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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 29: Relationship increase, Kaichou-sama conquered!

“Urm.. Hinagiku”

“I’m going!”

“No, I mean this really is …”

“I’m going!”


“I’m going!”

Hinagiku’s not even listening to him, he felt like crying but tears won’t come out.

He accepted the fact that she might be very crossed for agreeing to travel to such a dangerous place.

After exiting Saginomiya household, he was like ‘die then die nothing much’, he was prepared to receive his ‘discipline’ from Kaichou-sama.

However, right after going out of the house she just said one line to him ‘I’m going’.

He’s thought up of various scenarios, she might beat the crap out of him, give him the cold shoulders, a fantastic goodbye, or even stabbin time with kitchen knife.

Just now the scenario where she would go with him!

This time, it’s not the trashy mob headless giant, and compared to the underground hall, the danger this time is on another scale altogether. He could go there without much afterthought because he has the system as his trump card, also because he survived in the giant beast forest before, so he could still deal with stuff like this.

This plan however didn’t take into consideration of Kaichou-sama, if it did then it’s all up in the air. Kaichou-sama is only level 18, tier 2 only and the foe this time should at the very least all be level 20. Not to mention it’s not just one, it’s a whole nest of them, isn’t this just asking Kaichou-sama to go send vegetables? (Tl: dig her own grave, get served)

He persuaded ever so patiently to no result.

“Hinagiku, the target this time lies in a very hostile area, even I might not be able to protect myself, how can i just let  you waltz in there…”

She shifted back to face him before acting stubbornly irrefutable like before.

“Because it’s dangerous, that’s why I want to go even more!”


“Are you resenting me as troublesome? Thinking I might be in the way!”

She lividly shouted at him.

Good god the misunderstanding, he tried to defend himself by shaking his head.

“It’s not like that, I just fear that there might be a 1 in 10,000 chance that….”

“I don’t care, if you’re going, I’m going!”

Now he’s dithering, she just won’t listen, if she sure about something even 9 ox can’t drag her back (Tl: very stubborn). And if he just went there without giving her the time of day then going by her personality, the probability that she would come running to find him is practically 100%.

But, if she did come along, ai…. (Tl mandarin onomatopoeia for sighing, pronounced a-ye, drag the a part of aye a bit longer)

“Would please listen to me just this once?”

Helplessly he tried to raise his dissent.

With her eyes on him, he could see that her eyes were moistening.

Oh… lord, this can’t be…

Startled by waifu, this trend, isn’t it going to end up in her crying? Hell no man, moi can’t deal with girls’ tears, much less someone I like.

As long as it’s anyone who knows her, they would know that this competitive gal would be harder to agitate then asking the academy’s boys to wear skirts and yet Wu Yan who only started hanging out with her for about 1 month almost made her cry twice!

If she really did cry, this would be a treacherous sin against all that is holy.

He feebly tried to comfort.

“Hinagiku, you…”

“I’m afraid.”

Cutting him off and leaving him in a daze she rubbed her tears before lifting her head gazing at him and continued muttering.

“I’m afraid, I’m really afraid that once you go there you wouldn’t be coming back, that’s why I’m afraid so really afraid…”

Saying so the windows to her soul began to fog up once more.

“That is why I want to follow you, at least I can be of help at your side…”

He’s at a loss of word at her true intentions.

He has already forgotten that he might very well be able to confront risky situations like it’s another day at work but can someone like Hinagiku really see him off into a situation like that? Towards the adventuring him, there’s no one else who would care more than the one and only Hinagiku before him!

How could he empathize with her when he can only think of the sealed barrier as a leveling map?

Self mockingly he lowered his head and laughed.

“That is true, selfishly agreeing other’s plea when I didn’t even think about your feelings, it looks like I still need much improvement…”

Her body shook before falling straight into his embrace, this gave him quite a scare. Frantically he held onto her waist while showing a vacant expression.

Can Kaichou-sama voluntarily give other people a hug?

Clouded by similar thoughts, this super development has exceeded his predictions.

Hinagiku’s also very embarrassed by her subconscious action, her body moved without her knowing and by the time she realized it she can already hear his heartbeat.

She just closed her eyes and blushed. Her body was trembling slightly, since she already got this far might as well see it through.

“I don’t know why you would risk your life for that crystal but since you have your reasons then I have mine as well. Please let me go with you, I beg of you!”

Basking in the scent of her hair he let out a long sigh.

“Aren’t you going to chastise me or something? You know, for chasing after a crystal while risking my life and what not…”

Shaking her head she laughed at the guy’s goofiness.

“You said so yourself that you would tell me what’s really going on with you, that’s our promise and I believe in you, that you have your own reason!”

Moved by what she said, he drew her body closer to his.

He’s an otaku, and he likes 2D chicks, just liking them nothing much, this is something only an otaku will understand.

And now the object of his affection trusted him and treated him like this, now what would he feel? He don’t know about other people but he’s pretty confident about what he’s feeling.

I must tell her… my feelings…

“Hinagiku, I like you, I love you, I love you very much!”

Listening to that sweet saccharine voice, her body jolted and she bit her lips ever tighter trying to keep her feelings from exploding outwards. She didn’t leak alright but from her eyes, tears flowed.

He was afraid of girl’s tears before but he just smiled gently at the sight of her tear because he knows the meaning of this tear is a different kind of significance.

Hanging onto his neck she buried her head deep inside his chest soundlessly requiting her feelings. The tears incessantly dropped without much sound and she showed a smile so bright it’s blindingly beautiful.

Rubbing away her tears with his hand he revealed to her.

“Did you know? I’m actually not of this world.”

She raised her head at this statement urging him on without saying anything.

“I came from another earth much like this world except there’s no monsters, no exorcist, just a very normal world. A certain day four months ago I suddenly woke up and found myself in another world. In that world there’s monsters roaming about as well as supers and I only have a system….”

As he narrate his background her facial expression changed and shifted back and forth from mystified, shocked, blank. Can one blame her? What he said is really that unbelievable, she showed various expression throughout the exchange but never distrust.

Observing everything as he spoke, he questioned her after revealing the last mission he received after advent on this world.

“Do you really believe something that looks like Arabian story (Tl: fantasy story)? Aren’t you the least bit suspicious of its validity?”

Against his questioning tone, she just flapped her mouth and turned red before muttering.

“You said it, you would tell me the truth one day yeah? That’s why I’ve already prepared myself, and you also said that when you’re hugging another girl you won’t lie right?”

Stunned by her, his feelings burst out and he raised her face and violently stuck his face onto it much to her shock.

“Wu… (Tl: muffled voice)”

With widened eyes and a frozen body she can’t recover from this.

Everything happened so fast, even if she said she was prepared for his big reveal, she didn’t expect her first kiss to arrive at such short notice.

When she did respond, his tongue entered her mouth and coiled itself around hers making her already wide eyes even wider.

Under his assault, her body began to weaken and fell in his hug, staring wide and feeling the sensation coming from her tongue she just laid there.

One second? one minute? Or one hour? Time has completely lost its meaning in the duo’s world.

When he finally parted lips with her, she was still lost inside her mind.

First kiss, gone just like that….

Licking his lips he smirked.

“So deliciously sweet… “

His voice woke her up from her stupor. Looking at that smug ass grin she finally knew what she has gotten herself into.

Red hue began to color her face and in her foggy eyes she knew what he meant by that and her mouth slowly grew wide in disbelief before parting herself from his body with a great big ‘Ah!’. She pointed her quivering fingers at him.

“You… you…”

“What about me?”

Entertained by her response, he teased her more for her response.

“You, how can you… how can you be like this….”

She held her retort back in her stomach but it all came out as this incoherent babble.

“Why can’t I be like this?”

“You… without my consent.. and did….”

Looking at the jerk playing dumb she went into frenzy inside her heart.

“Eh? Did I not?”

Faking a head tilt he laughed.

“I remember somebody once said If I held my end of the deal she would return the favor she owed, isn’t that right? I just told you everything about me, so the favor you owed me must be done, that is nothing but logical proceeding yes?”

As he said so, he chuckled silently: except for the part about you being a 2D shoujo, I have said everything.

He dared not said this to her, that she is but an anime character. Who knows how the tsundere Kaichou-sama would act if she did…

Listening to his justification she could only shut her mouth albeit with much frustration. Thinking back about the kiss, her heart went into chaos and shame, so embarrassed she didn’t know how to face him.

Shutting her eyes, covering her face, lowering her head, she dashed away in the opposite direction.

Touching his lips, he can’t describe his intense feeling at the moment.

To think things would get to this level so fast even he can barely keep up. At the time when he kissed her it was because he was moved so much that he only thought about her and how to express himself. After he realized what he has done, he had already took her first kiss.

Hence he could only calm himself down by poking fun at her.

That was his first time as well! However he hid the embarrassing fact away…

So coy Kaichou-sama, it looks like she still needs more training after this…

The jerk grinned shamelessly while chasing after Kaichou-sama.

That’s because, she ran in the wrong direction…..

First summon incoming.

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