Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 357: The School Tournament begins!

Only 100 rankers chosen out of some ten million students can participate in this tournament. This strict requirement is telling everyone that only the best of the best can join.


Indeed, this system chose only those that truly had what it took to one day go out and make their names known throughout this great land.


It is a very stringent rule for those that want to participate but that did little to stop them from fervently pursuing any chance that presents itself. The strong and the brave who usually didn’t attend class or be seen walking around is in full attendance, they displayed their battle skills, wits, and power on top of the arenas. The students were attracted to this spectacle like a bunch of guys who hadn’t been laid suddenly meeting a smoking hot woman.


The rankers are challenging each other while fending off challenges from unranked students. This resulted in frequent changes to the official rankings.


As the school tournament drew closer, the students got more and more hyped up. Everyone is talking about the incoming tournament, even the topic about an angel lost in terms of popularity.


The clock is ticking and the students who had been secretly training or had experienced explosive growth are making full use of their time to challenge the normally daunting rankers.


Well, it didn’t matter what the students did, it had nothing to do with Wu Yan that’s for sure.


After Wu Yan initiated his operation: “Profit from the n00b challengers”, almost nobody challenged him. Those that thought they could get lucky had to check themselves and their wallets before actually getting up on the stage.


During the last few days before the school tournament began, Wu Yan had the luxury time no other rankers had, he enjoyed the time by living a leisurely life with Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan.


Thus, finally, the school tournament arrived.


Silvaria World Institute, Central Plaza.


It’s the biggest place in Silvaria World Institute in terms of area. However, not many people used this area because it’s just another huge place with not much to see.


It’s different today.


This central plaza will be the venue for the school tournament.


They needed a place that could sustain a maximum crowd of over 10 million students including the teachers.


Central Plaza could do more than serve as an airfield due to its size so…


Holy crap, it’s still not big enough…

When Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan arrived, all they could see are people walking around all over the place. It’s a literal sea of people, it’s noisy as heck, and people are pushing others away just to make room for themselves. It’s more than rowdy, this place was chaotic.


Looking at the great wall of humans, Wu Yan and the girls are too flabbergasted for words. They reckoned that if all of them were piled up on top of each other, they would probably be taller than the arena tower.


Thankfully, participants had special access to the venue otherwise they might have to fly to get into the central plaza.


Entering the special route prepared for participants, Wu Yan & co was led by staffs into the venue. They saw a huge platform there.


Some distance away from the platform is the aforementioned great wall of humans. The crowd cheered so loud that it made any popstar’s concert look like a sad joke. The rankers are very proud of themselves. After all, the crowd came to see them fight.


On top of the platform, there is another elevated platform, the real arena they are going to fight in.


Wu Yan got up to the fencing around the platform and he surveyed the entire plaza. Even he could not resist getting hyped up after seeing such an energetic crowd.


This school tournament brought together all the mightiest students Silvaria had to offer. They stood out even among the geniuses gathered here from all corners of Silvaria, how can they not feel proud?


To stand out is easier said than done, without real power to back them up, they are just going to be another stepping stone for the geniuses that outplayed them.


Wu Yan had no intention to serve as a stepping stone. He’s going to go all-out in this tournament.


“Why isn’t it starting yet?”


Mikoto wore her gold-gilded special student uniform. She leaned against the railing looking like another person but at least her personality stayed unchanged.


Mikoto’s excitement and frustration could be heard in her voice.


Wu Yan silently retorted.


A non-violent railgun is not a good railgun


Stretching his back, he looked at Hinagiku.


“Never pegged you to be one who is interested in the tournament. Didn’t think you could squeeze your way into the rankings in just a few days’ time, remarkable.”


Hinagiku smiled and Wu Yan failed to notice the fire behind that smile.


“It’s always you guys who took the frontline, I want to go all-out once in a while as well…”


Wu Yan thought about it and she’s right, she rarely fought after being summoned.


Her level was low and Wu Yan didn’t want to see her fight without at least achieving a sufficient amount of strength.


After graduating her training, the opponents they faced are ones which Hinagiku couldn’t fight like Kakine Teitoku, Accelerator, Aleister, and Aiwass. Characters Wu Yan & Mikoto had trouble against. What could Hinagiku who had grinded her strength to against foes like that?


This school tournament is a good place for Hinagiku to show her strength.



Katsura Hinagiku
Shirosakura (C rank)



Level 65, about the strength of tier 7 middle individual.


In terms of level, no more than 30 of 100 rankers can beat her. With her inherent power, Hinagiku could easily rank in the top 20 even if top 10 might be a stretch.


Hinagiku knew more or less where she belonged on the rankings but that it isn’t going to stop her from showing the world she can do more than just looking good.


Hinagiku might have been born from a normal family but she’s slowly catching up to Wu Yan & co. With her iron will, she’s not going to disappoint her title as Hakuo student council president and a swordmaster, she’s going to make the world know her name.


Wu Yan saw the confident look on Hinagiku’s face and he can’t help smiling.


This is your stage, you go and make the world yours.



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