Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 337: The challenge from Princess Sylph, the strongest student!

The gathering of the top 10 rankers ignited the passion of every student on the fifth floor of the arena tower. They became the focus of everyone’s attention.


The students wondered whether the day will come when they too can stand in the center of everyone’s attention like those 10 individuals.


Wu Yan also can’t help getting giddy from all this high tension. He smiled in an intrigued manner.


His target isn’t a spot in the top 10, he is aiming for the top 3 spots.


Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar!


These 3 represented the toughest hurdles he would have to overcome in order to complete the mission of taking the ranking spots.


Sylph, Caah, and Jaafar arrived at the arena on which Mikoto is standing on, they each had different thoughts.


The most robust of them all, Jaafar examined Mikoto and he clicked his tongue before he continued in a savage tone that seemed like it would fit in with the beasts.


“I had wondered what someone acknowledged by Sylph would look like, she’s nothing more than a brat!”


Mikoto leered at Jaafar with electricity crackling around her, she had a very dangerous glint in her eyes.


“Who are you calling a brat?!”


Jaafar snickered at Mikoto but Caah interrupted him before he could continue his verbal jabs.


“Your Highness Jaafar, please don’t go overboard…”


Caah grinned at Jaafar, he pointed his lips at Sylph.


“You might anger somebody…”


Jaafar’s expression turned sour. He exhibited a brief moment of intimidation and frustration. Although he snorted and turned the other way, he never continued calling Mikoto a brat.


Caah casually laughed the episode off. He examined Mikoto and then he praised her.


“Although you are a female, your age is definitely younger than the humble me. To achieve the power of a tier 8 individual at such a tender age, surely you are much stronger than I am…”


Everyone except Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Ikaros, Fei Fei, and Lulu experienced a drastic change in expressions. Even the ones who had suffered a swift defeat under Mikoto’s hand weren’t spared from this.


They looked at Mikoto and they just can’t believe the youthful and innocent air she is giving off (Author note: Not sure about the innocent part given the amount of Vitamin D she received).


She’s a tier 8 individual?…


Some of them pinched their cheeks only to find the slight pain telling them that this is all real and not just a dream.


This girl who looked like she hadn’t achieved the age of 18 is actually a tier 8 individual!


The students started getting riled up while the major factions who got a sound hiding from Mikoto released a sigh of relief. It’s not that embarrassing to lose to a tier 8 now is it?


The erstwhile no.4 leader of one of the major factions sighed the most. He isn’t afraid people would call him out for losing to a tier 8. He is more afraid that people would refer to him as the one who lost to an underage teen.


Mikoto felt awkward because she thought that these people are just over-reacting. Accelerator is slightly older than her but he is about as strong as her.


Meanwhile, Flandre-chan who looked like she’s not even 10 is already a tier 9 individual.


Compared to the others, she’s really not that strong. Moreover, Ikaros and Astrea is stronger than her, if anything, she felt like she needed to increase her strength some more. This is what she always thought, never had the thought occurred to her that she is too strong.


If Wu Yan knew about her thoughts, he would probably fall over and then sigh in frustration.


It’s unfair to compare all the beings available in the 2D fiction to the ones in Silvaria. By this logic, just the two Forces are enough to kill everyone in Silvaria.


Mikoto shook her head.


“There are many who are stronger than me, There are also many who have more talents than I do, you are over-estimating me.”


Caah smiled while taking Mikoto’s words at face value. Caah didn’t bother correcting her, instead, he took a more obsequious tone with her.


“Young Miss, you have such great powers, it’s a shame that you’re just a normal special student. Let me impose myself by extending the warmest of invitations, why don’t you join our Forbidden Area?”


The students all quieted down as they held their breaths. They stared at Mikoto with wide eyes because her decision may very well shift the balance of power in Silvaria World Institute just by joining Forbidden Area.


The other 9 factions including Fei Fei looked at Mikoto, if possible, they didn’t want to see Mikoto joining his faction. Snow song, Forbidden Area, and Beast Tide had a tier 8 individual each so the remaining 9 factions can’t really compete with the 3 imperial factions despite them being referred to collectively as the 12 major factions.


They are those gunning for Mikoto’s strength as well, if they managed to get her to join their factions, their factions would instantly be on par with the 3 imperial factions.


The scene where Mikoto electrocuted the former no.4 is still fresh in their minds so they aren’t bold enough to use any drastic measures. They just hoped that Mikoto wouldn’t say yes and leave them a glint of hope to hold onto.


Mikoto didn’t disappoint, she shook her head after a brief moment of thought. She crossed her arms and declined.


“I am sorry, I don’t have any intentions on joining any faction at the moment.”


Caah shook his head in disappointment but he shook the feeling off quite easily.


“I see, I don’t like to force people into anything. If this young miss wishes to join a faction in the future, be sure to give Forbidden Area a call, our doors are always open!”


Mikoto nodded with a smile. Meanwhile, Jaafar silently released a sigh of relief. If Caah had succeeded, he would be having a headache right about now. He didn’t exactly start off on the right foot so he couldn’t invite her. Moreover, it seems like she really had no intentions to join any factions at the moment.


Jaafar didn’t say anything in order to avoid making a joke out of himself.


Sylph who had remained silent all this time got up after glancing at Ikaros. She used her usual cold tone to say something that changed the mood of the whole place.


“Do you accept my challenge?”


Mikoto flinched before a look of excitement climbed up her face. Lightning started arcing around her.


“You want to have a duel with me?”


Sylph nodded and she voiced her demand.


“If you lose, you will join Snow Song…”


Caah and Jaafar silently cursed. The other factions also started getting anxious. At the same time, Mikoto looked like she’s itching to start.


“Oh! You’re on!”


The whole place started rumbling.


Wu Yan and Hinagiku exchanged looks as they shared the same feeling of not being sure whether to laugh or cry. Finally, they sighed in frustration.


This girl, when will she learn to stop being so competitive?…



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