Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 336: The 3 imperial factions make their appearances.

When Wu Yan and Fei Fei appeared at the fifth floor of the arena tower. The scene there made their faces freeze up.


Hinagiku and Ikaros calmly watched the proceeding of the match, or rather, the aftermath. Mikoto stood in the center of the arena with a special student having seizures at her feet while coughing up bubbles.


Wu Yan had an awkward smile. This familiar scene, where had he seen it? Oh yes…


In the anime, this is normally what happened to the thugs in Academy City that messed with Mikoto.


Sea of Thick Ice, Crimson Earth, and the other 6 factions all stood slack-jawed. They looked like this is the first time they had suffered such utter defeat. Some of them are looking after students who are still suffering spasms.


Bing Ling, Vish, and the other faction leaders all looked like they had flies for lunch. The bitter expression on their faces spoke louder than any words could.


Imagine this, the faction leaders got all hyped up and went over to other people’s home like some gangster, they vowed to settle it like men in the arena tower only to get their derriere handed to them like some third-rate villains.


This scenario usually happens to people in novels and films so often it’s almost a cliche. But, when it happens to themselves, they finally knew the pain of being a minor character.


What’s more, this is the second time they got curb-stomped.


The referee who had started to disassociate with the match declared the victor.


“One party can no longer continue, the winner, Misaka Mikoto. Because the loser had a higher rank than the victor, Misaka Mikoto gains the rank of the party who lost!”


“Misaka Mikoto is now officially No.4 on the rankings!”


Every spectator subconsciously clapped their hands. Meanwhile, the major factions had very frustrated looks. Wu Yan, Lulu, and Fei Fei couldn’t stay calm.


It had only been a brief while since they last saw Mikoto and now she’s already no.4 on the rankings. Wu Yan and Fei Fei exchanged looks with bitter smiles.


Wu Yan didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. He tried so hard only to be stuck at rank no.40. Meanwhile, Mikoto shot up through the ranks and into the top 10.


Hey wait, that special student who just got put down after getting electrocuted, isn’t that student one of the faction leaders?…


She just tazed the living daylights out of one of the faction leaders and the audience actually had the guts to clap out loud. Is this one of the perks of being pretty?


Wu Yan started to feel a bit frustrated. Why did he have so many strong girls by his side? Mikoto is strong, Ikaros is strong, Hinagiku’s not that far off, even Shokuhou Misaki and the others are strong in their own rights.


Should I summon a few girls who aren’t that strong?…


He squeezed in between Hinagiku and Ikaros. He looked at Mikoto who is playing with her bangs before he sighed.


Hinagiku and Ikaros only noticed him after he sighed, this stung him a little.




Ikaros had her usual attitude which seemed like she would do anything Wu Yan told her to do. Her eyes beamed up and she quickly made her way over to Wu Yan.


“Yan, so you came…”


Hinagiku giggled. Wu Yan had the sudden urge to smack her hard on her perky butt. Wu Yan lifted his hands as if to surrender his thoughts.


“Are you girls alright?…”


Hinagiku rolled her eyes.


“You are asking the wrong persons. You should be asking the opponents if they are doing okay.”


Wu Yan trembled before he laughed out loud.




Fei Fei stood next to Hinagiku. She saw the lightning arcing around Mikoto and her hands trembled, she knew from one glance that the lightning is no joke.


Mikoto had power, if she fought her, she probably wouldn’t look too good in the end.


This didn’t discourage her, it stimulated Fei Fei battle hunger. She clenched Night Elf and from the looks of it, she looked like she wanted to challenge Mikoto.


She had another reason. Fei Fei is no.5 on the rankings while Mikoto is the new no.4


Mikoto didn’t pay Fei Fei any attention, nor did she turn her attention towards Wu Yan. It’s not because she hadn’t noticed Wu Yan & co.


The magic formation in the fifth floor shined and it attracted everyone’s attention. 3 figures emerged from the magic formation followed by special students who came pouring out of the magic formation.


The 9 major factions were stunned by the appearances of these people. They started tensing up as if they had seen something inscrutable.


Wu Yan is also astonished by the scene.


The entourage that accompanied the 3 figures had both quality and quantity. He could tell that these people were stronger than most of the audiences here, especially the 3 figures who looked like the leaders.


In Silvaria World Institute, only Wu Yan, Ikaros, Mikoto, and Hinagiku wouldn’t recognize straightaway who the 3 leaders are.


If anything, Wu Yan is sure he had seen one of the figures even if he had only seen her twice before.


It’s princess Sylph.


Judging by Sylph’s identity, the two other special students who walked like they are on equal terms with Princess Sylph would have to be…


One of the imperial faction of Silvaria World Institute, Forbidden Area’s Leader, the crown prince of Feia empire Caah Feia (TN: raw 卡亚?菲尔).


One of the imperial faction of Silvaria World Institute, Beast Tide’s leader, crown prince of Baruba empire, Jaafar Baruba (TN: raw 萨法?巴鲁).


Last but not least, the faction that the princess of Ailu empire belonged to, Sylph Ailu of Snow song.


The three factions standing at the apex among the 12 great factions. Finally, they have made their appearances.


The moment they stepped into this floor, all but Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros recognized them instantly. Since they knew the leaders, they are even more shocked than usual.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros didn’t recognize the figures at first glance but they knew who they were up against the moment the System gave them the information.


Sylph Ailu: Level 72


Caah Feia: Level 70


Jaafar Baruba: Level 70


3 tier 8 individuals, the strongest three students of Silvaria World Institute who also occupy the top 3 spots in the rankings.


Their presence along with Fei Fei, leader of Fatal Forest who is no.5 on the rankings, Bing Ling, leader of Sea of Thick Ice who is no.9 on the rankings, Vishi, leader of Crimson Land who is no.10 on the rankings, the various other leaders of the factions who occupied the spot of no.6,7 & 8 with the addition of Mikoto who had attained no.4 meant that all top 10rankers had gathered here.


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