Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 360: The Misaka sisters are the bodyguards of the Queen?

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto’s jaw dropped at the sight of Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou. Everyone is still cheering very loudly as the Queen got up the platform.


New faction? Starlight Queen? The queen of this school?


Shokuhou Misaki actually managed to create a faction of this size within a month?


What the hell?!


Wu Yan & co is quite surprised that her faction is this well-known. So Shokuhou Misaki went away on her own to start this pet project, he wanted to cry but can’t due to the lack of tears.


A faction on par with the 12 strongest factions, huh?


To grow a faction to this status in a month is a feat expected to be achievable only by Joou-sama. She’s very popular that’s for sure.


Part of her fame is probably due to this achievement. Moreover, Joou-sama and the other girls in her party are beautiful ladies so of course, they would have a sizeable following of their own.


Compared to Joou-sama, his faction is barely noticeable in both size and fame.


Mikoto’s expression turned green, then white, then purple, then black, and then all kinds of color. She tightened her fists.


“I know it, that woman is up to something. I see she’s still a fan of the spotlight.”


Maybe if this stopped here Mikoto wouldn’t get triggered. She didn’t envy Shokuhou Misaki’s fame but Fei Fei said something she can’t ignore. She started channeling lightning when she heard it.


“Oh yeah, Starlight queen has got a bunch of members that looked identical to Mikoto. They are all elite students who are above the normal followers of Starlight Queen. They are all apparently Shokuhou Misaki’s bodyguards. I wonder how she recruited so many identical people who are each strong collectively or individually.




Was the sound that came from Mikoto’s head. She turned towards Fei Fei in a mechanical manner while forcing a smile.


“Could you repeat the part about bodyguards and identical looking individuals?”


“Yeah! Even I find it hard to believe, must be some kind of special cultivation method…”


Crackle crackle


Lightning started arcing around Mikoto. Fei Fei jumped in shock, clad in lightning, Mikoto looked so furious she would probably charge Shokuhou Misaki if Wu Yan and Hinagiku didn’t pull her back. Hinagiku hugged Mikoto to hold her back.


“Mikoto! Calm down!”


“Release me!”


Mikoto roared. While Wu Yan and Hinagiku held her back, she kicked her legs at Shokuhou Misaki as if she wanted to kick at the Misaki in her field of vision.


“I am going to blast that woman into subspace. How dare she use the sisters as her bodyguards! This is a direct challenge to me!”


“Mikoto, don’t be reckless, that’s Shokuhou Misaki, she’s not some delinquent, I don’t want to retrieve anyone with a space shuttle!”


Wu Yan and Hinagiku exerted all their energy to keep Mikoto from rampaging. Wu Yan is okay because he had resistance to the lightning Mikoto gave off but Hinagiku didn’t have any such resistance. It’s a wonder Hinagiku is not twitching on the ground right now.


Fei Fei and Lulu were flabbergasted by this scene. When Mikoto referred to them as sisters, they realized what was going on.


Her sisters are now being used as bodyguards for somebody else, of course, this didn’t sit well with Mikoto. They are getting the impression that Mikoto really didn’t like Shokuhou Misaki. Also, Mikoto’s sisters are a bit too populous in their opinion, but they decided not to pry into it too much.


The crowd was also surprised by this revelation. They had assumed the Queen did this on purpose by using some kind of potion to change their appearance. Maybe they belonged to the same clan and because they trained in the same cultivation method and thus they ended up looking so identical to each other.


There are a lot of cultivation methods in Silvaria, there are dou qi method that has an ice attribute, there are cultivation methods that can hide dou qi or magic power. There’s really a whole range of cultivation method, it would seem natural that there are cultivation methods that changed one’s own appearance. The confused students filled the gaps in by themselves.


They wondered just what kind of clan they belonged to that had such a special cultivation method. It produced so many identical looking disciples.


Wu Yan is still unsure whether to laugh or cry. There is no complicated reason here, they didn’t belong to any sect or clan, they aren’t using special cultivation methods, they are just identical to each other.


He felt helpless when he saw Shokuhou Misaki’s faction. Even in another world, she can’t stop herself from creating a following of her own and regain her title as the Queen of the school. Got to hand it to her, she’s got guts.


And what a great way to piss Mikoto off, she employed the sisters as her bodyguards.


As nemesis, she never forgot to give Mikoto a reason to pick a fight with her. Seriously, Joou-sama, tone it down a bit will ya?


Despite his silent retort, he acknowledged Shokuhou Misaki’s resourcefulness in using the sisters as her bodyguard. If it was him, the sister would probably still be in the bio-containment unit.


Shokuhou Misaki did what Wu Yan wanted for the sisters, for them to live amongst humans as part of society.


The sisters are summons of Wu Yan, their potential should have been infinite, making them all special students. However, the fact that they are currently only elite students must mean that Shokuhou Misaki pulled some strings in the back to make sure 20,000 special students didn’t just magically appear in Silvaria World Institute. This would no doubt have caused quite a stir seeing as there are only about 1000 special students in Silvaria World Institute.


Joou-sama must have used Menta Out along with some other measures to make sure they didn’t get found out.




When Mikoto was about to fire a railgun at Joou-sama to give her a taste of her mind, a loud sound disrupted everyone’s thought. The whole place gradually died down and the silence was broken when streaks of light appeared in the sky. There are humanoid figures in the streaks of lights. About a dozen individuals in their twilight years appeared. They stood on top of the platform overlooking everyone in the plaza.


Wu Yan scanned the figures and from their aura, it’s pretty obvious these people are very strong, they appeared to be members of the school board.


An old guy with snow-white beard stepped forth, he was dressed in a jet black robe. No signs of energy could be detected from him but his dangerous presence can be felt by everyone.


He stretched out his hands and everyone shut their mouths in anticipation.


He scanned over the crowd and he stopped when he spotted Lulu. He then turned towards Wu Yan who appeared to be shocked. The old guy beamed at him.


Lulu noticed the old guy and she gasped by covering her mouth with her hands.






Wu Yan looked at the old guy who is grinning at him.


So this old man is Lulu’s grandfather and the one who helped defend him when he was grilled with questions?

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