Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 324: When you hit the younger one, the older one steps up...

Why wouldn’t Wu Yan notice someone coming at his side?


The moment this figure got up on the stage Wu Yan had already noticed him. His speed and the fact that Wu Yan is still targeting Bing Mian caused a slight delay in response. When the figure reached his flank, he had already drafted a response.


Thinking that Wu Yan couldn’t respond in time, the figure tried to punch Wu Yan’s face.


It was a weird scene for the audience.


Bing Mian stayed there like a deer in headlights while another figure is targeting Wu Yan who is targeting Bing Mian, it’s like a weird mixed fight.


Everybody gasped, nobody had imagined anyone would dare interrupt the fight. Moreover, the figure even aimed at one of the participants.


“Watch out!”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Fei Fei cried out. They didn’t think anyone in the audience would interfere with a duel.


Even Wu Yan was caught in a slight surprise at first. He didn’t retreat, if anything, he’s pissed off. With incredulous agility, he actually sent his fist in a trajectory to intercept the figure’s surprise punch.


This is what it means to draw out the body’s full potential, to be able to fight at complete mastery and at a peerless level of prowess. He easily diverted his force towards the incoming fist.


Slam, the two fists met in a furious crash.




The crash caused a sudden gale. The gale spread outwards from the arena and assaulted the audience so some of them lifted their hands to shield against the aftermath.


He deduced from the fist strike that his opponent is a stronger opponent than Bing Mian. If he had to put a benchmark, this opponent had about the same strength as Fei Fei.


Since this figure had interrupted him and even assaulted him, he had no reason to show mercy. He concentrated his strength at the point of contact and he slammed back at the fist.


Another gust of wind spread out from them. The opponent couldn’t defend against the brute strength.




With another addition of force, the figure got sent back by about a dozen steps. The figure tried to steady itself by getting down on one knee with hands on the ground.


The figure looked at his numb fist before he talked.


“That’s quite some strength you’ve got there…”


The judge glanced at the figure and he plainly declared.


“Due to the interference of a third party, I am declaring that Bing Mian lose this round. The victory goes to Wu Yan!”


“Because the victor is of a lower rank than the loser. Wu Yan hereby gains Bing Mian’s rank as the holder of rank no.25!”


The referee’s decision called everyone back from their daze. Meanwhile, the System also issued some notifications.


Beep, congratulations on defeated Silvaria World Institute’s ranker no.25. Current rank: 25. Obtained a rank higher than 30, obtained 80,000 Equipment Points and Item Points, 40,000 Ability Points and Summoning Points.


Beep, congratulations on leveling up. User level: 68.


The System’s notifications were ignored by Wu Yan as he focused on the figure.


“Who are you?”


The figure slowly got up and everyone could see the identity of the person in a clearer state. A bunch of them were surprised by the intruder.


Bing Mian seemed to be the one who is most surprised by this development. He seemed truly happy at the intruder.






Wu Yan frowned and he scanned the guy with System.


Bing Ling Cyto: Level 68


Wu Yan relaxed his frown.


“I am guessing you’re the leader of Sea of Thick Ice as well as the successor to the Cyto family?”


Bing Mian’s older brother, Bing Ling glanced at Bing Mian before continuing.


“I don’t know about being a successor but yes, I am the current leader of Sea of Thick Ice.


Wu Yan smiled and he quickly turned cold.


“So, what’s the leader of Sea of Thick Ice doing interrupting a fight between me and your younger brother?”


Bing Ling laughed.


“Well, you kinda said it. He’s my brother so I can’t just standby and watch him get hurt.”


Wu Yan laughed out loud while shaking his head. Bing Ling’s expression sunk because the guy is clearly laughing in derision.


“What’s so funny?!”


“What do you mean?! This is fucking gold!”


He inhaled deeply and continued.


“It’s all and well trying to protect your younger brother but I would be more convinced if you hadn’t tried sucker punching me just now.”


Bing Ling decided it would be best to not respond. Everyone saw what he did so he can’t deny his statement.


Fei Fei walked over with Hinagiku and Mikoto. Fei Fei spoke out in a low tone.


“Bing Ling, aren’t you afraid of the consequences of interrupting a duel?”


Bing Ling turned towards the referee with a nonchalant smile.


“Is anybody hurt? According to the rules, a person who interrupts a fight without harming anyone needs to be punished with a 100,000 fine in credits. This fine is nothing to me!”


Bing Ling threw his ID card for the referee to mete out the fine. His attitude irked Hinagiku and Mikoto. In fact, Mikoto got so mad lightning started crackling around her.


“Oh? That’s terribly scary, young miss. You look like a very rare lightning magician. Why not join my Sea of Thick Ice, I have very attractive terms.”


“You je…”

Mikoto approached him while clad in even more intense lightning but Wu Yan stopped her before she can lash out at Bing Ling


He pulled her back while telling Bing Ling off.


“I see you’re very rich. However, I wonder how many times you can afford to get deducted? Surely, you’re not going to interfere with my next fight?”


Bing Ling laughed.


“My objective was to rescue my brother, I have no other reason to interfere with your next fight…”


Laughing back, Wu Yan pointed his lips at Bing Mian.


“If that’s the case, why don’t you escort that trash back to where it came from.”


“What was that!”


Bing Mian had a vicious look in his eyes. He got stopped by Bing Ling before he can do any more damage.


Bing Ling replied with a dark expression.


“As the defeated party, my younger brother has no rights to stay in the arena…”




Bing Ling narrowed his eyes and he continued in a suggestive tone.


“He’s still my brother so I have to stand up for him. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself…”


“Will you accept my challenge?”

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