Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 334: A special show thrown by the princess herself! Dumping piles and piles of credits

Gold armament, Wu Yan is familiar with equipment of this tier. He had one his storage ring. Moreover, Ikaros and Flandre-chan also had Gold armaments.


His Meteor Storm, Ikaros’ Uranus System, Flandre-chan’s Laevateinn, these are all Rank B equips or otherwise known as Gold armament in this world. For him, Gold armament isn’t enough to get him all shocked and mesmerized. He is already in possession of one so what’s the big deal?


In reality, other people aren’t as cool as him.


The moment the auctioneer said “Gold armament”, the crowd started drooling. The rich kids and the members of the major factions aren’t excused from this effect. They all looked at the box with passionate eyes. This is what Gold armaments meant to them.


Rare armaments are as rare as their name implies but in Silvaria World Institute, Rare armaments aren’t that much in demand. At the very least, tier 7 special students aren’t interested in them.


However, that cannot be said of Gold armaments.


According to Silvaria’s unspoken rule, Gold armament belonged to tier 9 individuals.


A piece of equipment that fits tier 9 individuals did not faze Wu Yan despite its effects on the rest of the student body.


Wu Yan is relatively calm compared to the rest of the student body. But, judging by the look in his deep red eyes, he’s also intrigued by the article.


He’s wondering just kind of equipment is on stage, this equipment that is on par with Meteor Storm, Uranus System & Laevateinn. In a way, the Gold armament attracted Wu Yan’s attention, although to a much lesser extent compared to other people.


He used Meteor Storm to suppress Aleister, Aiwass & the manifestation of Gabriel. He also used it to one-hit-kill Kakine Teitoku. Meanwhile, Ikaros used Uranus System to outright murder 3 individuals around her level.


Such is the difference between Gold armament and Rare armament, it is only a tier in difference but the difference in power is like that of heaven and earth.


The equipment’s strength is enough for him to take an interest. Also, he’s here for pieces of equipment, isn’t he?


His excitement slowly cooled down as it turned into mild depression. This was brought on by the cruel 0 in his identity card.


Wu Yan sighed, this Gold armament is not fated to be with him. His role this time is to beat soy-sauce, in other words, a spectator.


It’s not like he’s in a shortage of Gold armaments, his main issue would be to find the required amount of points, if he had all the points in the world, nothing in this world can stop him.


Wu Yan accepted the fact of the matter and he crossed his arms while watching the show in amusement.


Figures started appearing in the auction hall, these figures weren’t here and it would seem they are here exclusively for the Gold armament.


Their auras gave away their identities, these people are as strong, if not stronger than Princess Sylph.


Tier 8 individuals!


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes while rubbing his chin. If Princess Sylph is the strongest student in Silvaria World Institute, these figures who are as strong or stronger should be the teachers in this academy.


Gold armament truly had its own charm. Even the teachers are making an appearance exclusively for it. This is going to be an entertaining show.


Unknown to him, Wu Yan is the most intriguing person in the audience.


Fei Fei had been observing Wu Yan, from his excited expression to his dejected appearance when he confirmed he had 0 credits left and finally the look of amusement he is currently displaying.


Fei Fei felt surprised that Wu Yan had a devil-may-care attitude. She is very familiar with how people can get crazy over Gold armament. After all, It’s something only a tier 9 would be swinging around.


And yet, Wu Yan is treating the Gold armament like it’s just another Rare armament, maybe even a Mainstream Armament.


Of course, Fei Fei didn’t know Wu Yan merely accepted the cruel fate that the Gold armament isn’t fated to come into his possession thus the reason for his carefree look.


Fei Fei also noticed the new guests who had appeared in the auction hall. She raised an eyebrow and examined the figures with her beautiful eyes. She identified them.


“So the teachers are here as well huh?”


Wu Yan turned around and he looked at Night Elf before he teased Fei Fei.


“Sister Fei Fei, are you going for the armament as well?”


Fei Fei laughed while displaying her Night Elf.


“I only need this and nothing else!”


Fei Fei glanced at somewhere else.


“Also, there are other individuals after the Gold armament…”


Wu Yan turned around and looked at where Fei Fei is looking. He immediately had a 囧 look.


My precious I want it… I want it so bad…”


Lulu chanted like a mad woman. She clasped her hands together with starry eyes, it’s like she’s one of those crazy fangirls chasing their idols.


The reason being that the Gold armament appears to be a staff for magicians.


When the staff appeared, all the warriors were disappointed. Meanwhile, the magicians started clenching their ID cards harder.


And so, a bid war begun.












The auction hall had a moment of silence when the bids hit 700,000. After that pause, it resumed with the exception that bid increments are done in less than 100,000 credits.


When the bids hit 750,000 credits, Wu Yan’s lip started twitching. That’s not the end of it, when Lulu shouted out a bid of 800,000, Wu Yan can’t stop jolting his brows.


So many rich people…


A crisp, clear, and cold voice interrupted his thinking process.



The voice sounded very good on the ears but everyone is still surprised for it is a voice they would never forget once they have heard of it.


It belonged to Sylph.


Sylph stood not far from the entrance like a princess, no, like a queen. It’s like the whole world focused its attention, her entrance was nothing less than a dynamic one.


The student body silenced themselves upon the arrival of Sylph. It would seem most of them are awed by her advent. She’s not called the strongest student for nothing.


Of course, this effect is only limited to the students.




One of the figures who had joined in the bidding halfway decided to put in a bid.


Sylph glanced at the figure and she responded in kind.





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