Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 361: Grand tournament, first round

Lei Wang Lori Level : 84

Lulu’s grandfather, Lei Wang looked down upon the audience and he spoke without opening his mouth.

“Silvaria World Institute school activity, shall now begin!”

“These are the rules.”

“There are no hard and fast rules on how to swing your sword, you can maim your opponent but killing is outright forbidden. Anyone who disobey this principle will lose not just his right of participation but lose access to Silvaria World Institute, forever.”

“The matchup will be conducted randomly. The crystal ball shall decide the matchup from among the 100 particpants. Victor will proceed, loser will lose this round of tournament.”

“The last 10 participants will get special prizes from the school board. The higher your rank, the better the reward. Try your best and improve by learning from each other.”

“Some of you might be worried that you are going to go up against a strong opponent and it will affect your ranking. After this event, the ranks will be personally adjusted by me so don’t worry too much about it and just go all out.”

A lot of the participants sighed in relief when they heard Lei Wang. They are going to feel so bad if they got matched up with a top 10 ranker and get sent to the bottom of the ranking.

Lei Wang smiled and with a wave of his hand a crystal ball appeared in front of him. The ball projected something into the sky. It’s a name list of the participants. Like a lucky draw machine, the names started jumbling around.

“let’s kick things off…”

The names started shifting around and his wave of hand actually intesified the speed of rotation. The participants started getting excited.

A lot of the students are secretly praying that they aren’t picked as a match for one of the top 10 rankers. It won’t look too good if they get knocked out so soon.

The result appeared after a brief while. Wu Yan looked at the result intently.

Lei Wang had an amusing look. He read out the result.

“First round, Wu Yan vs Qing Jing Hua! Would the contestants please proceed to the arena!”

“First round…”

Wu Yan pursed his lips. A cold and sharp gaze fell upon Wu Yan as he pondered whether it is good or bad luck that got him this first round.

He looked back and saw a delicate and pretty girl looking at him, or rather, leering at him. Wu Yan felt a bit confused.

Puzzled, he observed the girl and he silently wondered.

Did I do something to her? I wonder why she is glaring at me…”

Fei Fei saw the girl and she quickly filled in the blanks for Wu Yan, all while grinning in amusement.

Wu Yan asked her.

“Sister Fei Fei, are you familiar with that girl?”

“Of course, I am.”

Fei Fei laughed and she threw Wu Yan a cheeky look.

“She’s your opponent, Qing Jing Hua.”

Wu Yan isn’t surprised by this. No matter how he sliced it, she didn’t look like she’s enamored with him. Wu Yan didn’t need any other reason other than the fact that she is his opponent in the comoing match. He knew one thing, she’s very prejudiced against him as if she knew who he was.

Fei Fei laughed as she enjoyed Wu Yan’s confusion. She decided to spill the beans.

“Qing Jing Hua is a member of th eSea of Thick ice. Moreover, she’s the better half of Bing Ling, the leader of Sea of Thick Ice.”

Wu Yan had a 囧 expression. His eyebrow jolted and his lips twitched at the thought of fighting the girlfriend of his enemy.

Bing Ling also frowned. He didn’t expect Qing Jing Hua to be matched against Wu Yan. This won’t end well…

Bing Ling knew how tought Wu Yan is after a round with him. He knew Qing Jing Hua had practically no chance of winning against Wu Yan.

Bing Ling turned towards Qing Jing Hua.

“Qing Jing Hua, if you can’t do it, just give up, there is no shame in doing so…”

Qing Jing Hua flinched, she lowered her head but she acquiesced anyway.

“I understand, Young Master Bing Ling…”

Bing Ling started getting anxious.

Qing Jing Hua is his better half, he knew she is just saying it without actually meaning it. If push comes to shove, she would not admit defeat.

Bing Ling sighed.

“Don’t force yourself, I would rather not see you get hurt.”

Qing Jing Hua beamed up.

“I understand, Young Master, I am going to make sure I go all out and protect myself during the fight!”

Bing Mian curled his lips, he is very resentful and frustrated. Qing Jing Hua is about as strong as him so he knew she was no match for Wu Yan.

“Participants, take your positions!”

Lei Wang declared. Qing Jing Hua leapt up and she landed on the arena. Bing Ling smiled at her gallant appearance.

Wu Yan shook his head. He felt helpless he had to do this but an opponent is an opponent.

Wu Yan disappeared on the spot while re-appearing on the stage, having seemingly teleported there. Everybody cheered at his ridiculously fast footwork.

Qing Jing Hua turned grim. Wu Yan’s lean stature belied his terrible strength, she could feel a domineering aura coming from him. She reckoned she is not going to win without going all-out right at the start of the battle.

She flipped her hands and two morningstars that looked like Rare armament appeared. Just by swinging the weapon the arena shook and gale was generated.

Wu Yan wanted her to apologize for looking so cute while holding such deadly-looking weapons.

Qing Jing Hua raised an eyebrow at Wu Yan.

“Not taking out your armament?”

Wu Yan smiled. He got into a fighting stance while silently answering Qing Jing Hua.

Qing Jing Hua didn’t say anything more. She rushed Wu Yan with her morningstars in hands.

Wu Yan scanned her. He raised a finger and he snapped his finger. Suddenly, the space around the arena shifted.

Ripples expanded from behind Wu Yan, it’s like there’s a vertical lake that is perpendicular to the ground behind Wu Yan. The space turned into a reddish hue.

Black iron blades appeared from within the ripples. The swords appeared to be suspended in the air.

A rough calculation would show that there are thousands of swords, at least.

The crowd is stunned, the participants are stunned, Qing Jing Hua is stunned, only the directors of the school don’t look like they are fazed at all.

What is going on here!

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