Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 348: Filling up the treasury, the arrival of the enforcement briga

Knight of Owner: Instantly converts any perceived weapons, armament and equipment into noble phantasms regardless of form or shape. The rank of such weapons and equipment will be D rank at the very least whereas those equipment and weapon higher than D rank will have their rank maintained when under the user’s control.
Cost: 200,000 Ability Points


When he clicked the buy button, a surge of red light appeared before it parted into two. The red lights then went into his hands.


At the back of his palm, two sword crests made of circles appeared.


When the crests appeared, Knight of Owner also appeared in his ability column. Wu Yan is certain that he had obtained the ability.


He clenched and unclenched his fists as he examined the sword crests. He felt like there’s something inside urging him to call upon it.


Wu Yan snapped his finger and the space behind him rippled into a scarlet red color.


Meteor Storm and Nietono no Shana slowly appeared out of the ripples in space. Wu Yan grabbed them and pulled them out. The moment he held onto the weapon, the two sword crests at the back of his palm flashed as an invisible wave emanated outwards from the crests. Vein-like crimson lines climbed onto both Meteor Storm and Nietono no Shana. The vein-like lines throbbed and then disappeared into the equipment.


Wu Yan could feel something had changed in Meteor Storm and Nietono no Shana. If he had to describe this odd feeling of being both real and fantastic in nature he would have to say both armaments felt more mystical now.


Nietono no Shana and Meteor Storm had been converted into noble phantasms.


Something unexpected happened.


Nietono no Shana quivered and flames started sprouting forth from the blade much to the surprise of Wu Yan.


“Wh-what is going on?!”


Nietono no Shana is now a blade wrapped in flames. Obviously, this struck Wu Yan as odd.


“Did Nietono no Shana gain its fiery flames after being converted into a noble phantasm?”


He grabbed Nietono no Shana which had flames that reminded one of the flames of purgatory. With this, the power of Nietono no Shana should increase somewhat so Wu Yan is a happy camper.


He used analysis on the improved Nietono no Shana and it is as he had suspected, Nietono no Shana had grown from Mid-tier Rank C to a level that is about the same as Ikaros’ Apollon which bordered on being a Rank B equip.


What a fanciful discovery.


Wu Yan tried to exert control over the flames sprouting from Nietono no Shana. Maybe because the blade had been converted into his noble phantasm, he easily erased the flames from the surface of the blade.


After turning off the flames, Nietono no Shana returned to its usual appearance, that of a sharp and agile blade. A lot of people probably won’t expect that this blade contains enough power to reduce the villa to ashes.


He stored away Meteor Storm and Nietono no Shana mk II. He didn’t close the Gate of Babylon, he took out the item ring given to him.


He rubbed it and a ton of black grit poured forth.


Wu Yan started channeling electricity and the current visibly flowed through the black grit as electromagnetic force stopped the black grit from falling down.


Another surge of electrcity and the EM force generated started forming the black grit into swords.


His aim is to turn all this grit into swords made entirely out of grit and then he would use Knight of Owner on the swords to turn them into noble phantasms. After that, he would chuck them all into his Gate of Babylon to increase its potency.


Knight of Owner allowed him to turn any equipment into noble phantasms. He had to make good use of this ability to mass-manufacture D rank noble phantasms.


Since he had formed these blades from grit, it should be possible to classify them as armaments, even more so when he took the extra effort to make sure he used special grit before turning them into noble phantasms. At the very least, the noble phantasms won’t crumble easily.


Thus began Wu Yan’s boring journey of touching each iron grit sword one by one.


After quite some time, while he is still converting the equipment into noble phantasms, It just so happens that a group of visitors had arrived, Mikoto and Hinagiku didn’t expect to see these visitors here.


There are about 20 visitors, they are not wearing student uniforms nor are they wearing a teacher’s uniform. Each of them had black bodysuits.


They had the character “enforce” as their insignias. Judging from the aura they are giving off, they aren’t people to mess around with. These people belonged to the enforcement team of Silvaria World Institute.


Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks as they frowned. They just entered this place but they are well aware of how things run here.


The enforcement team is only deployed when a teacher or student goes against the school rules. For instance, they are deployed to stop any unsanctioned fights like private duels.


The enforcement team’s appearance here could mean that they are here to arrest someone.


Hinagiku approached them with confusion.


“Erm, how may I help you guys?”


The middle-aged man leading the team surveyed the area and he responded with a business face.


“Is the new entrant, Wu Yan present?”


Hinagiku lifted an eyebrow while her expression sank.


“He’s busy at the moment so if you got anything to say you can tell us first.”


The middle-aged man wasn’t frustrated by her, he calmly replied.


“Ask him to come out, we are taking him with us for a stroll.”


Hinagiku and Mikoto flinched because Ikaros suddenly lifted her head. Her eyes turned deep red and she started giving off a really bad vibe. The enforcement team felt it and their expression turned grim as well.


“Wait, Ikaros!”


Hinagiku grabbed Ikaros’ hand. Her heartrate started increasing, she knew that Ikaros would start bombarding the enforcement team if she knew the enforcement team came with the intent of capturing Wu Yan. She knows that this girl who put Wu Yan’s interests before her own would no doubt blast the enforcement team along with the school to bits if the need arises.


It would be hard to clean up the mess after that happened.


“Wait, Ikaros, let’s try talking this out first…”


Hinagiku told Ikaros. She kept her hands on Ikaros, Ikaros understood what Hinagiku implied.


If they really came for Wu Yan, they would respond with brutal force.


She scanned the enforcement team and her eyes returned to normal after exchanging a glance with Hinagiku one more time. Hinagiku and Mikoto released a sigh of relief.


Mikoto yelled at the enforcement team.


“Are you guys here to arrest Yan? He didn’t do anything that went against the school rule!”


The middle-aged man looked intently at Ikaros before he responded.


“No, we are not here to arrest him!”


“The directors presiding over the Academy’s council would like to meet with Wu Yan!”

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