Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 326: Another meddling third party?...

Everyone is focused on the participants in the arena. Some of them are so focused it’s like their eyes would pop out anytime now.


They hadn’t fought for long but that did not mean the fight was boring. Right from the start, they went at each other without any restraint and if anyone held back, the daggers and sword would have caused grievous wounds.


The intense battle is lost on most of the audience. To the average viewer, Wu Yan and Bing Ling only dashed at each other and one of them leaped into the air while landing down, staring at each other.


Only the special students who are close to the arena can see what transpired. They cooed and gasped when the two parted.


Bing Ling brandished his daggers as he donned a look of consternation. Wu Yan seemed to have enough skills that Bing Ling couldn’t dominate him.


Bing Ling analyzed the foe in front of him.


His speed, experience appears to be superior to mine. It would be bad to go up and fight at close quarter again. My ice dou qi might be the only thing that is superior, let’s see if the frost attributes can slow him down.”


Bing Ling’s body trembled and a frosty aura of blue sheen started pouring out from Bing Ling. The dou qi wrapped around him like a silk sash but nobody doubted its power.


Raising an eyebrow, he lifted Nietono no Shana, he’s a bit curious what tricks he’s going to pull on him now.


The blue dou qi parted from Bing Ling and it turned into cold air. They floated around the arena, wafting around in the form of blue streaks of air.


As Bing Ling continuously emitted the dou qi, a strange oppressive aura fell upon the arena.


Bing Mian got excited. He trained in the same kind of dou qi so he knew what is up.


That is more than just oppressive aura. It had the effect of slowing down foes and decreasing their dou qi recovery speed.


It’s a special skill of the Cyto Ice Dou Qi. It’s a skill Bing Mian hadn’t learn yet.


This oppressive aura had a limited effect on Wu Yan. His speed might suffer a slight decrease but dou qi recovery meant nothing to Wu Yan when he didn’t even have it in the first place.


Well, not that anyone could see through it.


“No matter how strong you are, under this suppression, you can’t move as fast as you did just now…”


Bing Ling grinned at Wu Yan who stood in the center of the area of effect.


Wu Yan can indeed feel the aura getting to him. He frowned but he also silently praised Bing Ling.


No wonder he has a spot in the top 10. He had a special skill that gave him a tremendous advantage over the other tier 7 students…


Wu Yan tried slashing at one of the blue streaks of air but it didn’t work as his blade passed through it to no effect.


Bing Ling decided to make his move. He dashed forth after putting strength in his feet. He got close to Wu Yan in an instant.


Swish Swish


He swung his ice daggers like a lethal viper. Every hit aimed a different part of his body.


Bing Ling knew how to make use of his technique. If it was any other person, the person would be terribly wounded while suffering the speed debuff.


Ding ding ding


Leveraging Eternal Arms Mastery, he swung his Nietono no Shana in such a deft manner that his flimsy blade became something of a shield that protected him from the flurry of attacks.


The daggers and its afterimages fell on the blade making crisp metallic sounds. The clash between them formed a melodious tone in the arena.


His veins started popping as he clenched onto Nietono no Shana. He felt a bit surprised by the strength behind those flimsy looking daggers. They felt like icebergs hitting his blade. If he didn’t have a True Ancestor’s body strength, Nietono no Shana would have left his hand by now.


The concentration of the attacks troubled Wu Yan.


Due to the high energy requirement, Bing Ling had to spend a lot of energy to keep up his attack rate. The attacks eventually slowed down and the pressure on Nietono no Shana decreased as well.


He seized a gap in the storm of slashes as he swiped at Bing Ling, forcing him to retreat. Wu Yan also backed away as he eyed Bing Ling who is heaving.


“This fellow actually has some skills…”

Releasing an exhale. He looked at Bing Ling, after exchanging another bout with him, Wu Yan understood his fighting style.


Bing Ling stared at Wu Yan with a grim face, he felt anxious that Wu Yan didn’t look tired even after that round of attacks.


If this goes on, he’s going to lose.


He can’t go on like this, he has to aim for a quick resolution.


Bing Ling extended his arms and a dense blue cloud of dou qi enveloped him.


The blue aura throbbed like it’s brewing something inside. Against this weird scene, Wu Yan lifted his guard. He didn’t want to lose because he underestimated the foe. Thinking about his next move, Wu Yan started considering that perhaps it is time to get serious.


Indeed, he is still not going all out yet.


Up till now, he only relied on Eternal Arms Mastery and the body strength of a True Ancestor to fight against his foes.


Moreover, he is just showing a bit of what he can do with Electromaster. The most he did up till now is to use Electromaster to augment his speed and strength.


Bing Ling’s strength comes up a bit short compared to Fei Fei so if Wu Yan didn’t hold back, Bing Ling wouldn’t be able to fight so long with Wu Yan. Wu Yan managed to fight to a standstill with Fei Fei before he got True Ancestor and Eternal Arms Mastery.


He also leveled up a few times. He was getting used to Eternal Arms Mastery and now he’s more or less adapted to it. There is no reason for him to hold back now!


Lightning started crackling around Wu Yan’s body as his aura grew stronger and stronger. Wu Yan’s deep red eyes turned golden.


The next instant, the golden color returned to its normal deep red color. Wu Yan also stored away his lightning.


Wu Yan didn’t do so for no reason. Another figure had appeared between him and Bing Ling.


Wu Yan sighed as he felt annoyed at the development.


Not another one…

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