Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 343: Ascending past floor 5! The barbaric floor master!


Wu Yan
True Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, Electromaster Lv5
Gate of Babylon (Rank D)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Misaka Sisters
Equipment points:
Item Points:
Ability Points:
Summoning Points:




He confirmed his status and he shut down the system screen. He thought about what to do from this point on while rubbing the item ring.


Now that he bought Gate of Babylon, he should start gathering armaments to fill the equipment up and increase its potency.


Gate of Babylon wouldn’t be able to reach its full potential without a great amount of equipment in it. However, this would be an arduous task.


The inclusion of the B ranked Meteor Storm, the C ranked Nietono no Shana, and a bunch of other Rare armaments only increased the rank of Gate of Babylon by 1. It is apparent to him that this task will be no easy undertaking.


If it is just a titanic amount of equipment, he had a method to quickly gather such an amount. But, this would require an ability he didn’t have yet. If he had it, he would instantly be able to utilize Gate of Babylon as a weapon. He might even level up!


Now, the main issue: his lack of Ability Points.


Taking out his ID card, he bitterly laughed at the 0 figure on his card.


Welp, time to go challenge the arena tower!


He threw the ID card into a rippling space portal and that portal swallowed up the card into its scarlet space.


Walking out of the room, he saw Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros. For some reasons, the girls apparently liked staying inside and chatting as opposed to going out and do some window shopping. How could they talk so much and not run out of topics is something he didn’t fathom.


Mikoto and Hinagiku did most of the chit-chat. Ikaros just stayed there as a passive listener, she would only answer when people asked her directly.


Meanwhile, Flandre-chan is the most outgoing one, most likely because she couldn’t do things like this when she was confined in Gensokyo. With Lirin as her partner, she would be scampering off to somewhere before you know it.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros noticed Wu Yan coming down. They instantly focused their attention on him when he appeared, drawing a subconscious smile from Wu Yan.


Hinagiku stood up.


“Are you finished with your business?”


Hinagiku and the others more or less knew what Wu Yan was up to but they didn’t actively participate adding much to Wu Yan’s helplessness. Wu Yan was actually planning on getting some equipment from the System for the girls.


Hinagiku didn’t show any interest in other equipment other than Shirosakura. Meanwhile, Mikoto straight-up told Wu Yan she didn’t any equipment, she only needed her powers.


Wu Yan didn’t nod and he didn’t shake his head either, he just shrugged.


“Well, I do have plans on my mind…”


He received the drink Ikaros prepared for him and he beamed at her widely. He thought about something and he addressed the girls.


“Mikoto, Hinagiku, and Ikaros, you girls made it through the first 4 floors, right? Did you girls use up the credits?”


The 3 girls shook their heads, Mikoto asked him in slight puzzlement.


“What’s the matter? You need them for something?”


Mikoto passed her ID card to Wu Yan. Hinagiku and Ikaros also hurriedly took out their ID cards but Wu Yan stopped them before they could do so.


“Don’t give them to me. I just need you girls to help me run an errand to the commercial zone or maybe the free trade zone.”


Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks as they stored their cards away. They weren’t strangers to each other and they didn’t behave like strangers either.


“So, what do you need?”


Wu Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seems the girls aren’t planning on staying cooped up in the villa. They are probably just unfamiliar with the campus so they aren’t too sure where they want to go in the first place


“I need you girls to help me buy some special ores and minerals!”


Wu Yan answered.


“Special ores and minerals?”


The two of them flinched because they aren’t too sure what Wu Yan wanted to do with them. Since he is going to tell them sooner or later they decided not to ask.


“How special are we talking about here?”


Mikoto raised an eyebrow. Special is too ambiguous in nature for her to work with.


Wu Yan thought about it and he gave a rough specification.


“The materials don’t have to be too rare in artistic or aesthetic value, however, it should be durable. Don’t spend too many credits but make you sure you buy a whole lot of them…”


Hinagiku and Mikoto rolled their eyes at Wu Yan. How can one spend little yet buy a lot of materials?


Wu Yan laughed in an embarrassed manner. He knows that it is self-contradicting but that is what he meant so he is going to graciously accept their gazes.


Hinagiku crossed her arms.


“Wait, if we are going on an errand, what are you going to do?”


Wu Yan laughed as he stood up in a gallant manner.


“I am going to clear me a floor!”




Wu Yan already got some intel on the strength of the floormaster at floor 5. He is at peak tier 7 strength. A little bit more and he would be able to achieve a breakthrough into tier 8. Basically, much stronger than floormaster of floor 4.


If converted into values given by the System, floormaster 4 is at Level 60 while floormaster 5 is at Level 69. A floor in difference and almost a tier of difference in strength.


Against such an opponent, Wu Yan had no confidence in an easy victory. He is, however, confident that he had a much better chance of victory than the other party.


He walked into the formation at floor 1 and he silently willed it to teleport him up to floor 5. As the students around him pointed at him while whispering to each other, he walked into the magic formation at floor 5.


A flash of light dazzled him and he found himself transported to another space. What came as a slight surprise to him was that the arena was no longer an entire room with filled with the arena, it is a rocky land.


For a second there, he thought he had been transported outside of the arena tower. But, the lone figure standing some distance away from him convinced him otherwise.


It is a really buffed guy. In terms of physique, he isn’t too far off from Rishi. But, Rishi seemed like an adorable rabbit when compared to the aura this guy is giving off.


“You have finally arrived…”


The powerful voice of that manly man came as he stood up.


“Here I was thinking that you aren’t planning on going up to floor 6…”


Wu Yan flinched in surprise.


“You know of me?”


“Of course, if anything, news of you is getting a bit out of hand!”


The floormaster guffawed.


“I am the floormaster of the fifth floor, challenger, are you prepared for a fight?”


Wu Yan laughed.


“Of course!”


The floormaster lowered his head to pay his respect. He lifted his head and he smashed a small mountain to his side with a fist. The small mountain which was at least 5 times his size crumbled.


“Well then, shall we begin?…”



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