Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 327: Wait, the school actually has some events?...

The arena that got shaded in blue colors from Bing Ling’s ice dou qi returned to its usual state when the new intruder appeared between the two sparring foes. The ice dou qi dominating the arena seemed to have met a foe greater than itself as they quickly disappeared.


The oppressive feeling also disappeared, its effect diminished so significantly Wu Yan can barely feel it.


Wu Yan felt shocked. The mere presence of the intruder managed to beat back the oppressive aura.


The figure’s appearance brought with it an even more impressive world of snow and ice.


The figure wore a special student uniform with a white coat. She had a crystalline headband littered with gold glitter, bolstering the look of her icy blue hair. She looked like she’s wearing a crown of ice, she looked very dignified and elegant.


Her countenance could be best described as being sculpted by the gods. Her face coupled with her porcelain white skin, and icy blue hair made her look like she totally belonged to the icy world she brought with her.


If he had to pick one flaw out of all this perfection it would be the fact that this exquisite face didn’t look like it had adorned a smile for years.


Heck, she probably never experienced any intention emotions. Her cold expression is as expressionless and frosty as ice can get.


Beautiful yet frigid.


The beauty’s appearance stunned everyone including the spectators & the other girls.


Wu Yan also became shocked.


Wu Yan is stunned for a different reason. He’s not as shocked by her appearance than he is with the information System showed him.


Sylph Ailu: Level 72 (希莉芙, open to suggestion)


Level 72, a tier 8 individual!


His pupil contracted as he stood there, impressed by her strength.


He can’t help it…


This girl’s identity could be more or less gleaned from her uniform. But, more than anything, she’s a girl who achieved the strength of a tier 8 before she attained the age of 25.


A tier 8 individual who is younger than 25 years old!


He slowly exhaled. This girl who looked splendid like an icy mountain made Wu Yan bitterly smile.


Geniuses do exist, in fact, one is standing in front of him right now. He had underestimated Silvaria. He had assumed that he stood at the peak within his age group. Who would have thought the phrase, there is another heaven above this heaven, there is always another person above this person would actually apply to him.


Wu Yan gracefully accepted this fact after a brief while. Silvaria World Institute is a place that gathers geniuses from all over the world, it is only natural that there is someone like her here.


Now, he is curious just how many more similar geniuses are there in Silvaria World Institute?


Wu Yan looked at Bing Ling and he deduced that there are probably at most 9 individuals of such strength including this figure.


Letting his thoughts run wild, he didn’t notice that this frigid beauty is also watching him. The frigid beauty flinched for 0.1 seconds when she examined him.


This is probably the first time someone didn’t gawk at her upon first sight.


The frigid beauty didn’t know that in terms of appearance, Hinagiku and Mikoto lost to her only because they are still young and are not as mature as her. However, Ikaros, Astrea, and Shokuhou Misaki had the same if not higher attractiveness as her.


Having plowed two of the trio’s cucumber patch, Wu Yan is more or less resistant to beautiful girls. At least, she can’t possibly expect to knock him off his feet with just her looks alone. Maybe, if Wu Yan met her before the other girls but definitely not now.


Wu Yan’s indifference only caused the girl to glance at him.


Bing Ling is in an even more perturbed state. His aura receded with the appearance of the lady.


After a while, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Fei Fei regained their senses first. Fei Fei cried out.


“Princess Sylph!”


She called back everyone from their stupor. Everyone started making noises.




Wu Yan frowned and he quickly noticed the Ailu part of her name, it’s the same Ailu as the Ailu in Ailu empire. It isn’t hard to guess that she’s part of the royal family.


“Princess Sylph…”


Bing Ling subconsciously lowered his head. He felt awkward even though this isn’t the first time he met the princess. He is angry at himself for behaving in such a sloppy manner every time he met the princess.


“She’s a princess?”


Mikoto pointed at Princess Sylph, she looked like she’s cheated by the world. She just couldn’t believe the disparity between her image of a princess and this one before her.


They are technically both princesses.


Except, Mikoto’s the electric princess of Tokiwadai while the other is the ice princess of Ailu empire. They are both princesses but the air they put on are worlds apart. Mikoto could definitely learn something from this princess before them.


“Well, she does look the part…”


Hinagiku said, associating beauty with princesses.


She looked at both sides with her icy blue eyes. After a brief pause, she spoke out with a voice that sounded very nice on one’s ears.


“The fight ends here…”




Everyone yelled out loud. They were too surprised by her declaration, this extended to both Wu Yan and Bing Ling as well.


After returning to their senses, Bing Ling wanted to say something but Wu Yan interrupted him.




Wu Yan frowned at Princess Sylph. He didn’t know her and she didn’t seem like she’s on Bing Ling’s side as well. What reason could she have to stop this fight?…


Sylph glanced at him before turning towards Bing Ling.


“You got any objections?…”


Bing Ling panicked and he seemed troubled as to what to do. Wu Yan is surprised that Sylph’s words actually carried that much weight, enough for him to consider putting off the fight.


Bing Ling sighed.


“If it is Princess Sylph’s will, I have no objections…”


Sylph turned towards the referee as if she had expected his response. The referee shrugged to everyone’s surprise.


“And with that, this fight is over…”


Wu Yan’s jaw dropped. He wanted to flip so many tables right now. What gives?! How can a referee be so one-sided in his bias?! You’re the judge!


What about my opinions!


Sylph left a line as if she read Wu Yan’s mind.


“If you really want to fight, wait until that event, you can fight to your heart’s content there!”


Wu Yan flinched. His heart started racing.


I thought events are limited to games?…


So there is such a thing in this school?…


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