Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 355: A surprise

Silvaria World Institute, free trade zone.


This place is where the students can set up stalls and sell their stuff for credits or barter them for their desired items. Due to the sheer number of stalls and items, a lot of people come here every day to buy and sell stuff. There are even those who are hoping to cash in on fools who have got eyes but not the skill to appraise treasures.


Today, there’s a couple here who don’t look like they are here to trade or sniffing for treasures.


Hinagiku crossed her arms while tapping her arm with her index fingers. Judging by her annoyed expression and furrowed brows, she’s not very amused at the moment.


Meanwhile, the guy at her side ignored her expression and kept dragging the girl from one stall to another while throwing jabs at the ridiculous items that are on display. Although the girl didn’t reply, he still found ways to keep the monologue going. He has been doing this for the past 3 hours.


The two of them are just window shopping but when they toured the whole place once and the guy actually suggested turning back and check out the stalls one more time, even a fool would know that the guy had ulterior motives.


Hinagiku is gradually building up her fury as the character appeared at her temples. Watching Wu Yan talk to himself while revisiting stalls made her angrier.


Hinagiku snapped, she stopped and she made sure Wu Yan stopped by blocking off his path. She yelled at him.


“Yan, what are you doing?!”


Wu Yan was caught off guard by Hinagiku’s sudden outburst. He smiled at her while shrugging.


“Hey, you are talking like I am trying to pull something here.”


Although her eyebrows are still furrowed, at least her anger died down a bit.


“Well yeah, but you can’t keep doing this…”


“Ha? Do what thing?”


Raising an eyebrow, her lips twitched. She lowered her head before she unleashed her howling skill.


“What do you mean what?! I am talking about you dragging me through the stalls five times without buying anything!”


Wu Yan raised his hands and made some space between the two of them. It’s not because he wanted Kaichou-sama’s face further away from him, he just wanted to avoid getting hit by saliva which had been in the air. If he wanted her saliva, he would much prefer getting it from the source.


“Well, calm down, Hinagiku…”


Wu Yan beamed at her.


“Just treat it as me having a psychotic episode. Come on, let’s get loose…”


“I am not doing this with you!”


Hinagiku rolled her eyes at him and she turned around.


“I am going home..”


“Please don’t!”


Wu Yan grabbed Hinagiku by the hand. He pulled her back despite her protest.


“It’s not like you have anything better to do at home, just relax and kill some time with me…”


Hinagiku asked him in a slightly begging tone.


“Yan, can we stop with the mind games? If you got something to say just say it, don’t make me jump through all these hoops…”


Wu Yan rubbed his cheek and he clenched his hold on her hand.


“You don’t have anything better to do right? Come browse the stalls with me, is it that hard?”


Hinagiku wanted to say something but she couldn’t resist Wu Yan’s puppy eyes. And so, she got dragged along by Wu Yan like a helpless kid.


They went around the stalls until the sun went down.


On their way back home, Hinagiku is fuming, her footsteps are hastened as well so it didn’t take a genius to figure out that she’s mad. Wu Yan followed her while trying not to anger her anymore. From an outsider’s point of view, it’s like they are having a lover’s quarrel.


It’s only to be expected, he made her follow his meaningless journey around the free trade zone. She’s not known for her patience as well so he’s lucky she’s only mad at him.


When Hinagiku slammed the villa’s door open while fuming, the scene that unfolded in front of her surprised her.


“Happy birthday!”


Mikoto, Flandre-chan, and Ikaros greeted her as pop sounds were being made. Confetti and colored stripes draped a stunned Hinagiku’s head. At the same time, Wu Yan subconsciously grinned.


On the brightest lit wall of the hall is a banner with “Happy 16th Birthday, Hinagiku!” written on it, there are a bunch of magic lights that made the place looked really festive like they are celebrating Christmas or something.


Mikoto smiled and she hugged Hinagiku who is still stunned.


“Happy birthday, Hinagiku~~”


Finally returning to her senses, she gasped at Wu Yan, Flandre-chan, and Ikaros who are all smiling at her.


“Today’s my birthday?”


Wu Yan laughed out loud.


“It’s the 3rd day of the March, don’t tell me you forgot your own birthday?”


Hinagiku stopped for a second and she gawked at Wu Yan.


“So you made me be with you all day long so the preparations for my birthday can be made?”


Wu Yan smiled but he didn’t say anything. Hinagiku lowered her head, she felt really moved and warm.


Hinagiku thought that as one of Wu Yan’s summon, living in another world and going through missions in other worlds meant that she won’t be able to celebrate her birthdays anymore. Wu Yan sure gave her a big surprise today!


Ikaros brought out the cake. She gave Hinagiku boxes of gifts while wishing her a happy birthday as well.


“Happy birthday…”


Hinagiku received the gifts with a large smile.




“Don’t forget me! I’ve got a gift as well!”


Flandre-chan presented her gift while jumping and yelling, needless to say, it brought a huge smile to Hinagiku’s face.


“Thank you very much Flan!”


“Hinagiku, your gift from me!”


Mikoto gave Hinagiku a gift which she accepted with a smile as well. Hinagiku is as happy as a penguin being buried under a ton of fish.


Hinagiku felt satisfied with her life in this other world. It’s the first time she felt like this since their advent.


Even if her family isn’t here with her, she had great friends by her side so she couldn’t complain much. Moreover…


Hinagiku looked at Wu Yan who was watching her. Putting a hand on her chest, a hint of passion flashed in her green eyes.


She had an important person by her side.


A series of explosions happened in the air and beautiful fireworks dotted the sky.


Everyone in Silvaria World Institute were shocked.


A lot of them wondered just who had the balls to pull off a stunt like this. How dare they put up a fireworks show in Silvaria World Institute.


Hey, there’s no rule saying you can’t put one up in Silvaria World Institute either so…


Hinagiku watched the fireworks in the sky. Somehow, the fireworks got to her, she could feel her heart heating up more and more.


A pink crystal necklace appeared in front of Hinagiku. Her special guy helped put on the necklace and he whispered something into her ears with that soothing voice of his.


“Happy birthday…”


Hinagiku grasped the crystal necklace and she immersed herself with the mood set by the fireworks in the sky and the warmth radiating from the person behind her. She blissfully closed her eyes.

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