Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 344: A contest of strength! Hand to hand combat

A small hill that is about 10 meters in height got reduced into a pile of rubbles from a punch thrown by the floormaster.


Wu Yan sterned up his expression. He knew that the floormaster didn’t use dou qi to achieve that feat.


That was pure power!


It’s not hard to achieve this feat with a bit of dou qi, anyone slightly above tier 7 can do something like this. It is, however, downright terrifying if someone did this without using dou qi at all.


In the process of cultivation, it is common for the body to become stronger following the increase of tier. But, the floormaster exhibited a body strength that someone of tier 8 probably couldn’t achieve.


Compared with Rishi, Rishi’s outward appearance is superficial, his strength came from battle skills. This floor master is different.


This floor master probably trained in a cultivation technique that focused on the development of the physical body. If he used dou qi or battle skills in combat…


Rishi simply wouldn’t stand a chance…


“What’s the matter?”


The floormaster grinned.


“You scared?”




Wu Yan bumped his fists together.


“Maybe in battle but your display isn’t enough to intimidate me.”


Wu Yan had a body strength that a True Ancestor had, he also had Eternal Arms Mastery that allowed him to utilize his body’s potential to its full potential. He wanted to see who is stronger: the one who trained his body to such terrifying height or Wu Yan?


“Is that so?”


The floormaster looked at the floor before he bellowed.


“Let’s see you take a fist from me then!”


The floormaster stomped the ground, making a huge hole in it. He arrived in front of Wu Yan and he swung his fist.


To think he is that fast as well!


The fist expanded in his field of vision. The air itself seemed like it wanted to escape the fist. If this attack landed, he would be lucky if it ended with him just coughing up blood.


The most rational approach would be to evade the attack. But, Wu Yan wanted to test True Ancestor’s power on him so he is not going to do that.


He got into a position to throw a right hook. Shifting his body, he gathered the required strength in a very short moment and he unleashed it at the incoming fist.




Due to the difference in height, the floormaster had the advantage of striking down from above, aided by gravity. When they made contact, the ground became a crater 2 meters in diameter around Wu Yan’s current position. This is just how savagely strong the floormaster is.


Despite how strong it is, there is one immutable fact, Wu Yan blocked it.


The floormaster is surprised that someone could actually take a fist from him and not be squashed.


The opposing force he is feeling from his fist told him this is all real.


The floormaster got excited!


When you hit someone in the face with cold hard facts, there are usually 2 outcomes: The more narrow-minded individuals will become infuriated while those with an open-minded attitude would become excited.


The floormaster appeared to be the latter.


“Oh! Splendid!”


The floormaster heartily laughed.


“It has been so so long since someone blocked my attack. I see the rumors are not unfounded. Such strength, I underestimated you!”


The floormaster licked his lips. Flames of passion could be seen in his eyes, Wu Yan didn’t even need to guess, he knew the floormaster is currently burning with battle intention.


“Wu Yan! I would like to see you receive my fist again!”


The floormaster unleashed another punch with the same fist.


This punch actually managed to rend the air around it, a clear upgrade in terms of power from the previous punch.


The floor 5 floormaster had a vibe around him that caused Wu Yan to become hot-blooded as well. Wu Yan responded in a similar attitude.


“You can throw another hundred of these fists and I will still accept it!”


The floor master’s fist got blocked by a relatively smaller fist, when the fists met, a burst of air radiated from them as the center.


Subsequently, the ground they stood upon collapsed into a crater with a diameter of 1 meter. This land will probably be reduced to a desolated wasteland by the end of this battle.


The floormaster spared no more chit-chat. He pushed against Wu Yan’s fist as he steadied him to throw another punch with his other fist.


Wu Yan didn’t meet his fist head-on. He used his palm to stop the floor master’s fist before he kicked the floormaster in his chest.


The floormaster who got kicked back gnashed his teeth while groaning. He roared and he grabbed Wu Yan’s hand before he gave him a punch in the chest as well.


The two of them got sent flying back the impact of their attacks. It didn’t take long for them to regain their balance.


The floormaster calmed down but his battle intention didn’t decrease. He took out a pair of gauntlets and he equipped them.


Rare armament.


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes, judging by him taking out his armament, it would appear that the floormaster is about to go all-out!


Wu Yan’s guess was correct.


In a short while, the floormaster unleashed an enormous amount of dou qi. The floormaster channeled his dou qi into the gauntlets.


The floormaster turned into a series of blurred images as he made his way over to Wu Yan. Within the blink of an eye, he was already attacking Wu Yan.


Wu Yan had anticipated his attack and he stood his ground. He moved his arms and he flexed them so hard veins started appearing on his arms. He received the attack with his bare fists.




When the fists met, a furious burst of wind blew away the rubbles around them.


The ground seemed like soft tofu when they exhibited their strength. The ground started peeling away as it got sent flying away by the wind generated from their collision.


If there are any spectators, or if this duel had taken place at the fifth floor’s arena, just the swept up rocks would pose a threat to the people walking around or watching.


It is just muscles meeting muscles, yet, when the fists met, the collision actually produced a metallic sound. What an inscrutable situation.


Perhaps, this is just showing how this match is high-leveled.

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