Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 341: You girls almost killed yourselves and now you girls want to continue?

The energy storm ultimately could not break through Ikaros’ Aegis. It faded away as if surrendering to the impregnable defense of Aegis. The destroyed arena told everyone that what transpired is nothing less than reality.


The students all gawked at Aegis, they then turned around and gawked at the angel in midair. A lot of them found that they had already fallen head over heels for this being.


Her wings of light shrunk and turned back into pink wings. Her halo dissipated, her deep red eyes returned to her emerald green eyes that would bring out the empathy of anyone who looked at her eyes. Her sexy armor also faded away, turning back to her school uniform.


Her less magnificent form didn’t decrease the amazement of the students, they are even more infatuated with her now…


If Ikaros in her Uranus Queen mode is her strongest look then Ikaros in her usual state is her most beautiful look.


When she flapped her wings, her feathers also came off. When she landed, the sight of her being bathed in her flowing pink feathers made her stood out even more as an angel walking upon mortal ground. How can this sight be anything but beautiful?


So exquisite in appearance is she that even Caah who dealt with girls in a blase manner couldn’t help but be dazzled by her as well…


Jaafar who looked down on women subconsciously averted his eyes with a conflicting look.


A sight for sore eyes, Sylph who had a passive attitude towards everything can’t help but admire Ikaros’ beauty as her icy blue eyes reflected the divine figure she is looking upon.


Not even the ladies were spared from this mind-numbing beauty.


Without a doubt, Ikaros is now the reigning goddess within their hearts.


Alas, she will only show this beautiful sight for her one and only master.


Wu Yan isn’t stunned by this because he is the one who understood her true beauty. After all, he had multiple pants-off dance-offs with Ikaros, this much isn’t enough to faze him.


While everyone is busy losing their minds, Wu Yan is angry. He is fuming at a certain someone.


Mikoto’s expression looked pale even as she is a bit awed by Ikaros. Wu Yan felt anger at the same time as he felt worried.


He raised his hands and he gave both Mikoto and Sylph a good knock on the head.


“Ow, that hurts…”


Mikoto yelled as she covered her head with her hands while drops of tears appeared at the corners of her eyes. She’s cute but Wu Yan needs to be firm here.


“Oh, so you do know pain?!”


Wu Yan yelled at her while pointing his finger at her.


“What would have happened if I didn’t react in time just now? You probably wouldn’t even have the time to cry out in pain, did that ever cross your mind?”


Mikoto flinched when Wu Yan started berating her. This is a first time for her, she had never seen Wu Yan yelling at her this furiously before.


Mikoto mewled.


“I didn’t do it on purpose…”


“Not on purpose!”


Wu Yan got angrier when she heard her excuse.


“Is that your explanation for your unacceptable behavior? Do you understand the gravity of your actions? Even if you like to compete there has to be a limit. Don’t just wager your life like it’s nothing, it ain’t funny! I hope you’re satisfied now. It’s a duel, it’s not a fight to the death. Even if it were one, I would go up there to fight, I will never let you go up there!”


Wu Yan kept scolding her while Mikoto stood there like a child who knew she had done something wrong. Although she lowered her head, she felt warm deep inside.


Mikoto knew Wu Yan only exhibited this kind of anger because he was overly worried. Mikoto who normally wouldn’t take criticisms lying down took it with due humility.


“Yan, I am sorry. Please forgive me…”


Mikoto said this with a smile.


“What’s with that smile?!”


Wu Yan leered at her but Hinagiku pulled Wu Yan aside. She rolled her eyes at Mikoto but she felt she needed to calm Wu Yan down first.


“Look, Yan, you need to stop being angry. You know how Mikoto is, she won’t be satisfied unless she went all-out against a worthy opponent.”


“And she had to bet her life as well?”


Wu Yan snorted. He is not as angry as before but he still felt a bit frustrated.


Mikoto threw Hinagiku a grateful look while Hinagiku responded by rolling her eyes. It would appear Hinagiku doesn’t approve of Mikoto’s conduct as well.


Sylph looked at Wu Yan with bewilderment, she felt the place where Wu Yan hit her just now and she still can’t believe it. Growing up, she had always enjoyed the premium treatment, never had anyone even dared to raise an arm against her.


This is probably the first time anyone had hit her outside of combat. She had mixed feelings about this.


If Sylph knew Wu Yan only hit her because he felt like it, what would she think?


Sylph regained her senses and she got up from the ground, she looked at Mikoto.


“Let us continue…”


Everyone flinched and Wu Yan almost choked to death on his anger. There are better ways to die than this right? Both of them almost caused mutual annihilation and here she is trying to start another duel.


He wanted to give the princess a piece of his mind but since he is not too familiar with her, he decided against the thought. Instead, he threw Mikoto a frosty look.


Mikoto trembled and she quickly shook her hands.


“No no, I don’t think we should continue with things like this.”


Sylph frowned.


“Are you surrendering?”


Mikoto bitterly laughed. She didn’t want to surrender but Wu Yan won’t let her continue as well.


Sylph seemed to have guessed Mikoto’s thought and she looked at both Mikoto and Wu Yan.


“This fight will be continued in the Academy Tournament!”


Sylph walked away after committing Ikaros’ figure to her memories, ignoring Wu Yan & co who couldn’t believe how tenacious she is. She left with the people of Snow Song.


Jaafar looked down at Mikoto from above. He then looked at Ikaros, not removing his gaze for seconds until he left with a condescending snort.


Caah didn’t leave after the two had already left. He is still fixated on Ikaros, he is completely mesmerized by Ikaros as if he’s already fallen…


in love!


Wu Yan frowned and he stood in front of Ikaros, cutting off Caah’s view. It is only now that Caah regained his senses, he awkwardly scratched his cheek.


He bitterly smiled at Ikaros.


“To think Miss Ikaros hid her strength to such an extent, my eyes seem to be in need for a good scrubbing.”


Caah looked at the wings behind Ikaros and his lips trembled for a moment. He wanted to ask something but he gave up and he left after looking back at Ikaros one more time, his longing look never left his face.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto exchanged looks. Meanwhile, Ikaros stood behind Wu Yan like what happened just now didn’t have anything to do with her.


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