Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 347: Special ability: Knight of Owner!

When Wu Yan cleared floor 5, the crystal ball that worked incessantly released a dazzling light that attracted all the students within the arena tower.


“Special student Wu Yan has cleared the fifth floor!”


“Special student Wu Yan has cleared the fifth floor!”


“Special student Wu Yan has cleared the fifth floor!”


Everybody’s mouth gradually widened, their eyes also started to pop out.


“Wu Yan, THAT Wu Yan?”


“Clearing the fifth floor, it would seem the rumor about him having the strength to stand amongst the top 10 rankers is true!”


“It had not been long since Mikoto took fourth place among the rankings. Now, this guy went ahead and cleared the fifth floor, are these newbies trying to rebel against heaven?”


“Misaka Mikoto-sama seemed to take Wu Yan’s words very seriously. I heard he knocked her on the head and she took it like she’s the guilty one. Could it be that Wu Yan is actually stronger than Mikoto-sama?”


“That’s impossible! Misaka Mikoto-sama is somebody who fought without losing an inch to Princess Sylph. If he is stronger than Misaka Mikoto-sama, wouldn’t that make him the strongest student in Silvaria World Institute?”


“Yeah, I don’t think Princess Sylph acknowledged Wu Yan’s strength…”


“Caah-sama, and Jaafar-sama didn’t take particular note of the newbie…”


“A rank in the top 10 is probably the upper bounds of his ability!”


“Hey wait, what about the angel-sama?…”


“You actually believe in angels?”


“Why not? A lot of the students saw her!”


“It’s probably some special form of armament or battle skill or magic.”


“Gosh, I sure want to see that angel again…”




Wu Yan had regained his popularity after news of Mikoto and the angel snuffed out his popularity. His name is being thrown around whenever people sit down and eat while chatting.


Not everybody took the news lightly, Bing Mian who detested Wu Yan felt very butthurt as per usual. Bing Ling also took Wu Yan in a more serious light just like the other leaders of the various factions.



After clearing the fifth floor, Wu Yan didn’t go up to the sixth floor. Only the top 10 rankers have the ability to go up to that floor.


With only 10 people that can go there, Wu Yan reckoned that no one would be there at this moment. The 10 people that could go there are all leader figures in their own faction, they had no time to spare to go laze off in the sixth floor when there is rarely anyone there.


Wu Yan took the 100,000 credit reward and he headed back to his villa. With his Ability Points, he had more than enough points to buy the ability he wanted.


Opening the door to his villa, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros’ figures greeted his sore eyes.




Ikaros immediately noticed Wu Yan. She got up and she came to Wu Yan’s side, most people would find being followed by Ikaros constantly an annoyance but not Wu Yan, he liked it very much.


“I see you’re back.”


Hinagiku and Mikoto greeted Wu Yan as he subconsciously smiled from the warm feeling spreading inside him.


Every time these gorgeous ladies greeted him upon arriving back home he would be filled with a sense of bliss.


If he were to go back to his old life, Wu Yan would probably go bonkers. He can’t imagine a life without them.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros felt their heart pace quickening as they blushed.


Now that their life force is synchronized, every time Wu Yan feels deep love, it would be transmitted to the girls as well. This setting is really quite something.


Does Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros know about this phenomenon? Judging by their expressions, they probably know about it…


“Th-this is the stuff you wanted. Here, check it out yourself!”


Mikoto stuttered, she blushed hard before she threw the item ring at Wu Yan. After that, she quickly made her retreat while hiding her face. Hinagiku and even Ikaros who practically stuck to Wu Yan followed Mikoto without hesitation.


Wu Yan held the item ring while staring in surprise at the 3 ladies who left him just like that.


Oh come on, why run off when they were feeling the same as well?




Wu Yan shook his head as he returned to his room with a slightly confused feeling. He took out the item ring he got from Mikoto.


Wu Yan examined the item ring while thinking about something. He stored it away and opened the System menu.


He navigated to the abilities section of the menu and he picked the talent tab from the drop-down list. He quickly located the ability he had aimed for.


Knight of Owner: Instantly converts any perceived weapons, armament and equipment into noble phantasms regardless of form or shape. The rank of such weapons and equipment will be D rank at the very least whereas those equipment and weapon higher than D rank will have their rank maintained when under the user’s control.
Cost: 200,000 Ability Points


It’s the same ability as the one Berserker Lancelot had in Fate Zero.


Rather than natural counters to each other, Wu Yan felt that the Gate of Babylon and Knight Of Owner were like a natural complement of each other.


Gate of Babylon grows stronger with each equipment added to its collection. At the same time, Knight Of Owner turned ordinary items like pillars, sticks, pickaxe, even jets into Noble Phantasms!


If one were to combine the two abilities, it would be a perfect combination.


Although Knight of Owner can only turn normal equipment into D rank equipment, with enough D rank equipment, he could potentially lift Gate of Babylon into A rank status equivalent of a Legendary Armament.


He didn’t know how long it would take for him to do that though…


Wu Yan had consulted the System regarding the value of armaments and noble phantasms in regards being stored in Gate of Babylon. According to the System, armaments can increase the strength of Gate of Babylon but Noble Phantasms can do that better than armaments.


Knight Of Owner can convert normal equipment into Noble Phantasms as well.


Moreover, Armaments can also be converted into Noble Phantasms where the converted armaments experience an upgrade in power.


Noble Phantasms are materialized miracles, they are the crystallization of a hero’s existence as supported by historical facts and anecdotes. A noble phantasm would beat an armament of the same rank.


Knight Of Owner also had another effect that is very good as well. He could exert his ownership over the armaments he had converted into Noble Phantasms, he only needs to will the equipment to come back and it will return even if someone else tried to steal it.


All these qualities made Wu Yan want to buy it.


However, Wu Yan didn’t know why a noble phantasm like this would be classed as a talent-type ability in the System’s menu. Well, if it’s an ability, Wu Yan didn’t need to worry about someone else stealing it.

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