Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 351: Lulu's grandpa?

“Pray tell, where are you really from?…”


Wu Yan’s heart thumped the moment he heard this.


Wu Yan subconsciously didn’t want anyone to know he is not of this world. Wu Yan panicked a little bit.


He bit his tongue to calm himself down. Frowning, he asked the figures in the light pillars.


“What do you mean by that?”


The figures started ruminating, they didn’t answer Wu Yan. They are probably observing his every movement from somewhere far far away. The silence caused Wu Yan to frown even more. He started feeling anxious. He knew he would be found out if he kept this attitude so he closed his eyes to readjust his feelings and recover his calmness.


Then, the voice came again.


“I am intrigued as to why nothing we did could reveal your background or your origins. The authenticity of your identity and even your name is something we can’t confirm. The only thing we know is that you first appeared out of the Giant Beast Forest.”


“Anything before that remains an unknown to us. If we had to say it, it’s like you suddenly came to this world!”


Wu Yan’s heart started sinking and even his expression started turning grim.


“Why are you investigating me?”


“Oh? This fella’s got temper…”


The voice this time had no rigor behind it, it’s a voice of amusement.


“You came into this institute, within a week, you and your comrades had cleared floor 5. One of you seized a top 10 rank and the other is rumored to be an angel. This along with other rumors are enough to motivate us to research you and your companions’ background.


Wu Yan turned silent. He felt a bit helpless, maybe he and the other girls did overdo things a little bit.


Wu Yan felt better knowing that at least these guys had the guts to question him without resorting to underhanded means.


“Young man, consider this as you satisfying our curiosities. Now, where are you from?”


Wu Yan looked at the figure within the light pillar and he scratched his cheek before he shrugged.


“If I said I came from another world, would you believe me?”


All the figures in the light pillars laughed out loud. Some of them even had disdain in their tones.


I already told the truth, if you guys don’t believe it, that’s on you…


“Young man, if you reveal your background, it would serve you well as a method to garner trust. If at all possible, you should speak with more clarity. It’s not just us who are interested…”


Wu Yan is at a loss of what to say.


The more I elaborate, the more they would grow suspicious. They might even abduct me to dissect me.


Seeing as Wu Yan turned taciturn, the figure wanted to say something but another voice, this one belonging to someone who sounded older came from another pillar.


“This young man looks like he doesn’t want to divulge too much. If we continue pressing for answers, we will only be imposing upon him.”


“That may not be the case…”


Another voice came from another light pillar.


“He could probably be here with other motives in mind, could he not?”


The first voice responded.


“Motives? What other motives are there? If he did, are you maybe scared?”


“Scared? Please, maybe a few decades down the road but definitely not now!”


“Since you’re that sure, why are you pressing your will upon a young man?”


The light pillars, or rather the figures in them started discussing and debating. Wu Yan’s brow jolted every time they called him a young man. He had already flipped countless tables inside him.


The first voice that spoke to him cut everyone short.


“Veryw ell, since this young man wishes not to speak, there is nothing to be done about that…”


The voices which were arguing stopped as if to respect the authority of this voice.


Wu Yan thought about the situation. The Council is made out of the Baruba empire, the Ailu empire, and the Feia empire, along with all the strongest 3 families of each empire.


If that is the case, the 3 largest light pillars would represent the 3 emperors, the deans of Silvaria World Institute.


The voices from before probably belonged to the families that are under the emperor of that empire.


The question is: Which empire?


“Well, let me ask another question. Is your comrade truly an angel?”


Wu Yan sighed with a helpless tone.


“Yes, but would you believe it?”


The figure turned reticent. It then adopted an unfriendly tone.


“That is to say, even after we invited you here, you are not going to give us the answers we want…”


Wu Yan sniggered. He didn’t care that the figure in front of him is one of the emperors. He had never met an emperor before so he wouldn’t know how to properly act in the presence of an emperor.


Wu Yan hesitated before he asked something.


“Deans, did you really invite me here just to ask me these 2 questions?”


The figure guffawed.


“You think our actions are superfluous? Ignoring you first, one of your comrades fought Sylph without losing an inch of ground, the other managed to stop the resulting explosion due to energy reactions between Sylph and the fighter. Quite clearly, those 2 are at tier 8!”


“Tier 8 strength isn’t the thing that surprised me the most. What came as a great astonishment to me, to us, is that those girls look no more than 20 years of age!”


“Tell me, boy. Two ladies who are younger than 20 years old but possess tier 8 strength, is that not something we should cast projections to ask about?”


Wu Yan smiled in an awkward manner.

Mikoto isn’t 20 years old yet, she’s not even 15. Ikaros, on the other hand, had lived for millennia and is probably older than all of you fogeys combined.


The figure which helped Wu Yan spoke out.


“I am different, I am more interested in you than the ladies with you.”




Wu Yan seemed puzzled.


Wait, am I more attractive than the other girls?


The figure’s next sentence caused Wu Yan to tense up as his jaw dropped.


“More accurately speaking, I am intrigued with Little Lilu’s only friend of the opposite gender.”




Wu Yan’s mouth grew wider. He let slip his thought.


“Could it be that you’re Lulu’s grandpa?”


“Oh, judging by how you refer to her as Lulu, I am guessing the relationship between you two are quite close!”


And then the figure guffawed like nobody’s business.


Wu Yan is 100% sure that this figure belonged to Lulu’s grandfather. No wonder he helped him, he did it out of consideration for Lulu.


The figure at the centermost light pillar spoke out.


“Young man, since you aren’t too willing to give us the answers we want, we won’t force it out of you. I am quite confident in my ability to discern individuals. You do not appear to be someone who bore evil intentions. For the moment, you have our trust. But, I do wish you will be forthright with your identity one day…”


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