Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 362: Swift victories, next up, Hinagiku!

Black Swords dotted the space around the arena. Under this crimson domain, Qing Jing Hua and the spectators knew this won’t be easy to overcome.


Qing Jing Hua is the one who is the primary target so the pressure is even more immense than what the spectators are feeling.


Lei Wang slightly flinched. He amused himself while examining the ripples and the crimson space. He grinned when he couldn’t figure it out.


“It must be some sort of special armament. What a fellow, how mysterious, to think he has other tricks in store. I can see why the old emperor couldn’t hold back his curiosity.”


Lei Wang didn’t live so long to become so strong for nothing. He gleaned enough from just witnessing the sight to know that the crimson space itself is a special kind of armament, not a treasure or ability. His observational powers befitted his status.


The other students still haven’t figured it out yet, they are still busy being slack-jawed at the sight of the weird phenomenon on stage.


They aren’t sure whether the sight before them is an illusion or reality. It’s the first time they had seen anyone manipulating space on such a scale.


Wu Yan made his move, his body language is telling the students that this sight is not an illusion.


He waved his hand down at Qing Jing Hua and one iron sword was shot.


Qing Jing Hua’s expression turned grim. She immediately jumped back to dodge the iron sword. However, since he had so many iron swords in store, Wu Yan can easily fire it all at once to carpet bomb the whole arena, where can she dodge?


He commenced another wave of sword arrows, sure enough, Qing Jing Hua had nowhere to hide.


A few swords slipped throug her guard and pinned her arms to the floor. Then, a few swords pinned her torso.


The next thing Qing Jing Hua knew, her body is immobile and there’s a sword pointing at the space between her eyes.


This all happened within 30 seconds of the start of this fight.


She dumbfoundedly looked at the sword that spelled her defeat, a drop of cold sweat flowed down the side of her head.


The audience went silent.


Lei Wang raised his arm.


“First round, Wu Yan’s victory!”


“He won!”


Lulu and Flandre-chan threw their hands up in the air as they cheered. Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Fei Fei had no doubt he is going to win but they still felt happy for his victory.


The crowd started cheering like mad. Gate of Babylon truly is for anyone who wishes to be in the limelight. It’s dazzling and the user don’t even have to move to end the fight.


“I lost…”


Qing Jing Hua bowed her down, she didn’t have the face to meet eyes with Bing Ling. Bing Ling sighed in a helpless manner and he tried cheering her up by patting her shoulders. He looked at Wu Yan.


“Don’t beat yourself up over it, I am going to get him…”


Qing Jing Hua nodded while Bing Mian sniggered. These two had unusually high confidence in Bing Ling’s ability.


“Yan, look, that meanie is looking at you…”


Lulu bumped Wu Yan’s arm and she pointed at Bing Ling. Wu Yan took a glance and he replied.


“Oh goodie. It looks like he has another reason aside from avenging his younger brother to pick a fight with me. The guy has to stand up for his woman…””


Wu Yan smiled in a helpless manner. He is not too concerned about him though.


For him, it’s better if Bing Ling hated his guts. That way, he gains experience upon defeating him. A battle without animosity does not count as experience according to the System.


For example, Qing Jing Hua tried to stand up for Bing Ling so she held animosity when fighting against Wu Yan. Naturally, this gave Wu Yan experience points when he won but since her level is lower, Wu Yan didn’t level up.


The projection shifted again, one by one the rankers rose to the challenge and fought it out in the arena.


After Wu Yan’s match, there are battles that are very interesting although not as grandeur and easy as Wu Yan made it look. The matches that took place after him were more intense as rankers are more evenly matched.


The top 10 rankers also made their appearances.


As if spurred by Wu Yan’s battle, they went all-out at the outset and defeated their opponents swiftly, the audience also never failed to gasp and yell in shock and excitement.


With more and more participants wiped out, it’s finally time for Mikoto to shine.


Mikoto, like Wu Yan and the other top 10 rankers, defeated her opponent without breaking a sweat. Her opponent had the strength of someone about the middle stage in tier 7. The poor guy might have had a more intense battle with Qing Jing Hua but definitely not with Mikoto.


Mikoto found a gap in the opponent’s defense and she ended him with a round of her railgun.


Wu Yan noticed that Mikoto looked a bit disappointed she had to return to the stand after only a brief while on the stage. He isn’t sure whether he should laugh or cry, did she wished for a fight like the one she had with Sylph? The kind of match where the spectators’ safety isn’t exactly guaranteed.


Lei Wang called the participants and this time Wu Yan & co stood still.


One of the participants called is Hinagiku.


Wu Yan turned to her.


“Hinagiku, you alright with this?”


Hinagiku smiled. She brushed away the hair on her shoulders while brimming with confidence.


Wu Yan is a bit dazed looking at her right now, she looks just like the awe-inspiring student council president of Hakuo Academy he saw on his TV screen in the past.


Fei Fei briefed Hinagiku.


“Hinagiku, your opponent is one of the trusted generals in Crimson Land led by Bishi. He is stronger than Lishi in Sea of Thick Ice, take care…”


“It’s alright…”


Hinagiku walked forward.


“I got this!”


Hinagiku leaped up and she did a flip in the air followed by a twirl with her hands before she landed gracefully on the arena.




Hinagiku’s elegance earned her a lot of cheers, some are even saying the opponent is sure to go down, much to the opponent’s chagrin.


Wu Yan smiled when he saw how well-received she is with the crowd.


As expected of Kaichou-sama.


Fei Fei and Lulu exchanged a look before they giggled. Hinagiku made her debut flashy that’s for sure.


Hinagiku’s opponent landed heavily on the arena while everyone is still busy cheering for Hinagiku, not that anybody cared.

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