Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 328: Issuing the challenge again, delaying the inevitable duel...

A spectacular fight ended just like that. The second intruder had decided that this duel is over. The spectating students can’t help but feel a bit disappointed.


If the intruder is anyone other than Princess Sylph, the students wouldn’t stop at just being disappointed, they would chug a lot of bottles at the intruder.


Wu Yan had just met a foe who can actually put up a fight and the foe is a top 10 ranker. If he beat the foe, he would have got a lot of points. Now that the duel is ended by a third party, he couldn’t get the points.


If the intruder isn’t a cute girl, he would have…



insert Wu Yan char screen



When he saw all the points in his status screen, his frustration somewhat diminished. He would just have to endure it until that event mentioned by the princess.


He lifted his head and he questioned her.


“Your royal highness, why o why did you stop my duel?…”


Sylph, with her back facing Wu Yan, stayed silent. Wu Yan thought she is organizing her thought but she just walked casually down the arena.


Wu Yan’s eyebrow jolted. Triggered by the rude princess, he had the urge to run over there, bend her over his knees and go to town on her perky butt.


Heaving, he relaxed by chanting to himself, don’t bicker with a woman, don’t bicker with a woman. He got down from the arena and he witnessed the scene where Mikoto and Sylph brushed shoulders. The two girls instantly stopped in their track.


Everyone got curious looking at their weird behavior. Questions marks started sprouting.


Sylph opened her mouth.


“You, you’re strong!”


Everyone gasped after hearing what she said. They became riled up again. Even if they had low IQ, they still understood that Princess Sylph had acknowledged the strength of this special student who came along with Wu Yan.


Their attitudes changed, they started respecting Mikoto more, they feared her more, and they admired her even more.


The change in attitude came as a slight surprise to Wu Yan. He looked at Sylph with suspicion. Does this princess have some kind of dark history behind her?…


Mikoto didn’t seem shocked that Sylph sensed her power. She cracked her neck before calling out to her in a provocative tone.


“You look very strong as well. Say, do you want to duel with me?”


Her words detonated like a bomb among the students in Floor 5.


Will there be a fight even more spectacular than the one before?…


Sylph shook her head and she headed towards the magic formation, leaving only one sentence for the crowd.


“The time will come…”


Everyone had different expressions but one thing is for sure, Mikoto is now the center of attention.




A bit disgruntled and disappointed, Mikoto curled her lips while crossing her arms. She said something that Wu Yan and Hinagiku can’t help but smile awkwardly upon hearing it.


“It’s just one fight, it wouldn’t kill you…”


Hinagiku rolled her eyes at Mikoto. She used a serious expression as she appraised the princess’ strength.


“But, Princess Sylph seemed like she’s very strong!”


Fei Fei laughed out loud.


“Of course she’s strong! She’s number 1 on the rankings!”


“Number 1!”


Hinagiku and Mikoto gasped, even Wu Yan looked like he’s astonished.


“No.1, that is to say…”




Fei Fei nodded with a serious face. She looked at the princess’ receding figure before she continued.


“Princess Sylph is the strongest student in Silvaria World Institute!”


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto lowered their head. Then, they turned their attention toward Sylph, they looked at her until she disappeared through the teleportation circle.


“The strongest huh?”


Mikoto mumbled as electricity crackled around her. Judging from the smile and the look in her eyes, she is excited.


Wu Yan looked at Mikoto and he recalled the princess’ image, a grin started appearing on his face.


“This is getting interesting…”


Wu Yan and Mikoto’s expression drew a facepalm from Hinagiku. Fei Fei also empathized with Hinagiku.


“These two problematic children…”


Bing Ling, accompanied by Bing Mian and his entourage of Sea of Thick Ice members. The other 7 factions also came forth.


Fei Fei frowned but Wu Yan stopped her before she can say anything.


Wu Yan stared down at Bing Ling. Bing Ling spoke first.


“Since Princess Sylph took the trouble of stopping the fight, I won’t take action again. We will resume our duel when the event begins!”


Wu Yan shrugged. He looked at the other factions. It seems a beauty like the princess is enough to stop these people from getting up in his ass.


Bing Ling continued.


“Granted, the duel is one thing, I still need to ask you whether you want to join our Sea of Thick Ice?”




Bing Mian yelled out but Bing Ling glared at him until he silenced himself.


The other factions started panicking, they had seen all too well what he can do. With his power, he can easily rank among the top 10.


Who wouldn’t want such personnel in their faction? The other factions climbed over each other to offer their terms and invitation. Naturally, Wu Yan cut them short.


Wu Yan glanced at the faction leaders and he smiled.


“My words are still in effect, beat me in a duel and I will join!”


The leaders knew Wu Yan wouldn’t be swayed by words. The other special students following Wu Yan probably wouldn’t join them as well.


And so, the faction leaders decided it would be best not to speak their minds. At this point, Wu Yan is more than just a newcomer. He is someone who had authority and power to speak on the same level with them. They didn’t have the guts to ignore what he said.


They gave each other the due formalities and they all made their exit except Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Fei Fei, and Fatal Forest…


Wu Yan looked at Fei Fei.


“Sister Fei Fei, what is this event everyone is speaking of?”


Fei Fei explained.


“To put it short, the school hosts 3 events a year to encourage advancement among its student. Joining said events and reaching specific standards would allow a student to get his or her hands on credits or treasures!”


“This year, there is one upcoming event known as the School Tournament!”


“School tournament…”


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto exchanged looks before they all smiled.


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