Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 356: Birthday Night present

Night time…


As Wu Yan laid there on his bed, he propped his head up with his arms. Looking at the moon, he can’t help smiling in a satisfied manner.


It brings him so much satisfaction to see Hinagiku beaming non-stop. It was all worth it.


He had always been afraid that the girls might not be happy with their current lives. Coming to a foreign land would surely bring anxiety, what’s more to say about bringing them to an entirely new world.


Mikoto should be okay, she’s someone who would be bored with a tranquil life. She passed her time by cleaning up thugs from the street in Academy City. She also joined Kuroko with a lot of her Judgment work. It’s not entirely due to her sense of justice that she participated in so many missions. It’s because those missions brought excitement into her life.


There is a strange feeling coming to a world like Silvaria with a lot of super-powered individuals running around and battles happening all over the place. However, she could live with this due to her adventurous spirit.


Meanwhile, Ikaros lived in Synapse as a tool, a weapon to quell conflicts. There is little difference in living conditions. Moreover, before Wu Yan summoned her, her feelings were sealed so she didn’t have anything to compare her present circumstances to.


For Ikaros, her master is her world. In the original work, after recognizing the original protagonist, she acclimated herself to her new life simply because she had the person she treasured the most by her side. Now, with Wu Yan here, it’s almost the same situation for her.


Astrea is an airhead, she probably wouldn’t know which place to call a home and which place to call foreign. On the other hand, Shokuhou Misaki had been subjected to the dark side of the Academy City for so long, the city is just another dwelling place, easily replaced if she wants to.


Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou belonged to one of the special operations in the city. This other world had little difference compared to their original world. Flandre-chan would rather stay in this world than go back to Gensokyo, not surprising for someone who had been confined to the basement for some 400 years or more.


Who knows, one day she might miss Remilia and want to go visit her. At least, she’s pretty happy living here for now and that’s something Wu Yan can sigh in relief about.


For Hinagiku who had lived in her relatively peaceful world, she needs to go from living a normal high school life with the occasional supernatural stuff to this world and that’s a pretty dramatic change for someone who is afraid of the supernatural.


She was always the one Wu Yan was most worried about. He’s thinking that she might not like it here or is unsatisfied.


Seeing Hinagiku’s honest laughter really set Wu Yan’s heart to ease.


After a bit of time, somebody knocked on Wu Yan’s door, he quickly returned to his senses.


Frowning, he had an intrigued expression. Who could it be at this ungodly hour?


“Who’s there?”


A slightly tense voice came from beyond the door.


“I-it’s me, Hinagiku…”




Wu Yan is a bit confused. It’s already deep in the night what business does Hinagiku have with him? Could it be that she has something to say about the birthday party?


He got up from his bed and he opened the door. Hinagiku in her pink pajamas stood in front of his room.


Hinagiku blushed a bit and she fidgeted, her behavior struck Wu Yan as odd.


What is she up to?…


“What’s the matter, Hinagiku?”


Wu Yan scanned her to see if he can pick something out.


Hinagiku lifted her head and she hesitated for a bit before she voiced her thoughts in a mosquito-like voice.


“About today, thank you…”


Wu Yan shook his head while smiling. He enjoyed Kaichou-sama’s flustered look but he replied anyway.


“Here I was thinking about what you might be trying to say. Didn’t you say thank you at the party?”


Hinagiku pursed her lips. She lowered her head and went silent. Wu Yan wondered if saying thanks might be asking too much from this tsundere here.


Hinagiku vigorously lifted her head back up and she stood on the tips of her toes to give Wu Yan a peck on the cheek.


Wu Yan couldn’t believe what just happened. When he saw how Hinagiku is blushing deep red, he almost laughed out loud at how clumsy Kaichou-sama is.


Wu Yan’s reaction made Hinagiku blush even more. She tried retreating but is Wu Yan going to let her go just like this?


Hell no.


He grabbed her by her hand and he pulled her into an embrace. The next thing Hinagiku saw is a lewd grinning face gradually growing bigger in her field of vision.


When the soft sensation entered their minds, they flinched. Hinagiku noticed that while she is stunned, a thick tongue had pried her mouth open and entered her oral cavity to dance with her little tongue.


Hinagiku uttered a muffled sound and her eyes started going blank. She closed her eyes and she reached around his neck with her arms as they let themselves go.


Wu Yan hoisted her up by her thighs and he pressed her into his chest while bringing her into his room. With a deft kick, he had closed the door to his room.


About the same time as the door closed, Hinagiku discovered that Wu Yan had already laid her to bed. The next second, something heavy pressed her down against the bed.




She bashfully yelped but that didn’t stop the brute from stripping her in one fell swoop. Now, Wu Yan had a full view of her ivory-white pristine body.


“Wait… Mgh…”


He plugged her mouth with his own mouth. Hinagiku knew there was nothing she could say or do that would prevent this guy from doing what he is going to do. She closed her eyes and just let the big hands fondle her body all over.


After a while, Wu Yan lifted Hinagiku up and sat her down facing him with his mini-me standing at attention near the entrance to Hinagiku’s mysterious dungeon. Hinagiku panicked a bit before Wu Yan pressed her down and into his embrace.




Hinagiku felt something invading her from her nether region. It’s a familiar sensation that she just couldn’t quite describe. Anyway, she couldn’t stop the moaning.


Enjoying the view of Hinagiku writhing in front of him while tinged red, he licked his lips and he lifted his hip to skewer her. It’s evident that it’s more than Hinagiku can handle judging by her heavy panting and enchanting moans.


Wu Yan grabbed her supple butt and he bounced her up and down. He fueled himself on her groaning and muffled moans. He’s not escaping this sweet binding of pleasure anytime soon.


She opened her eyes and revealed her passionate and most green eyes. Wu Yan still had that nasty grin but Hinagiku already had her hands full trying to resist the pleasure threatening to overtake her rational mind. She laid her head upon his shoulder and just let Wu Yan go to town on her.


This went on and on. The moans and groans reverberated throughout the room. The wind brought with it clouds that veiled the moon. The faint moonlight seeped into the room and illuminated the two figures who are currently intertwined in a wrestle of the body and mind.

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