Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 350: Where are you really from?...

Wu Yan shrugged as he walked with the 20 members from the enforcement brigade. These people are not very chatty nor does he have any common topics of interest with them.


Wu Yan decided not to probe the enforcement brigade for information. He had more interest in the Council than these guys.


12 tier 9 individuals who represent the twelve coveted seats of position within Silvaria, among them are the 3 emperors. Of course, he had to meet them to satisfy his curiosity, any denial would be a lie on his part.


Aside from Flandre-chan, he hadn’t met any other tier 9 individuals. He also didn’t know just how far the 12 old fogeys of power had gone in their pursuit of power.


They probably aren’t much of a match for Flandre-chan. Even if they had higher levels, Wu Yan seriously doubt they could stand a chance against Flandre-chan’s power of the Eyes.


If he had her ability, he wouldn’t need Gate of Babylon or Knight of Owner to challenge Sylph, Caah, or Jaafar.


As time went on, Wu Yan started frowning. He looked in front of him


Didn’t they say they are going to meet with the Council? Isn’t this road heading towards the arena tower?


As Wu Yan had suspected, the enforcement brigade brought him to the arena tower.


The enforcement brigade had no intention of bringing Wu Yan into the tower. They surrounded Wu Yan and escorted him towards the back of the arena tower.


When they arrived at the opposite side of the tower, the enforcement brigade stopped and they took out a scroll which they then tore.


The scroll dissipated into a cloud of dust while Wu Yan watched in slight astonishment. The dust cloud somehow organized itself and stuck to the wall of the arena tower.


Following that, a magic formation appeared on the wall, it appeared functional given its rotation and appearance.


Wu Yan almost went berserk when he saw the magic formation. They had teleportation magic formations with them, why didn’t they use it way back in the villa? Did they really have to walk such a long route? Is the enforcement brigade too bored or something?


The middle-aged man saw Wu Yan’s expression and he spoke as if he had read his mind.


“This magic formation can only be used here. It cannot be used at any other place aside from the arena tower’s immediate vicinity.”


Wu Yan nodded. This sounds reasonable enough, the Council represents the highest management of Silvaria World Institute, its members are all holders of very powerful offices in Silvaria, it would only be natural that there are protocols regulating the use of teleportation magic formations.


Wu Yan noted something the middle-aged man’s statement.


“The immediate vicinity of the arena tower?”




The middle-aged man nodded.


“Perhaps you have already guessed it but the Council sits upon the highest floor in the arena tower, they can only be contacted through the ninth floor of the arena tower.


“Hey wait, if someone manages to clear floor 9, wouldn’t that mean they can contact the Council as well?”


The middle-aged man nodded.


“That is the original intention of this tower, to spur those with talents and grit to continuously improve themselves until they are worthy enough to clear floor 9. If they did do so, not only would they meet the Council, they would get a reward from each of the members of the council!”


“However, so far, none has managed to go that far up the tower…”


Wu Yan shrugged and he curled his lips. It’s tempting to think that one can get a reward from each of the members of the Council. But, this tower’s design is too outrageous.


Only by clearing all 9 floors can a challenger meet with the Council. Yet, who can clear all 9 rounds before they turn 25 years old.


The floormaster of floor 5 is a tier 7 peak individual. If that is the case, the floormaster of floor 6 should be a tier 8 individual. A tier 8 individual which Sylph hadn’t defeated yet.


Following that train of logic, who is waiting for the challengers beyond floor 6? What is the strength of the floor masters at floor 7, 8, and 9?


Thinking about it, this “reward” might as well be nothing.




Looking up at the arena tower which stretches way into the clouds, Wu Yan clenched his fists. His deep red eyes had hints of impish thoughts.


One of his mission stated that he must subjugate all the floors in the arena tower. This tower which has yet to be conquered by anyone is something he must overcome with his power.


“Step into the formation. The top floor is a place those who had not cleared the floors can only reach if they are summoned by the Council!”


Wu Yan nodded and he did as they said. The magic formation revealed a brilliant light and he got enveloped in it. Following that, his body got transformed into rays of light which entered the magic formation. The magic formation promptly disappeared on the spot.



Top floor, Arena tower


This place had no ceilings and the area appeared to be pretty big, not losing in terms of area compared to the lower floors. The most distinctive difference would be that this place had no arenas, this place only had hard floors.


It’s pretty vacant here, although this area is in the open, no trace of wind or rain can be found here. It’s like this place is abandoned.


Today, however, a strange visitor came.


A magic formation opened here and broke any and all tranquility this place had. The magic formation released dazzling rays of light.


Soon, a figure appeared out of the magic formation, finally a lifeform in this barren place.


Wu Yan looked around after coming out of the teleportation circle. He took notes of the surrounding, not that there is much to note down. Besides the walls surrounding him, there are no arenas to look at, no bleachers for the crowds to sit in, not even a basic ceiling. It’s very hard to think this is what it’s like at the top of the tower.


He looked at the blue sky above him and he didn’t know what to make of this situation.


Isn’t this where the Council should be? I don’t see a goddamn ghost.


The walls around him suddenly glowed a faint white. This attracted Wu Yan’s attention, the lights gathered towards 12 spots and they quickly became lasers.


The lasers expanded into pillars of light which surrounded Wu Yan.


Wu Yan saw figures starting to appear within the light pillars.


In front of him, 3 light pillars that appeared larger than the others had been gathered.


12 figures appearing in light pillars, it’s like they are test subjects being suspended in vats. If those figures are standing on their head, it would probably make an interesting sight.


“Little brat, you are Wu Yan are you not?…”


A voice of indeterminate gender and age came from one of those 3 pillars of light. It would seem the entity at the center of the pillars spoke.


Wu Yan collected his thoughts and he scanned the pillars with analysis function.


But, the results were disappointing. Those are just light pillars and as they are not units per se, the analysis revealed no useful information.


Wu Yan released a sigh of relief. At the very least, these figures aren’t capable of doing anything towards him.


The next time the voice came, Wu Yan raised his guards once more.


“Pray tell, where are you really from?…”

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