Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 331: School auction


The auction in Silvaria World Institute is in session only once a week. However, an impressive array of articles are put up for bidding every time there is one. Rare armaments, magic and battle skills for warriors or mages at tier 7, herbs that help with cultivation, and etc…


Because of the sheer scale of Silvaria World Institute, there are bound to be unique resources transported from all over the world put up for bidding. In a way, the auction in Silvaria World Institute is the largest in the world in terms of variety and rarity of articles being put up for bidding.


This is understandable given that if the auction isn’t impressive, the rich kids from the various factions probably won’t be interested.


Thus, once a week, on the day of the auction, the arena tower, commercial areas, and free trade zones would experience a decrease in traffic as the students would be congregating at the auction house.


On his way there, Wu Yan felt like the crowd is getting bigger and bigger.


According to the map, Wu Yan had arrived at the auction house so he looked around and he was stunned by what he saw. The auction house is gigantic.


He estimates that the auction house is at least 10 times bigger than the one back in supply town. It’s so large it’s almost unfathomable. If he calmed down and thought about it, it’s natural that the auction house is of this size. Silvaria World Institute has a student body of about 10 million.


The vast majority of the students are of modest background so they don’t have sufficient credits to participate. But, those that belonged to one of the 9 big factions experienced no such difficulty.


When he is still examining the auction house, the other students noticed him and they started gasping and pointing fingers.


“Look! It’s the newbie!”


“Well, look at the balls on you. That guy is now the ranker no.25, this ‘newbie’ you are calling out is someone who fought the leader of Sea of Thick Ice to a standstill!”


“Yeah, if the fight continued, that guy would have won…”


“That guy is definitely someone who can one of the top 10 rankers…”


“I wonder which lucky faction he is going to join?”


“Hell yeah, whichever faction it is, getting a top 10 ranker in their faction is definitely a cause for celebration…”


As the students fervently discussed, their sound grew louder and louder until Wu Yan heard them.


The noise caused Wu Yan to raise an eyebrow. He felt helpless when he heard about the content of the discussion.


Oh great, just what I need, fame…


But, they should really tone it down a notch…


He looked at the auction house that is still a bit of a distance away and he moved towards it with such velocity that to the average viewer, his figure blurred and disappeared.


Wu Yan turned into afterimages as he zipped through the dense crowd using all kind of postures and stances. He made it through the crowd and he arrived at the main entrance of the auction house. He found another use for Eternal Arms Mastery but this isn’t a very dignified way of using the skill, he conceded.


Just when he is about to enter the auction house, a familiar voice rang.


“Yan, you came!”


Lulu squirmed out of the crowd, she is smiling so wide her eyes narrowed into the shape of crescent moons.


Fei Fei accompanied Lulu with a bunch of other Fatal Forest members. She raised Night Elf to wave at Wu Yan.


Wu Yan laughed as he greeted the two girls. He glanced at the bodyguards behind them as he teased them.


“Oh boy, as expected of people of stature, this crowd…”


Lulu rolled her eyes at him and she smacked him before pouting like a little girl. On the other hand, Fei Fei shook her head and joked.


“If you would like it, I can arrange for a similar treatment for you…”


“Nope, no need for that!”


Wu Yan declined her offer.


“If I did something like that, the bodyguards behind you would tear me to shreds!”


Fei Fei retorted.


“Tear you to shreds? I don’t reckon they have the skills for that, who can do something like that to the no.25 ranker and the one who fought against Bing Ling on even grounds?”


Wu Yan laughed heartily. Lulu seemed to be tossing around some ideas of her own while kicking the pebbles on the ground. She pulled his sleeve with a dissatisfied look. She put on a superficial puppy look by wiping away the invisible tears at the corner of her eyes.


“You, I hate you. The first time we met, you were just a weak brute. Look how strong you’ve grown. Confess, did you eat some kind of medicine that turned you into a superhuman?!”


Wu Yan started sweating at Lulu’s words. Meanwhile, Fei Fei tried hiding her smile with her hand. The trio looked like best friends who are happily chatting with each other.


Wu Yan’s happy, Fei Fei and Lulu are happy but someone isn’t. Rather, a lot of people aren’t and they are the other members of Fatal Forest.


The female members are indifferent to this, only those male members who had a massive crush on the two girls felt a corresponding amount of jealousy, how they wish they can enter into that kind of familiarity with the two girls. They all had very sour expressions.


Fei Fei and Lulu had looks and good background, of course, many of the male members would adore them. They are like goddesses for these male members.


How can they not feel sour when their goddesses are getting it on with another male?


Most of them are jealous for sure but at least they aren’t obviously plastering it on their face like a certain someone who stared at Wu Yan with furious eyes.


Who else but Zeus?


The disgusting commoner whooped his ass, earned Fei Fei and Lulu’s affection and now he became the talk of Silvaria World Institute. Zeus is so mad he wanted to murder him.


Well, it didn’t matter how much he hated the guy, he could struggle for his whole life and still, he wouldn’t make it into Wu Yan’s radar.


While Wu Yan, Lulu, and Fei Fei were chatting, the crowd parted way to make a path and they noticed it as well.


Everyone looked as Bing Ling, Bing Mian and the other Sea of Thick Ice members arrived at the auction house.


Bing Ling & Bing Mian noticed Wu Yan, Fei Fei, and Lulu. Bing Ling gave them a nod, a cursory greeting before he entered the auction house. His relationship with Wu Yan is bad, to say the least.


Bing Mian’s attitude is even worse. his eyes still had the same dark and malevolent look it did before.


Wu Yan slapped his face, dethroned him from his rank, caused him a lot of hassle just go climb back on the rankings. Of course, he is not a happy camper.


By the way, his current rank is no.28.


He leered at Wu Yan and he clicked his tongue before he entered the auction house. If one examined closer, one would find that Bing Mian had a pale expression and his footsteps sounded skittish.


Lulu stuck her tongue out at Bing Mian.


“That jerk, still detestable as always…”


Fei Fei nodded.


“Bing Mian is a close-minded person. You humiliated him in the arena that day, I wonder if he is going to try and take any underhanded means against you…”


Wu Yan laughed it off, his deep red eyes turned golden for a brief moment before it returned to its normal color.

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