Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 804: Relic, a change...

If Wu Yan must describe his current feeling in one word, it would be shock...

He was expecting a glitzy treasury filled with shiny treasures. At the very least, there should be a tiny hill made out of gold coins. Heck, paint the wall gold at the very least. With all that wealth, a marble floor isn't too much to ask for, is it? Wu Yan was ashamed by his own assumptions.

This place is so practical.

It looks like an oversized warehouse, there was no opulence in sight.

But, Wu Yan is awed by the contents here.

Just look at the items they stored here.

On a rack to his left is a bookshelf filled with ancient scrolls, books, and manuals. Written on them are powerful dou qi techniques, battle skills, magic, and secret arts that had incredible effects.

To his right, he sighted another rack, but, this rack was filled with equipment. The equipment numbered a little over a dozen, however, they were at least Gold Armament tier or higher.

There were boxes and jars all over the place. He tried opening some of the jars here to find precious herbs and rare minerals stored within them. Then, there were the corpses of demonic beasts. There were magical cores, demonic beast eggs, and etc...

Wu Yan's limited understanding of Silvaria meant he had a hard time identifying the rarity of the herbs, minerals, and demonic beast eggs. But, he can tell the magic cores here was high tier.

The magical cores stashed here were at least tier 8, there were also tier 9 crystals mixed in here.

There were other items here that Wu Yan couldn't identify at a glance. However, given they were stored together here, they must be very rare and/or potent materials.

Wu Yan lowered his head and he clenched his fists. He was trembling.

He isn't trembling out of surprise or dejection. He's resisting the urge...

The urge to sweep up all the items here.

If he can turn the items here into points. He is sure he won't be worrying about points for the foreseeable future.

Wu Yan thought he was quite rich, now, he knows the true definition of wealth.

If he converted his points into the items here, he's not sure if he can even reach 1% coverage of the total value of the items stored here.


Wu Yan turned his head the other way. He can't look at the items anymore, he might just steal them without conscious thought. His heart was bleeding.

If only these are all mine, that would be so great...

Wu Yan continued walking deeper into the treasury. He ignored the treasures around him. Jarl told him to head into the deepest area of the treasury, that's exactly what he will do.

He got three rings from the treasure hunting trip last time. The Ring of Authority is just one of the three rings. He wasn't a big fan of political power, which leaves him with two more rings, the Power Ring, and the Wealth Ring.

They were item rings, presumably, the ancestor must have stored useful items in it. However, he needs a key to unlock one of the rings. Meanwhile, the other ring had an ambiguous message that didn't really help.

But, these rings are connected to the Ailu empire.

There might be items here that can unlock the two rings. This was why Wu Yan agreed to this trade. Political power is useless to him. But, the other two rings are useful. Trading a useless item for useful leads. Sounds like a steal to him.

Plus, if the ancestor left anything other than the keys to these rings, it would still be worth it, after all, a god-tier being left it, didn’t he?

He continued walking until he arrived at a dead end. He glanced at the objects here.

The treasures here were definitely precious, however,  he’s more preoccupied with a crystal ball near him.

It’s a crystal ball that looked very familiar.

He’s sure this is the relic left behind by the ancestor.

It looked like the spitting image of the crystal ball placed near the box containing the Rings.

He approached and he placed his hand on the crystal ball.


A brilliant projection came from the crystal ball. The projection hit the wall adjacent to it and a short clip started playing.

A vague figure slowly moved inside the projection. The fighter that looked like a monk who is training hard thoughtfully unleashed powerful moves.

This projection seemed like it’s intended to impart powerful techniques upon the viewer.

Wu Yan sighed with disappointment.

He knew the figure within is Ailu himself, that’s because the techniques and moves he pulled literally destroyed mountains and changed the geography of his surrounding.  Only a god can move like that. In other words, this crystal ball contained the battle techniques of a god-tier being!

It’s certainly precious, the technique of a god, but, it’s useless to Wu Yan.

“Battle technique of a god, huh?”

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

“Without a doubt, this has the same value as the Ring of Authority, but I don’t have Dou Qi, this is useless to me…”

“Did I mess up this deal?”

Wu Yan gnashed his teeth with frustration. Then, he recalled something as he raised his hand.

Two small holes in space opened as two rings, one golden and the other black landed in Wu Yan’s hand.

Then, an anomaly occurred.

The figure within the projection suddenly stopped as it turned to look at Wu Yan. In that instant, Wu Yan felt a terrible pressure pressing down on him, he almost spat out blood when met with this invisible force.

Wu Yan can see the figure is trying to talk to him, its mouth is moving. The figure within the projection morphed into a golden light that seeped into the golden ring.

The projection on the wall shattered into countless fragments that floated around.

A small swirling black hole sucked in the fragments, growing bigger until the fragments gave way to a new projection.

A faint figure loomed...

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