Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 339: Certain kill techniques, the collision between Ice Flash and Railgun

An inconceivable scene unfolded in front of everyone. The audience had never seen lightning being frozen over nor had they ever seen flames erupting from cold air.


At floor 5, the arena had been frozen over by the arctic air that permeated its surroundings, the layer of ice that looks very thick is a grim reminder that the temperature is dangerously cold.


The cold air that caused this burst into flames the moment the lightning stroke. The cold air that came after it put out the flame just as quickly as it had appeared. But, the scene where flames appeared amidst a cold storm lingered in the audience’s mind.


On the other side, there’s another strange phenomenon.


The lightning pierced through layers and layers of cold air but its speed decreased gradually as time passed until it stopped like it met its arch nemesis. Finally, the lightning stopped and froze.


Two phenomena that defied physics appeared in front of everyone. Its effect shocked their cores, they will never forget this extreme display of power.


Caah and Jaafar who are also tier 8 in strength saw the clashing of ice and lightning. Jaafar clenched his fists at the faint figures of both Sylph and Mikoto.


He growled in a low voice, he couldn’t hide the frustration in his tone.


“That woman, Sylph has grown stronger…”


Caah nodded with a grave expression. He turned his attention towards Mikoto and he mused out loud.


“That newbie’s appearance belies her strength, she can unleash terrible lightning magic without so much as a chant. Just from observation, her strength seems to be on par with Sylph.”




Jaafar clicked his tongue before he grinned.


“Sylph is not using her true powers yet, that is where she is most terrifying. That brat couldn’t possibly hope to match up with Sylph with the amount of power she’s exhibiting.”


Sylph is someone who Jaafar dreams of surpassing.


If he recognized the newbie’s power as being equal to Sylph, this would mean that another female stood on top of him and that is something he absolutely cannot accept.


Baruba empire is an overtly patriarchal society. It’s not to the extent that they treat women as clothes but for a woman to beat a man at something is a laughable matter for the male.


As the crown prince of Baruba empire, Jaafar upheld this notion even more than his citizen. This is also the reason why he can tolerate Caah standing above him but not Sylph.


In Baruba, it’s dishonorable for a man to lose to a woman.


A lot of people vilified such a horrid culture, Caah felt nothing but disdain for such an empire. But, as a member of one of the other two empires, he is more than happy to see them continue this form of discrimination.


Those women with talents and power would recognize that Baruba is unconducive to their growth and as such would opt to immigrate to the other two empires.


Caah shook his head at Jaafar who is grinning but is actually pissed and frustrated by Mikoto. He decided it is not his place to criticize another empire’s culture, especially when this didn’t concerned him and because he is the prince of an empire.


At the same time, the situation on the arena escalated.


The cold air gathered into a storm cloud, as more air gathered, the storm cloud condensed into a giant dazzling blue orb.


As all the cold air gathered into the object, the field on the arena cleared up and everyone could see Sylph standing behind the orb with a crystal staff in her hands.


That staff is the same staff Sylph won in the auction, it’s a Gold armament.


Wu Yan, Fei Fei, Caah, Jaafar, and a bunch of students who knew about the staff had looks of astonishment.


If Sylph brought out her staff, this meant that she is going to use all her powers.


She lifted the staff up to her chest level and she pointed it at Mikoto much like one would point a cannon at the enemy. The blue orb of cold air looked like a terrifying cannonball that is loaded and ready to fire.


If the others are like this, Mikoto who is the main target should be feeling it more but unlike the others, she felt ecstatic.


“This is more like it!”


Mikoto shouted. She stopped channeling lightning and electricity crept up her hand and into her hand. She lifted a hand against Sylph and they can all see she had a coin in her hand.


“Not good!”


Wu Yan, Fei Fei, Caah, and Jaafar yelled out. They had an expression of shock and their voices had a hint of distress.


When the blue orb and coin appeared, an explosive surge of air blew outwards from the arena, it even blew away some of the heavier tables and chairs.


Everyone shielded themselves with their hands, dou qi, or mana. They tried to steady themselves against the torrent of air.


The battle scene caused a deep terror in all but a small segment of the audience who had better mental fortitude.


Wu Yan clenched his teeth, he yelled out loud.


“Those two idiots! What are they doing?! Is there even a need to fight so seriously? Are you girls rivals or something? Is this a freaking duel to the death?”


Fei Fei tightened her hold on Night Elf so much that her hand became pale. Her expression also seemed pale, just from the sudden burst of air she could see that Mikoto and Sylph are about to unleash something a whole lot worse.


It might even affect the audience and anyone on floor 5.


Fei Fei looked around for the referee but she could not find the referee even though this is an emergency. Needless to say, Fei Fei had a very amusing look at the moment.


Caah and Jaafar channeled their dou qi as they watched the fight. It is obvious that even they don’t think it’s possible to stay unaffected without at least employing some form of protection.


When all the cold air available had been gathered into the blue orb in front of Sylph’s Gold armament staff, the orb had grown to about the size of a football. The energy contained in the blue orb instilled fear in the audience.


Sylph lifted her head to reveal her usual distant and aloof countenance. With a flash of magic, she thrusted her staff forward at Mikoto.


“Ice Flash!”


The blue orb shot out.


Taking this attack seriously, Mikoto channeled her ESP power until the coin in her hand became bright white. The energy of this attack is about the same as the incoming blue orb.


Biting down on her lip, she shot it out.




An orange beam shot out from her hand and collided with the blue orb.


In front of everyone, the two terrifying bodies of energy smashed into each other.



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