Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 333: The appearance of a gold armament

As time went by, there is an evident increase in the hype of the auction. Articles after articles, bid after bid, the quality of the goods went higher and higher. At this point in time, there are no longer any mainstream armaments for bidding. Precious articles started appearing on stage.


Most of the participants of the biddings are normal and elite students. Their abilities are on par with the quality of goods. Now that the good articles are going up for bidding, these normal and elite students can only sit and watch, unless they are from rich families or have the backing of strong factions.


Rare armaments also started making their appearances along with other rare materials. Wu Yan also opened his eyes wide.


If the mainstream armaments are to be sold for points, these rare armaments warrant enough attention for Wu Yan to use them to fill Gate of Babylon.


Anyone who is familiar with the Fate series would no doubt be familiar with just how strong Gate of Babylon can be. It’s appearance is often linked with Gilgamesh.


If not for Gate of Babylon, Gold-glitter (TL note: Kinpika would only be just another second-rate servant in the heroic spirit system. At most, he could swing around his EA but that would be it.


He also had a large arsenal of Noble Phantasms in his Gate that allowed him to be so overbearing in all his fights. If his Gate is empty, it would only serve as a limitless space to put items in, completely marring the image of this badass Noble Phantasm.


For Wu Yan, this is the issue for him.


Gate of Babylon: Special equipment, a sword in the form of a key that connects to the golden capital, effectively connecting reality to the vault where items can be stored or retrieved. Alternatively, stored equipment can be shot out of the vault like bullets. The stronger the equipment and the more the equipment stored, the more Gate of Babylon increases in power. (Note to user: This equipment starts at Rank D and peaks at rank A)

Equipment Points: 500,000


The details of the equipment pretty much spelled it out if he wanted to increase the strength of Gate of Babylon, he is going to need a lot of equipment, good ones to boot.


Without enough equipment, his Gate of Babylon will stay as just another rank D equipment.


Wu Yan hesitated when he was choosing equipment, he had to be sure he really wanted it. Gate of Babylon would cost him a lot of points and he would need to worry about where to get the armaments and equipment to store in Gate of Babylon.


If he gave up halfway through, this special equipment would be wasted.


But, the moment Wu Yan saw the points Rank A equipment required, those nasty repetitions of zero behind the cost of equipment prompted Wu Yan to choose Gate of Babylon.


Wu Yan figured it would be easier getting the armaments to fill Gate of Babylon than to earn so many points just to get a Rank A item.


At the moment, to get Gate of Babylon up to the same level as it is in Fate would require a long cumulation time as well as funds.


Oh, he is going to need so much dough…


His deep red eyes stayed fixed on the Rare armament on stage. He heard the auctioneer calling out for bids at 45,000 going twice and his lip twitched before he put up a bid for 50,000 credits. In the end, he got that equipment.


However, he watched his 280,000 credits go down to 130,000 in less than half an hour. Wu Yan silently sighed. He thought he’s a nouveau riche for a moment there, it only took him about half an hour to know that this amount of credits aren’t enough to get him where he needs to be.


Wu Yan “accidentally” glanced over and saw Fei Fei had 1,000,000 credits. His heart jumped and he fell into dejection.


Wu Yan had a ton of credits relative to other normal and elite students. He blew through 150,000 credits like it’s nothing. This made him look very much like a nouveau riche in the other students’ eyes.


For one thing, Lulu and Fei Fei were closely affiliated with a major faction so it’s only expected that he can’t compete in terms of wealth. Next, even if he did have more credits than them, at the rate he is spending them, it’s only a matter of time until he blows it all…


Luckily for him, Rare armaments are relatively in low demand from the truly rich due to the abundance of armaments being supplied from all over Silvaria. If that’s not the case, he would have needed to spend a whole lot more than this to get that one piece of Rare armament.


Inside Silvaria World Institute, there are about 1000 special students and of them, only about 100 are special students by potential. The rest all had strength befitting their status as special students, each of them had the strength of tier 7 or higher.


Special students at tier 7 strength usually have their own Rare armament already. If the same equipment is sold outside of Silvaria World Institute, it would probably fetch a sky-high price.


It’s a weird market in Silvaria World Institute, the expensive stuff flows cheaply while the cheap and mundane becomes expensive. For the exceptional articles? Those would go on to create price records of their own.


Such an event would occur today.


When Wu Yan used up the last of his 130,000 credits for two Rare armaments, the workers stopped carrying items up.


Instead, another white-haired old guy walked out from behind the partition with a box in tow.


Lulu and Fei Fei’s eyes suddenly brightened up. They stared at the box with consternation, they sat straight up in anticipation. It would seem the object in the box is an object of interest for many as well.


According to Wu Yan’s senses, almost everyone in the audience tensed up at the sight of the box.


Included in this audience are the major factions who stood on par with Fei Fei, and Lulu.


The mood turned heavy and still like a storm is brewing at the moment. A lot of people got excited and they all had ecstatic expressions. Some of them even had eyes of avarice.


Wu Yan frowned at this sight. He frowned even harder when he saw that Fei Fei and Lulu had the same look.


Wu Yan couldn’t hold back his curiosity.


“Sister Fei Fei, Lulu what is up with you girls?”


Wu Yan looked at the box with intrigue.


“Is there something up with that box?”


Wu Yan’s question drew a laughter from Fei Fei, she continued in a serious tone.


“There’s nothing wrong with the box, it’s the thing inside the box we are all interested in!”


“The contents?”




Fei Fei nodded. She exchanged looks with Lulu and she glanced at everyone in the auction hall, she stared at the special seats for the rankers before she continued.


“The contents of the box should be the featured item for this auction, it is the reason we are here today!”


Wu Yan focused his eyes on the box and his pupils shrunk.


“That’s a Gold armament!”

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