Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 342: Spending them points! Gate of Babylon!

As expected, Silvaria World Institute got into another uproar. The strongest student had challenged one of the newcomers and the news of the duel had spread throughout Silvaria World Institute in but a single day.


Listening to their friends who talked about the duel so vividly, many of the students who had not entered the arena tower regretted their actions.


Those that couldn’t make it to floor 5 vented their frustration by talking bad about the management of Silvaria World Institute. Why didn’t they broadcast the duel like they did the day the nine factions challenged another newcomer?


They still couldn’t believe it, that someone could fight Princess Sylph, the strongest student, to a standstill.


The first thing they thought was that it had to be a lie. But, when the news traveled further they had to believe it.


Those paying close attention to the news of the duel heard about the dreadful energy storm towards the end of the duel. Some of them consoled themselves for not going there and risking their lives.


When asked why they got out unscathed, the audience who retold the story recounted the event.


“It was an angel! A beautiful angel! She saved us!”


Ignoring who started the news first. To summarize the group’s reaction: Mikoto got mad, Ikaros got mad, Wu Yan got mad once more, and Hinagiku got mad as well.


The newcomers as they are known in Silvaria World Institute had become the talk of the whole institute.


While the outsiders are busy blowing their story out of proportion, Wu Yan brought the girls back to his villa and he decided it would be best to just let the students to their own devices.


Wu Yan is currently taking out the equipment he got from the auction. He put them all on the table which is about to overflow with the equipment.


He is not happy with the fight Mikoto had with Sylph. But, if anything, he learned that he needs to quickly increase his strength.


He had assumed with his strength, that he can stand at the top of Silvaria World Institute without bringing out Meteor Storm.


Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar reminded Wu Yan of his naivety.


The world is not lacking in geniuses, he should have understood this principle but he subconsciously looked down on the denizens of Silvaria. From his perspective, the people of this world paled in comparison to those otherworldly characters.


The denizens of this world cannot possibly compete with some of most outrageous monsters in the 2D fiction. But, the strongest denizens of this world can be on par with most of the characters in the fictional worlds.


This world had 5 demigods. According to the system, there is no god level character in the transcript worlds, this would imply that the strongest in the transcript worlds are all demigods as well.


The appearance of 3 tier 8 students and the fight between Mikoto and Sylph reminded Wu Yan he needs to continue increasing his strength as quickly as possible.


There are several ways he can increase his strength. First, he can grind his level. But, who in their right minds would challenge him after he made himself so “famous”.


Even if they did challenge him, they probably won’t have much animosity. Without animosity, the System won’t count it as experience. He got a bunch of experience points off the people of the nine factions when he slightly crossed them.


Moreover, Mikoto got up to Level 70 after gathering experience points for a long time. He is at Level 68 so it won’t be that easy to climb 2 levels.


He had to say pass to the first method.


The second method is to buy abilities like he did with Eternal Arms Mastery.


The ability allowed Wu Yan to gain a lot of benefits, it synergized well with Wu Yan’s True Ancestor body. In this manner, he can increase his strength, he had the points to buy the next ability he wanted. This ability can truly shine if he bought the equipment he wanted. To that end, he decided it would be best to buy the equipment first.


He gathered close to 20 Mainstream, it looked splendid on his table so Wu Yan can’t help feeling a bit hesitant. It’s mainstream armaments and here he is about to sell them off to the System.


Wu Yan had done the rough math, this equipment should be worth 20,000 Equipment Points collectively, just enough to supplement his existing points to buy the equipment he wanted.


He waved his hands and the equipment disappeared, having been sold to the System. In moments, the system notified him of the receipt of 20,000 in Equipment Points.


He opened the System menu and he quickly navigated to the equipment section where he immediately found the equipment he wanted.


Gate of Babylon: Special equipment, a sword in the form of a key that connects to the golden capital, effectively connecting reality to a vault where items can be stored or retrieved. Alternatively, stored equipment can be shot out of the vault like bullets. The stronger the equipment and the more the equipment stored, the more Gate of Babylon increases in power. (Note to user: This equipment starts at Rank D and peaks at rank A)

Equipment Points: 500,000


Confirming the 501,000 Equipment Points he had, he bought the equipment.


Beep, obtained Gate of Babylon.


Following a steep decrease to 1,000 Equipment Points, a golden sword appeared which looked like it was designed to look more like a key than a sword. Its golden luster is like it’s trying to tell Wu Yan: “I am as pure as gold can get.”


He examined the key sword and he lifted it up.


The golden key sword entered a ripple in space like he had inserted it into a keyhole. Wu Yan almost yelled in glee like a little girl when he saw the space around him rippled. He turned the key clockwise and the key disappeared as data streams that flowed into the ripple in space. The ripple in space widened in its area of effect.


The ripples in space spread towards the side like an opening door.


A scarlet red space appeared in front of Wu Yan This is the gate of Babylon and inside would be the vault where the treasures would be placed in, the golden capital.


In stark contrast to the nouveau riche, Gold-glitter, his gate of Babylon is as empty as a barren field.


After putting Meteor Storm and Nietono no Shana and the rest of his inventory from the item ring into Gate of Babylon, Wu Yan waved his hand to close the gate and the scarlet space.


From this moment on, Gate of Babylon would be the equipment he officially has. At the same time, this equipment will substitute his item ring as his new item storage.

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