Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 358: More and more arrivals

As time went on, more and more people arrived on top of the platform. These are the old or newly crowned rankers of Silvaria World Institute and they are all here to participate in the tournament.


There are also guests brought along with the rankers who had arguably the best seats in the house. An example of one of these guests would be Flandre-chan.


Wu Yan could feel the platform gradually lowering in rowdiness. At the same time, Mikoto also looked intently at the entrance to the platform where 3 figures started coming out of the shadow of the entrance.


Everybody cheered when the 3 figures showed their faces.


To be so welcomed by the rankers, who else could they be except for the 3 strongest students in Silvaria World Institute?


In stark contrast to the other participants who brought along guards and clan members, Sylph, Jaafar, and Caah didn’t bring an attendant, they didn’t need anyone else but themselves to strike an impression into everyone there. They demonstrated that they only needed their own charms to attract everyone’s attention.


Sylph scanned the platform with her usual vacant expression. She stopped on spotting Wu Yan & co. Jaafar and Caah also imitated Sylph.


They looked at Wu Yan & co, specifically, Mikoto and Ikaros. After a brief pause, they started making their way over to Wu Yan & co.


Everyone kept silent as they watched the trio approach Wu Yan & co. Finally, the 3 strongest students stopped in front of Wu Yan’s group. Sylph looked at Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Flandre-chan, and Ikaros before turning her attention to Mikoto with her icy blue eyes.


The atmosphere became tense all of a sudden.


Sylph broke the silence and she greeted Mikoto.


“I am looking forward to our rematch…”’


Of course, Wu Yan isn’t stupid enough to assume Sylph is talking to him. Basically everyone in Silvaria World Institute knows about the fight between Mikoto and Sylph, they also know that the two of them fought to a draw. Naturally, Sylph is addressing Mikoto rather than the group as a whole.


Mikoto smiled and she replied with burning eyes.


“Yeah, I am looking forward to our fight as well, we are going to see just who is stronger!”


Sylph nodded and she left.


Nobody made a fuss or pip about the declaration. All the rankers here know about the strength of the strongest student and the one who could fight on equal grounds. They had the utmost respect for these 2 girls.


They quietly observed the conversation between the two of them. Sylph is really in a class all her own in terms of fame, Mikoto could feel the respect for her grow just by being near Sylph.


After Sylph left,, the crowd accepted that it isn’t over just yet. Caah and Jaafar are still here!


Jaafar looked at Mikoto and Ikaros with eyes that would scare bears. He seemed to be in conflict about something. After a while, he left without saying anything.


Jaafar is thinking that since Sylph, the brat, and the angel are just females, without beating him, he didn’t have anything to say for them.


Caah is the only one left, it would seem that the crown prince of Feia has no intention of going away.


Caah focused his attention solely on Ikaros whereas Sylph focused on Mikoto and Jaafar focused on both Mikoto and Ikaros.


Naturally, Wu Yan frowned on this behavior. Mikoto and Hinagiku exchanged looks as they wondered about his weird attitude. Meanwhile, Ikaros took one look at the guy and then she ignored him.


Caah didn’t look like he’s feeling awkward. Instead, he scratched his cheek and he shrugged in a helpless manner.


Caah greeted Wu Yan & co with a royal curtsy. He praised both Mikoto and Ikaros.


“Young Miss Ikaros and Young Miss Mikoto, I see both of you are in great health, I reckon a lot of glasses will be dropped when they see your stellar performances in the tournament.”


Mikoto shook her head in an awkward manner. Mikoto is not good at dealing with formalities, she’s the kind of girl that spoke what was on her mind instead of using flowery sentences.


Etzali who disguised himself as Unabara Mitsuki approached Mikoto with a polite and overly formal tone. Mikoto who didn’t behave like the other Ojou-samas had to force herself to keep the conversation going, talking to Mikoto like this is almost no different from trying to take Mikoto’s life.


This resulted in Mikoto of the original work suggesting to Touma that they should put on a fake boyfriend-girlfriend show to shake off Etzali. Wu Yan made sure Etzali knew where he stood when he came and confronted Wu Yan.


Mikoto really hated dealing with this kind of stuff. Not that Caah minded, he laughed it off and then he looked at Ikaros with an awfully passionate looking eyes.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto exchanged looks. Could it be that Prince Caah is in love with Ikaros?…


The three of them probably didn’t know that Caah is currently recalling the scene back the fifth floor of the arena tower where Ikaros spread her wings and bathed in a shower of feathers.


Wu Yan and the two girls could more or less guess what is going on in Caah’s mind. Wu Yan rubbed his head in a slightly frustrated manner.


He could deal with those pesky flies by stomping them but he didn’t know how to deal with someone like Caah who didn’t try anything underhanded or clung around them like superglue.


Wu Yan could prepare for Etzali’s advances because he knew about the original work. But, Caah’s case is different, Wu Yan didn’t expect for this turn of event so he’s stumped for action.


Do I punch the guy?


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at Caah with sad eyes.Ikaros only had eyes for Wu Yan, her love probably won’t change no matter how much time passed, there’s just no competing with this simple-minded and innocent woman.


Hinagiku and Mikoto wouldn’t dare compare their love to Ikaros. It’s not because they didn’t love Wu Yan, it’s because Ikaros’ affection is uniquely strong and intense.


If anyone told Hinagiku and Mikoto that Ikaros set her eyes on another man, Hinagiku and Mikoto would laugh at the guy and tell him to beat it.


It would be easier to destroy the world than changing Ikaros’ heart.


Caah is going to have a bad time for being infatuated with Ikaros.


Caah didn’t know about Ikaros’ feelings and Ikaros didn’t know about Caah’s feeling. As the one in the middle of this mess, Wu Yan can’t say for sure whether he’s getting the full picture as well.


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