Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 329: Lirin the loli! The real culprit?

A rowdy day in Silvaria World Institute ended just like this.


Students came pouring out of the exit of the arena tower. The day is turning dark and the students went about their business while discussing the events that transpired in the tower.


Ignoring the other interesting events, just the recount of how Wu Yan beat any and all challenger from all the different factions, beating the second-in-command of Sea of Thick Ice, going so far as to give the leader of Sea of Thick Ice a hard time…


The events climaxed around the point where Princess Sylph, the strongest student intervened.


At the center of this event is the fight between the various factions to get the new special students. This event ended with none of the factions getting their way.


Some of the more astute students thought differently. From their observations, the special students are highly likely to join Fatal Forest.


They seemed too familiar with each other…


Lastly, the results would seem to point in the direction of being unsolved as to which faction the newbies would join. However, for Wu Yan, today is a big haul for him.


He got his hands on a ton of points, and he got 300,000 credits out of the fights.


This amount of credits is about the same in terms of attractiveness of the quest rewards.


On the way back home, he had a wide smile on his face, today had been a productive day for him. He is very satisfied that he got a lot of rewards for a day’s work.


When Wu Yan pushed open the doors to his villa, he stopped smiling. He’s shocked by what he heard.


“Big brother!”


He’s not surprised someone called him big brother, Flandre-chan had been calling him Onii-chan all this while, no, it’s because there is another voice other than Flandre-chan.


Yes, two voices. One of them belonged to Flandre-chan while the other belonged to someone he had not seen for quite a while now.


She had a special student uniform on, that silky blonde hair and petite figure gave away her identity.






Hinagiku and Mikoto shrieked in joy. They had not seen Lirin for ages. Now that she’s in the villa playing with Flandre-chan, how can the two girls stop themselves from getting giddy?


“Big Sister Hinagiku! Big Sister Mikoto!”


Lirin cheered out loud as she jumped into Hinagiku’s embrace. She kept rubbing her face on Hinagiku’s modest chest. It would seem she had been missing Wu Yan & co as well.


Hinagiku caressed her silky blonde hair while giggling.


“Good to see you in high spirits…”


Lirin nodded her little head while beaming at everyone, everyone took this as a sign that she’s been living well and they smiled back.


Wu Yan felt a bit astonished after seeing the uniform she had. He laughed heartily before he continued.


“Little girl, looks like you’re a special student as well, your potential is strong I am sure Uncle Gray will be overjoyed to hear that you have such great potential!”


Lirin puffed out her chest with pride.


“Of course! Lirin is awesome. Big sister Fei Fei and Lulu also complimented Lirin!”


Mikoto laughed before she popped a question.


“By the way, Lirin, where are you staying right now? Are you living by yourself?”


Hinagiku also looked at Lirin. Special students get a villa of their own since she’s a special student she should have one. But, Wu Yan & co doubted that’s the case. Lirin is not at the age where she would be independent, this isn’t Academy City…


As expected, she shook her head as she answered.


“I am living with Big sister Fei Fei and Lulu. I also joined their Fatal Forest faction, ya know~”


“I see…”


Wu Yan and the others responded.


Little ol’ Lirin turned around and she peeked behind Wu Yan, Mikoto, and Hinagiku. It would seem like she’s looking for something.


“Eh? Where is Big sis Sylph? Did she not return with you guys?…”


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto flinched subconsciously when Lirin said “Big sis Sylph”.


“Big sis sylph?”


Wu Yan looked at her with a surprised expression.


“Little girl, did you just say big sis sylph?”




Lirin nodded her head. Something came to her and she tilted her head in befuddlement.


“Big brother is unacquainted with Big sis Sylph? Did she not go and look for you guys?”


“Looking for us?…”


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto looked at each other. Wu Yan approached Lirin and he asked her.


“You said something about her looking for us right? Did you really ask Princess Sylph to look for us?”


Lirin nodded with a wide smile.


“Oh jeez, you guys already know about Princess Sylph. So big sis Sylph did go and find you guys, that’s great!”


“Great? No, it’s not!”


Wu Yan isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, he finally knows why Princess Sylph, the strongest student went out of her way to stop the duel between him and Bing Ling.


Lirin’s the real culprit who stopped the duel.


Wu Yan felt helpless as he continued.


“Little lassie, why did you ask Princess Sylph to search for us?…”


Lirin stayed stunned for a second before she said something that almost caused them to cough up their lunch.


“Eh? Wasn’t big brother about to get bullied very hard?”


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.


“And who told you that?!”


Lirin flinched while raising her arm.


“Everyone… everyone said that…”




“Everyone in Fatal Forest…”


Lirin raised her head from Hinagiku’s chest as she put a finger to her temple trying to recall something.


“Everyone in Fatal Forest said that Big brother is going to fight with a lot of people and they are going to teach you a lesson. That’s why I asked Big sis Sylph to help bring you guys back…”


Wu Yan raised his head and he looked at the ceiling with a slightly sad expression.


God damn it, Fatal Forest…


The people in Fatal Forest probably thought Wu Yan challenging all the factions is nothing but a fool’s errand. In other words, they didn’t think highly of Wu Yan as well.


Their discussions must have somehow made it to Lirin’s attention. She probably interpreted that as Wu Yan about to get his butt beat.


Wu Yan is convinced that this is the most likely scenario. He went through a series of complex emotions before he dejectedly accepted the events.


So many students were dangling their delicious credits in front of him, he took them for granted and now that they are gone, it was his ally who spoiled the opportunity for him.


He pursued his lips and he sighed. He asked Lirin in a slightly weak tone.


“Well, little girl, how did you meet Princess Sylph in the first place?…”


Princess Sylph is the strongest student in Silvaria World Institute, she had the rank of no.1. Furthermore, she’s also the princess of Ailu empire, surely with this background and power, she would be the leader of Ailu empire’s faction.


How did Lirin get familiar with someone of her stature, what motivated her to accept Lirin’s request?…


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at Lirin with the same intrigue as Wu Yan. As everyone’s attention turned towards her, Lirin blushed and she mumbled.


“I-I got lost… in the academy… and I accidentally walked into Big sis Sylph’s villa…That’s how I got to know Big sis Sylph…”


Wu Yan and the other girls fell to the floor, they weren’t sure whether to laugh out loud or weep.


As expected, lolis are op existences…


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