Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 338: A storm with dancing lightning and falling snow.

When Sylph walked up onto the stage, Mikoto’s smile grew wider and wider as the look of excitement climbed onto her face. It is clear that Mikoto is very happy with how things turned out.


This girl really needs to learn to calm down. If she keeps being this aggressive people are going to mistake her as someone who is violent.


Her elated expression is a stark contrast when compared to Sylph who stood in opposition to her with her usual distant expression. However, nobody thought this is going to be a boring battle.


A fight between tier 8 hadn’t occurred for quite a while now. Most of the students here are limited to floor 5 at most, the sixth floor belonged only to the ones who stood at the very pinnacle of strength. Maybe the 3 tier 8 students fought their shares of duels but those below sixth floor wouldn’t know about it because they witness the fights with their own eyes.


For them, a fight between tier 8 is not just rare, for some of the new entrants, it’s something they had never seen before.


The sixth floor is, after all, a place only those in the top 10 ranking spots can go.


The floor masters of the first floor all the way to the third floor are respectively of tier 6 lower to tier 6 peak strength. The fourth floor’s floor master had tier 7 lower strength while the fifth-floor floormaster had tier 7 peak strength.


It is easily imaginable that not many in Silvaria World Institute can achieve victory over the fifth floor’s floor master.


Only those that had arrived at floor 6 would know of the strength of the floor master for that area. Down here, nobody knew and the ones who do are treating the information as if it’s some sort of national secret.


To stand at the top of the student body, one must pass through the fifth floor and arrive on the 6th floor, only then can they call themselves the strongest of the student body.


Everyone knew the newly crowned no.4 will make it up to floor 6 in due time but what didn’t expect is that someone not of the top 10 rankers will make it to floor 6 as well.


Fei Fei looked at each of the beautiful girls by Wu Yan’s side and she anxiously asked Wu Yan.


“Yan, aren’t you going to put a stop to this?”


Wu Yan tilted his head before he smiled.


“Why though?”


Fei Fei lowered her head before she replied.


“Princess Sylph is very strong!”


Wu Yan chirped back.


“Well, Mikoto is also very strong!”


Fei Fei sighed and she decided to stay quiet. Hinagiku couldn’t stop herself from voicing her opinion.


“Sister Fei Fei, don’t worry about it. Princess Sylph will probably pull some punches because she wants to invite Mikoto to join her faction. Mikoto, well, I am sure she knows not to take it too far…”


Hinagiku seemed like she’s not too sure about the last part of her statement. Meanwhile, Wu Yan twitched his lips when he heard “Mikoto will not take it too far”. He had to admire Hinagiku for keeping her poker face on.


Wu Yan assessed the situation at hand and his expression turned a bit grave. Truth be told, he wasn’t sure how this is going to turn out.


He thought that if he exhibited enough power, the girls at his side won’t be harassed by those pesky factions. How things turned out told him that his thoughts were too naive.


It’s probably a mix of reasons including their identities as special students and their exceptional looks. In any case, he learned that things don’t always turn out as he wanted them to.


Wu Yan clenched his fists as he sighed silently. Mikoto is probably going to continue attracting more attention, he is concerned that the other factions will use unscrupulous means to get her to join.


The top 12 factions of Silvaria World Institute represented the 12 major powers in Silvaria. If he pissed them off, trouble is going to continue knocking on his door. He needs to take this into consideration from now on. He also needed to quickly increase his strength.


Wu Yan looked at a certain direction, in that direction is the magic formation leading to the sixth floor.


The two beautiful girls continued to stare each other down, increasing the tension as time moved on.


At a certain point, Mikoto lost her patience.


Biri biri


A crackling sound came and lightning circle around Mikoto like snakes. Her tea-colored eyes had been dyed in a blue sheen due to the light coming off the lightning.


“Now! Let’s begin!”


Lightning surged around her and she is now fully clad in lightning. Mikoto is going all out now!


Sylph stood there unconcerned, it would probably take more than an apocalyptic event to cause a stir in her expression. She saw Mikoto who is like lightning given a moving body and she merely lifted her porcelain white hand.




Sylph, who looked like she hadn’t cultivated a day in her life suddenly unleashed a terrifying amount of magic power.


The icy blue magic seeped out of her like the arctic wind and it enveloped her as they circled up towards the ceiling with her as the center. With the appearance of this new magic power, the air around her depositioned into pillars of ice.


Sylph waved her hand and the pillars flew straight at Mikoto while tearing through the air. It’s clear to Mikoto that Sylph isn’t going easy on her because she didn’t felt like she needed to.


Mikoto glanced at the pillars and she channeled her lightning to meet with the incoming ice pillars.


Pop pop pop pop


When lightning meets ice pillars, the two canceled each other out in a manner similar to firecrackers with the ice pillars reduced to nothing more than harmless fragments. It’s like they are celebrating some kind of event with all these popping noises.


Lightning flashed around the arena while the cold air spread throughout the audience. The students in floor 5 are currently being treated to a show that amuses the visual and tactile senses.


However, for both Sylph and Mikoto, this is nothing more than a greeting.


Sylph started chanting and her magic power fluctuated. Her chant sounded rapid yet calm, it sounded paradoxical yet soothing on the ears.


The surrounding temperature plummeted when she started chanting. Sylph is now like a goddess of ice, a surge of Arctic air came from behind her and swept towards Mikoto.


Everywhere the wind hit, the ground would be turned into ice, Sylph’s supreme control over her power could be seen from the fact that the area of effect got limited to only within the arena and not outside of it.


Mikoto paled in comparison when talking about power control. She might even lose to some of the tier 7 individuals in terms of power control. Well, with her personality, she probably couldn’t care less about control. For her, increasing the power of her lightning took more precedence.


Compared to Sylph, Mikoto excelled more in explosive power.


A mini lightning storm occurred as Mikoto hurled something at Sylph. She hurled spears of lightning that pierced through the cold air and is now heading towards Sylph.



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