Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 354: An important day?...



Ikaros muttered sprawled out on the bed, exhausted after numerous intense sessions of waka-waka. Her giant mountains moved up and down as she heaved. She saw Wu Yan who is already all dressed up and her eyes seemed to convey a message that she would gladly follow Wu Yan if she could.


Wu Yan approached the bed and he caressed her face with an amused smile. He didn’t understand why Ikaros would throw in the towel first every time they thumped thighs when she’s a tier 8 individual who should be theoretically stronger and resilient than him.


Wu Yan isn’t sure if she should feel proud but he’s not going to think too much about this.


“Ikaros, rest up…”


He brushed her bangs aside and he slid his fingers down across her twin ponytails.


Ikaros struggled to get up and she gave him puppy eyes.


“Master has an important job to do today so Ikaros can’t rest…”


Wu Yan flinched and he asked her in slight bewilderment.


“Important job? Oh, you mean those annoying challengers? Bah, I have already beaten them senseless, I doubt they have the balls to come knocking again.”


Since the Grand Tournament is about to begin soon, the rankers are all receiving tons of letters of challenge, even Fei Fei had to deal with these challengers.


It’s been pretty chaotic for the rankers. The names would change pretty quickly within the span of a few days as the Grand Tournament draws closer and closer. A minute this random guy gets on the ranking and the next minute he would be pulled down by another student trying to stay on the rankings.


Those without ranks are challenging the rankers at the bottom of the list while the ones at the bottom of the list are challenging the ones higher on the list in an attempt to solidify their ranks. Meanwhile, the top rankers are swamped with dealing with challenges coming from those of lower rankings. It’s a vicious cycle, really.


Wu Yan who was thought as a newbie who was puffed up by rumors got left out as a potential target after a few days of accepting challenges. He is now currently the freest ranker of them all.


The reason: Wu Yan’s condition for a duel, any student who wishes to challenge him must prepare 10,000 in credits which would be forfeited to Wu Yan upon the defeat of the challenger.


There were quite a lot of blokes filled with tomfoolery who thought they were pretty tough only to get smacked down literally and metaphorically. They tearfully saw the deduction of 10,000 credits from their ID card and they all scampered to the four winds.


As the number of challengers and credit decreased, Wu Yan observed an increase in his credit which decreased sharply after the first few days along with no further challenge.


They finally understood how sorely mistaken they are to think they can win by chance, as evidenced by the bruises to their wallet. Wu Yan’s a greedy wolf who would devour any lamb set before him until not a drop of profit is left.


Well, there’s nothing regrettable about this outcome. He filled his pocket with dirty profit and the flies are bothering other targets so he killed two birds with one stone.


Fei Fei started mimicking Wu Yan ‘s tactics and soon, the other solid rankers also took similar steps that made these annoying happy-go-lucky students find other targets to harass.


When Ikaros said there’s something important, Wu Yan honestly thought she’s referring to this. He wondered just which rich student had the bright idea to come knocking on his door. To his surprise, Ikaros shook her head.


“No, master told me that today is an important day and if master should forget it, that Ikaros would remind master…”


“I told you that?”


Wu Yan frowned. He had [Impeccable memory] but it’s easy for him to get disorganized when showered with a lot of information, this clutter of mess made this event slip through his conscious memory. He would need some time to recall why today is an important day.


He searched his memories and he soon remembered what he had to do today.


“Ikaros, go ahead and rest, I need to go find Mikoto!”


“Yes! Master!”


Wu Yan ran out of his room and he knocked on Mikoto’s door.


“Mikoto, you in there?”




A tired voice came from the other side. It sounds like she’s just waking up.


Not surprising given that it’s not that bright outside. The sun also hasn’t broken the horizon yet. Even if Mikoto’s an early riser, she won’t be waking up this early in the day.


Mikoto opened the door. Wu Yan almost got burned by how moe Mikoto looked rubbing her eyes while still in pajamas.


Mikoto lacked the consciousness to notice this, she yawned. If she had a pillow while she did this, Wu Yan would probably collapse from the hnnggg.


“What are you doing so early in the morning?”


Mikoto said in a slightly peeved tone as she forced herself to stay awake. It’s normally Wu Yan who slept in, Mikoto hadn’t expected a day where Wu Yan would wake her up instead of the other way around.


Wu Yan remembered his purpose of coming here after noticing Mikoto is slightly upset.


Wu Yan whispered something into Mikoto’s ear. Feeling his hot breath hit her ear, she shuddered and blushed.


Mikoto listened to him and initially she’s surprised but her eyes beamed up soon after.


When Wu Yan finished, Mikoto patted her flat chest while chirping.


“No problem! Leave it to me!”


Mikoto’s voice fell as dawn approached



In the dining hall of the villa, Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros sat face to face as they ate their breakfast. Meanwhile, Flandre-chan sat on top of Wu Yan’s lap as she enjoyed being fed by Wu Yan, it’s clear that she’s having the time of her life going by the slight blush on her cheeks.


Hinagiku frowned as she noticed a strange mood around Wu Yan and Mikoto, she can’t put her fingers on it and that’s why it’s so frustrating.


Wu Yan finally broke the silence.


“Hinagiku, let’s go walk around later!”


Hinagiku flinched, she pointed at her own nose with an uncertain look.




Wu Yan nodded and this added more suspicion to Hinagiku’s heart. It’s not the first time Wu Yan asked her to go out on walks with him. It is, however, the first time he addressed her only, with no mention of taking along Mikoto or Ikaros.


Something’s fishy!


Hinagiku wanted to say something but a giddy Flandre-chan interrupted her.


“I want to go too!”


Flandre-chan got grabbed by Mikoto.


She laughed in an awkward manner.


“Flan-chan, you’re coming with me, let’s not bother Onii-san and Hinagiku-neesan…”


Okay, this is weird.


Hinagiku narrowed her eyes. She raised her hand and continued.


“I-I am gonna pass…”


Before she can finish, Wu Yan who had appeared by her side from god knows when grabbed her by the hand and he pulled her up from the chair.


“Well, let’s not be like that. We are just going to walk around, come on, let’s get a move on!”




After Wu Yan dragged Hinagiku out, Mikoto let out a sigh of relief. She exchanged looks with Ikaros and she smiled.

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