Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 340: Angelic Wings, the angel's Aegis

The moment each of them fired their respective skills: Ice Flash and Railgun, the whole floor shook like the surface of a lake hit with a large boulder.


The skills ripped everything in its path and it even gouged out the floor leaving a widening gap that is at least half a meter in diameter.


The light orb and laser pulverized anything that stood in its way, even the pebbles on the ground weren’t spared. By this time, the widening gap had engulfed the arena, effectively destroying the ground they stood upon.


Radiant light covered half of the arena, the two attacks were on an inevitable path of collision.


The space around them trembled and the earth crumbled, such is the power of the attacks. The audience knew very well that if they were on the stage, even a fraction of the attack’s power is enough to cripple them or severely injure them.


Sylph and Mikoto’s fight is on another level of terrifying.


The light orb and the laser finally met under everyone’s gaze. They hit each other with a shocking impact much like meteors.


As the crowd covered their ears in anticipation of the loud explosion that would surely follow, they were confused by the lack of any sound at all.


They lifted their heads in puzzlement. They could see that the attacks melded together in a weird mix of orange and blue, each trying to consume the other. What they still didn’t understand is why there are no sound when two such terrifying attacks collided?


Wu Yan, Fei Fei, Caah, and Jaafar noticed that a distortion of space had occurred near where the attacks met.


The audience quieted down and they could slowly make out the sounds of something tearing at each other. It would appear that the sound came from the two energy bodies.


Wu Yan kept his gaze on the energy bodies, he had a look of consternation as he clenched his fists.


The two energy bodies’ appearance would fool anyone into thinking they are just harmless corroding each other away. Yet, his internal alarm is ringing really loud.


Sylph and Mikoto also stared at the two energy bodies, they raised their guards against the two melded energy bodies.


Something inside them told them that they had gone too far this time.


The two girls’ face paled when they realized their instincts were spot on. The two energy bodies produced something unexpected.


Like boiling water the two energy bodies shook and under everyone’s shocked gaze, it resonated and grew.


Everyone had the same thought, this isn’t going to end well.


The two energy bodies stopped and fell silent, a third light appeared between the energy bodies. Initially, it was small but it expanded to engulf the two energy bodies. The floor experienced another bout of an earthquake. The earthquake got more intense as the light became more radiant.


Wu Yan frowned deeply. He observed the two energy bodies which faded into the third light and his heart suddenly throbbed. He immediately turned to Ikaros.




Ikaros who, as usual, stayed near Wu Yan, lifted her head and light streamed past her eyes when Wu Yan called out to her.


“Releasing variable wings system, seal released!”


She declared that with a robotic voice. Light came out from her and her battle suit slowly started taking over the special student uniform she is wearing.


A white and light armor took over her uniform as it slowly emerged to cover Ikaros’ body. A pair of pink wings came out of her back, much to everyone’s shock.


Uranus Queen mode, on!”


Her emerald green eyes had turned deep red as a white halo appeared above her head. Her lustrous hair also experienced slight growth in volume.


Ikaros disappeared from where she stood.


The moment she disappeared, the energy bodies exploded like a balloon that got pricked by a needle. The raging energy manifested itself as a storm of pure power that threatened to engulf the whole floor.


The energy storm started spreading out from the center of the arena, announcing its presence with its dazzling light. It shook the very space wherever it hit.


Everyone had a grave expression when they saw the storm coming for them. Even the most insensitive of them could feel the power and sheer force behind the storm.


The energy storm had enough power to outright kill the weaker ones among them. A lot of them started behaving like deers in front of headlights. Only Fei Fei, Caah, and Jaafar shouted something but the words were lost on most of the audience.


At this critical juncture, a beautiful sculpture of a figure spread her wings in midair.


Like an angel that has been sent down from the heavens, her presence stunned everyone including Caah and Jaafar. Even Fei Fei who had experienced this once wasn’t an exception. Her appearance had more impact than the incoming energy storm.


Ikaros’ deep red eyes flashed and she moved those sensual lips that looked like they were made with rubies. Her divine voice echoed within the stunned masses.




The next instant, a ray of light appeared amidst the raging energy storm.


The light transformed into a crystalline barrier with beehive-esque hexagonal patterns. The barrier started containing the raging storm before it could anyone in the audience.


Another figure quickly made it onto the stage and retrieved Mikoto and Sylph who were stunned by what they had wrought. The girls were carried off the stage by the waists as the figure quickly made it down the stage.


The energy storm assaulted Aegis until some time had passed before it eventually calmed down and faded into nothingness.


When the barrier dissipated, the audience was greeted with harmless draft.

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