Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 330: A special type of equipment? Growth type

Early morning, a light sound came from one of the rooms in the villa before the door opened. Wu Yan came out of the room as he slowly made his way downstairs.


As he walked, he stretched while yawning. He yawned so hard tears appeared at the corners of his eyes. Evidently, he didn’t want to wake up so early.


As an otaku, no, an ex-otaku, sleeping in is a habit he didn’t want to abandon. It’s practically a miracle for him to wake up this early.


After making his way downstairs, he went into the dining hall of the villa. Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros sat at the table as they enjoyed their breakfast. At the same time, Flandre-chan also sat quietly at the table as she did away with the cake on her plate. She seemed to be enjoying the cake judging by the butter around her mouth.




Flandre-chan noticed Wu Yan first. She unveiled a wide smile and she hurriedly got down from the chair before leaping at Wu Yan with a joyful yell.


He can’t help but respond to Flandre-chan who jumped towards with him reckless abandon. As a result, he managed to catch Flandre-chan with his arms.


Flandre-chan giggled and she tried rubbing her face all over Wu Yan’s chest. The very same face that had butter and cream smeared all over the mouth area.


Wu Yan held her face back with a palm to avoid her butter attack. Seeing as the Flandre-chan isn’t amused, he smiled and continued.


“Hey, Flandre-chan, why are you trying to rub your oily mouth all over my chest, that’s not very nice…”


Flandre-chan touched the corners of her mouth and she bashfully laughed. Wu Yan laughed with her and he pinched her cute little nose before he wiped her mouth clean.


After tidying up Flandre-chan, Wu Yan looked at Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros. His face quickly became that of the character 囧. Hinagiku and Mikoto stared at him like they are staring at a ghost. Even Ikaros seemed a bit astonished.


“Why are you girls looking at me like that?”


Wu Yan snapped at them.


Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks before they yelled at him.


“You must have taken the wrong medicine!”


Wu Yan almost choked on his own saliva. He yelled back at them.


“Why are you girls so sure?”


The two girls rolled their eyes at him. Hinagiku stood up and she came to Wu Yan’s side. She examined Wu Yan while walking circles around him. Her lustrous pink hair danced around Wu Yan and a familiar sweet scent entered his nose. But, Wu Yan’s not in the mood.


“Why are you awake this early in the morning? Normally, you would be sleeping like a log until noon.”


Wu Yan’s lips twitched as he replied with an awkward laugh.


“Isn’t that an exaggeration? Have I not woken up early before?”


Hinagiku stopped and she stared into Wu Yan’s deep red eyes with those jewels for eyes that she had. She didn’t even need to say anything to convey her thoughts.


Under her intense scrutiny, Wu Yan admitted defeat pretty easily. If not for the fact that Flandre is still in his arms, he would have lifted both hands in submission.


“Fine, I have something to do today…”


“I knew it…”


Hinagiku said before returning to Mikoto’s side. She resumed her breakfast.


Mikoto had one leg over the top of the knee of her other leg, this posture that would ruin anyone’s image did nothing to mire her charms.


Mikoto asked Wu Yan in a curious tone.


“Yan, what is this something you have to do that you would sacrifice your own sleeping time?”


Wu Yan sat down at the table with Flandre-chan still in his arm. Ikaros served him his breakfast. Wu Yan smiled in kind.


As if rewarding her, he rubbed her head, causing Ikaros to subconsciously narrow her eyes in pleasure. By looking at her emerald green eyes, one can deduce that she is very happy with Wu Yan’s reward.


After that, he started eating breakfast while splitting some of it with Flandre-chan, the cute creature herself seemed to enjoy being fed by Wu Yan. He turned his attention towards Hinagiku and Mikoto.


“I heard sister Fei Fei saying something about an auction that occurs once a week, apparently, it’s today so I am thinking of checking it out…”




Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks. They were very turned off by the idea to say the least.


When they heard the words “auction” coming out of Wu Yan’s mouth, the two girls immediately recalled the auction they joined right after the exiting [Hayate the combat butler’s] world.


They didn’t forget how much hassle it was for them the last time they joined an auction. The two girls immediately opted to stay in.


Meanwhile, Flandre-chan’s eyes immediately beamed up upon hearing Wu Yan. She got so excited one could almost see “take me with you” written across her face…


“Onii-chan, is the auction fun?…”


Flandre-chan tugged at Wu Yan’s sleeve. Her eager expression coupled with her delicate countenance made a very cute combo.


Resisting the urge to squish her face, Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“Flandre-chan, the auction isn’t a place for fun…”


“What is the place for then?…”


“Well, you bid for stuff in it!”


Flandre-chan lost her excitement when Wu Yan said it isn’t a toy. She continued in a dejected tone.


“Then, Flan wants to stay home and play…”


“Stay home and play?…”


Wu Yan looked at Flandre-chan with a confused look.


“Is there anything fun to do around the house?”


Flandre-chan beamed widely as she nodded.


“Nn! Lirin-chan is coming over to play with Flan!”


“I see…”


Wu Yan rubbed Flandre-chan’s head before he turned towards Mikoto and Hinagiku.


“And, what about you girls? Wanna come with?”


The two girls turned him down vigorously.


“We respectfully decline!”


Wu Yan felt like he’s not too sure to laugh or cry at their response. Did they really need to be so concise?


Hinagiku and Mikoto noticed their attitude and they laughed in an awkward manner. Mikoto hurriedly changed the conversation topic.


“Yan, are you going to the auction to put up some items for bidding?”


Wu Yan shook his head.


“Nope, quite the contrary, I am heading there to try and bid on some items…”


Hinagiku felt surprised.


“You of all people would actually take interest in the items of this world? I thought you’re only interested in the items the System has to offer?…”


Wu Yan shrugged.


“Well, I’ve gotta say, you nailed it. I have my sights on a piece of equipment but I don’t have sufficient points to but it at the moment. My objective this time is to score some equipment from the auction and sell it to the System to raise points. Also, I can increase the potency of my equipment by doing so!”


“Increase potency?”


His words puzzled the two girls. Looking at their expressions of bewilderment, he smiled but he didn’t answer. Instead, he scrolled through the menu to show them the equipment.


Gate of Babylon: Special equipment, a sword in the form of a key that connects to the golden capital, effectively connecting reality to the vault where items can be stored or retrieved. Alternatively, stored equipment can be shot out of the vault like bullets. The stronger the equipment and the more the equipment stored, the more Gate of Babylon increases in power. (Note to user: This equipment starts at Rank D and peaks at rank A)

Equipment Points: 500,000


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