Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 352: A mountain made of letters of challenge

On his way back to the villa, Wu Yan was frowning while thinking about something. It’s very evident that he’s deep in his thoughts as he didn’t notice the students pointing at him and whispering something.


If there’s anything he learned from the exchange with the exchange he had with the powers that be, it’s that the ladies and him are already targets of observation.


Wu Yan had expected a run-in with the top dogs of the government of this world sooner or later given the rate of growth of him and his companions, he just didn’t expect the meeting to be this quick.


Tier 8 individuals are nothing to brag about but a young tier 8 individual is someone to take to be destined to great heights in this world. A young tier 8 had the potential to grow further, perhaps they would one day stand eye-to-eye with the elders. It is only natural for the powers that be to keep track of this kind of youngsters.


Out of over 10 million young students who are beneath 25 years of age, only 3 of them stood at tier 8 strength.


At his side, there are already 2 known tier 8 individuals of such strength. In the elders’ point of reference, Astrea is someone who is possibly stronger than Sylph or Mikoto. Hence, the board of this school wanted to meet him.


Wu Yan felt a bit bewildered.


Mikoto and Ikaros are the ones who caught the attention of the Board. So, why did they not summon them?


Maybe they figured out that we are together? Or maybe, they think I’m an easier target?



“Sister Fei Fei! Lulu!”


He called out to the two girls who are currently talking with Mikoto, Ikaros, and Hinagiku. He’s pretty surprised at their sudden visit.


He had only met her elders and seeing Fei Fei and Lulu here actually made him a bit diffident. He’s also confused as to why he would feel like that.


“Yan (Master)!”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros quickly approached him. They scanned him up and down as if to check for injuries.




Lulu lagged behind, it’s good to see that she’s still a ditz. When Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros had already scanned Wu Yan, she finally reacted.


“I say…”


Holding back to urge to retort, he knocked the girls’ heads.


“What’s with you girls? All I did was to go and see the eld… the Board. I am not going to slay dragons or anything, what’s with the reaction?”


“The Board!”


Fei Fei and Lulu gasped before Hinagiku and the other ladies can say anything.


Lulu dashed over to Wu Yan and she shouted questions at his face.


“Yan, did you say the Board?”


Wu Yan can feel her shout leaving ringing sounds in his ears. He shoved her face away with his palm.


“Tone down the surprise will ya!”


“That means…”


Lulu continued.


“You met with Granpa?”


“Yeah, I did.”


Wu Yan said in a slightly upset tone.


“Although it’s just a projection and not the real person himself…”


Wu Yan didn’t understand why Hinagiku, Mikoto, Lulu, and Fei Fei looked so surprised, he felt a bit speechless but he made his feelings known anyway.


“Why are you girls acting like it’s a big deal?”


Hinagiku pressed a palm against her head.


“We don’t know the capabilities of the Board, of course we are worried for you…”




Hinagiku examined Wu Yan one more time before she questioned him.


“Are you sure, you’re okay?”


“I’m fine, really!”




Hinagiku continued.


“What did the Board want with you?”


“I will explain this in detail later…”


He waved Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros off. Then, he asked Fei Fei and Lulu a question.


“Sister Fei Fei, Lulu, why are you girls here?”


Fei Fei grinned and she pointed her lips in the direction of where the table is. When Wu Yan saw what it was, his expression froze.


On the table, red sheets of paper laid, piled up on top of the tables making a mountain of letters about 50 cm tall. Meanwhile, Flandre-chan sat on top of the letters while she played with the letters like she’s playing house.


Wu Yan cried out.


“What the fuck?”


Fei Fei laughed while covering her mouth. She coughed herself to a stop before he donned her business expression.


“Those are letters of challenge!”


“Letters of challenge?”


Wu Yan was confused. The mountain of letters seemed like it would overflow onto the floor any moment now. His lips twitched but he still managed to continue.


“I don’t remember offending so many people?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto threw silent retorts. This guy, he had been involved in so many incidents since entering the school, of course, there are bound to be fingers he stepped on.


“It’s not people you had offended. You see, soon, the first event, the Grand tournament is going to begin.


“The Grand Tournament?”


Mikoto reacted before Hinagiku and Wu Yan.


“The Grand Tournament? Sounds great to me!”


Mikoto cracked her knuckles, electricity started crackling around her, lighting up her grinning expression.


“I didn’t manage to finish my fight with Sylph last time, I am going to beat her this time for sure!”


Wu Yan isn’t as excited as Mikoto is but he still couldn’t hold back his smile. He still had the mission “Take the rankings” to complete.


It’s already been a few days and he is only at Rank 25. He isn’t very pleased with his result so far.


Luckily for Wu Yan, those that trained for years just to obtain a rank higher than their current rank didn’t hear him. If they did, they would probably fight it out with Wu Yan despite their vast difference in strength.


Wu Yan continued in slight puzzlement.


“Is there even a connection between the Grand Tournament and these letters of challenge?”


“Of course there is!”


Fei Fei explained.


“There are over 10 million students here, if we all dueled each other, how long would that take?”


Seeing as Wu Yan & co caught on Fei Fei smiled.


“The school had already decided that only those that have a rank on the ranking list can join the tournament.


Fei Fei walked to the table and picked up one of the letters before she waved it at Wu Yan.


“These students don’t have any rank so they are planning to get one before the Tournament begins. They are planning to do by challenging rankers.”


Fei Fei’s explanation caused Wu Yan a headache.


“This, this is too much isn’t it?”


“Probably because you’re a newbie, I would guess that they think you’re just lucky or is using some kind of trick. They are probably thinking that they have nothing to lose anyway, might as well try and beat you.”


Wu Yan fell speechless. All this time, Flandre-chan never stopped playing whatever game she is playing with letters. Wu Yan gnashed his teeth and he clenched his fist.


He can understand why the elders would walk all over him thinking he’s an easy target. But, he can’t accept the students trying to walk all over him as well.


“Oh yeah?”


Wu Yan furiously turned to Fei Fei.


“Sister Fei Fei, get the word out. Anyone who wishes to challenge me better prepares 10,000 in credits. If they lose, the credits are mine!”


Fei Fei silently prayed for the students.


Poor fellows…



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