Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 335: They messed with me, now they mess with my girls

“Uuu, why wasn’t it me…”


Hearing Lulu moan for the nth time, Wu Yan and Fei Fei exchanged looks as they didn’t know how to cheer her up.


Sylph basically owned that part of the auction. Having understood the pain of the red shirts, he wished that Red Shirts would have more human rights than this…


After Sylph started bidding, the rest of the student body can only sit and watch. Even the major factions can do nothing as they watched the shameless teachers trying to outbid Sylph only to fail miserably as she got what she wanted.


This result somewhat soothed the student body’s frustration. There had been one or two auctions where a Gold armament got put up for bidding. But, in all such instances, the teachers got the item.


In a sense, Sylph who managed to outbid the teachers and obtain the Gold armament appeared to be some form of consolation for the students who didn’t get the Gold armament.


As to what the final bid was, let’s just say Wu Yan blocked the memory so as to not shatter his fragile heart.


At least, this is the official story for those who aren’t aware that Wu Yan has Impeccable memory. this ability which had been integrated into Eternal Arms Mastery didn’t disappear, it’s still in his possession.


“Uuu, why wasn’t it me…”


Wu Yan got fed up with listening to Lulu moaning and sighing, he grabbed her cheeks and he pulled them hard, ignoring what Zeus and the other members of Fatal Forest might think.


“Put a sock in it! You’re stressing me out, you know that?”




Lulu moaned, in pain this time. She tried protesting but because her cheeks were deformed by Wu Yan’s mighty pull, her words were unintelligible. She flailed around with tears in the corner of her eyes. Her cuteness almost killed Wu Yan.


Fei Fei felt a bit of relief now that Lulu got punished by Wu Yan. But, in the end, she couldn’t endure it and she stopped Wu Yan.


“Okay okay, Yan, I believe Li Lu has learned her lesson. It’s time to forgive her…”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow, he looked at her deformed cheeks and he retorted silently.


How did you figure out that she repented? She couldn’t even speak properly.


Lulu recognized her savior when she sees one. She reached out towards Fei Fei with one hand like she’s silently screaming: “Help me, Sister Fei Fei, you’re my only hope.” Fei Fei obliged and she plead for mercy on her behalf.


While Wu Yan, Lulu, and Fei Fei were messing around, some members from Fatal Forest came forward and reported to Fei Fei.


“Master Fei Fei, something big happened…”


Wu Yan, Lulu, and Fei Fei promptly stopped. Fei Fei frowned while standing with arms akimbo.


“What is the problem?”


The member glanced at Wu Yan before continuing to report in a respectful tone.


“Sea of Thick Ice, Crimson Earth, and a bunch of other factions are heading towards the villa area. Their targets appear to be the other special students who had just entered the school!”




Wu Yan interrupted Fei Fei before she could say anything.


“New special students? The ones that were with me?”




The moment the reporting member replied in the affirmative. An aura hit the member like a truck. He started turning pale as his breath fell short.


A gargantuan and menacing aura started pouring forth from Wu Yan and it enveloped everyone. Wu Yan’s expression turned into one of cold malice. His deep red eyes seemed like it is a sea of blood, at least, that is what it felt like for the people affected by his presence. Other than Fei Fei, everyone here fell to their knees with heavy sweating among other symptoms.


Fei Fei helped Lulu stay up with an arm. She grabbed Wu Yan’s arm while trying to calm him down.


“Yan, don’t be so hasty in getting angry. All fights are to be done through proper applications. There won’t be any casualties, I am sure Hinagiku and the others are fine, the best thing to do right now is to remain composed!”


His cold eyes swept pass Fei Fei and he saw that Lulu is suffering under his killing intention. He relaxed his breathing and made his killing intention disappear.


Finally, blood returned to the faces of all the members of Fatal Forest as well as Lulu. Lulu herself seemed to be slightly traumatized by this sudden outburst. She pulled Wu Yan’s sleeve.


“Yan, you were so scary just now…”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed as he apologized.


“Sorry, Lulu, I…”


Lulu shook her head before he can finish. She smiled at him.


“Don’t apologize for nothing. I am quite pleasantly surprised you can get so worked up for those you care around you. If anything, I am happy to see you like this…”


Wu Yan flinched, he rubbed Lulu’s head, he hadn’t expect Lulu to be so understanding.


He turned around towards Fei Fei.


“Sister Fei Fei, I am going home to check on the situation!”


Fei Fei thought about the matter for a moment and she nodded. The reporting member stopped them.


“Don’t head towards the villa area, they are probably not there anymore. The last time I saw them, Miss Hinagiku, Miss Mikoto, and Miss Ikaros were heading towards the arena tower with the other major factions.”


“I see…”


Wu Yan released a sigh of relief. He looked he’s enjoying the suffering those bastards are about to go through. He could more or less guess how things turned out up to this point.


Those factions thought that he is a dead end so they thought it might work better if they asked the persons themselves. They probably thought that Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the others were all under his protection so they didn’t go directly to them.


Those poor fools didn’t know he isn’t the scariest of them all. Sylph had just acknowledged Mikoto’s strength the other day and here they go, challenging her like a bunch of stupid wankers. He isn’t sure whether they are truly this stupid or they are just faking it.


Not that he cared, those fools are about to enter a whole new world of hurt.


Fei Fei and Lulu knew about the strengths of the girls so they also sighed in relief when they heard that the girls are heading towards the arena tower. The two girls exchanged looks.


They knew Hinagiku and Mikoto even if they didn’t spend a long time together. Naturally, they knew about Mikoto’s tendency to pick a fight.


The major factions are going to get their sorry derrière torn from west to east.


Wu Yan turned his attention towards the reporting member.


“What of Flan? Is she going with the other girls?”


“Miss Flan wasn’t present. She had been playing with Miss Lirin in the headquarters for the whole day now…”


He can’t help but notice the reporting member had a sour expression when recalling the location of Flan. He laughed out loud at the implication.


Looks like Flan and Lirin were causing quite the trouble up in the headquarters.


This worked out better for him, if Flan had followed them, she might want to “play” and with her power sealed, it won’t end well for her.


As shameless as those bastards are, they probably wouldn’t fight with a kid right? Plus, Flandre-chan can’t even go up to floor 5.


Fei Fei asked Wu Yan in an amused tone.


“Wanna go check it out?”


“You bet!”


Wu Yan laughed. He had his poker face on so the crowd isn’t aware of his true emotions.

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