while groaning in pain.

Lei Wang laughed while declaring the end of the fight.

“The victor of this round, Hinagiku!!!”

The crowd hadn’t reacted to this. They exchanged looks with each other before they went into a noisy roar of cheers and praises.

Wu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, he couldn’t hold back his smile. Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki also shared the same sentiment.

Wu Yan Wu Yan is genuinely impressed with Hinagiku’s performance, she had improved so much when compared with before.

The opponent is by no means a pushover, he is about the same level as Hinagiku yet when they fought Hinagiku showed him who is the boss in just 3 attacks. Granted, she used the element of surprise to jump her opponent but even then this required a level of finesse to pull off reliably.

Hinagiku had no special ability other than the Kendo skills she had learnt during her time in her original world. However, that didn’t stop her from capitalizing it effectively to defeat her opponent.

Hinagiku is not a weak and dainty flower.

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