Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 346: Sweet victory! Ascending past floor 5!

Wu Yan subconsciously lifted his bleeding fist, he examined it before he licked away the blood.


Wu Yan flinched after the fact, he didn’t whether to cry or laugh. He licked the blood without any conscious will on his part, it was the True Ancestor side of him that was doing the licking.


He didn’t expect the first blood he would taste after becoming True Ancestor would come from himself.


Well, the blood didn’t taste too bad.


He snickered, his eyes turning to gold for a brief instant before returning to normal. This is one of the signs that he is up for another full-power assault.


The floor master failed to notice this brief change of eye colors. But, he did notice him drinking his own blood.


A deep-rooted fear gripped the floor master when he saw Wu Yan drinking his own blood and grinning. It’s like he is looking at his natural predator.


Not surprising given the fact that humans are nothing more than food for the vampire kin.


It didn’t take long before the floor master discovered another shocking fact, Wu Yan’s injured fist had already made a full recovery despite suffering extensive injuries just moments ago.


The floor master gawked at Wu Yan, he felt rather confused, could it be that Wu Yan’s saliva contained healing properties? And, what is with that speed of healing?


The floor master looked at the burn marks on his chest and he came upon a weird idea.


Wait, should I get him to lick me later?  (Tl: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


Luckily, Wu Yan didn’t know about the floor master’s flowery idea. If he did, he would probably surrender straightaway.


Wu Yan merrily told the floor master.


“I think it’s high time we end this fight!”


The floor master compared his situation to Wu Yan’s. Judging by the pain coming from his chest, somewhere deep in his mind, a voice whispered to him that his defeat is just around the corner.


The floor master puffed out his chest while laughing out loud, it is clear that he is forcing a façade, his heavy breath gave him away.


He had experienced first-hand the ferocity of Wu Yan’s lightning punch that could stand on par with his dark fist of murder.


Two things prevented the floor master from hitting the floor right now: 1. Wu Yan subconsciously held back during the flurry of attacks. 2. The floor master had a robust body forged through years of arduous training.


Though his chest throbbed with pain, constantly advising the floor master not to continue, he withstood it as he raised his arms.


Dou qi poured out and his fists got clad in black light once more!


He won’t be satisfied until he unleashed every last ounce of strength he had left against this adversary.




The floor master stacked every last dou qi he had in this one last round of attack. After this attack, it didn’t matter whether he won or not, he would be left without any strength to continue combat.


The one who understood you is normally not the one most amicable with you but the one who is your foe in every sense of the word. Wu Yan might not be a true foe but at this moment, he is someone who the floor master deemed the greatest challenge he had for a long time now.


The exchange of fists not only moved their hearts, but their thoughts were also communicated through this medium.


Wu Yan felt admiration for the floor master’s die-hard attitude. He had this kind of respect for only a few of the individuals among the countless 2D transcript worlds, this would be the first time he felt admiration for an individual from Silvaria.


His golden irises went well with his serious expression. It wouldn’t be right to respond to such a serious opponent without going all-out as well.


Yes, maximum effort!


Crackle crackle.


A thunderous sound came from Wu Yan’s body. Raging lightning crawled around Wu Yan’s body as if he donned an armor of lightning.


The lightning that bounced off him stripped the ground of its last remaining components. The immediate area around him depressed into a crater as his lightning continued to disintegrate the ground around him.


Wu Yan emitted a pulse and countless rubbles big and small levitated as if in defiant to the laws of gravity.


The floor master is more than just astonished, he bitterly smiled. He had suffered injuries and is now about to unleash his all when he discovered that the opponent is only getting serious at this juncture, is there anything more tragic than this?


His gut is telling him that if he’s not feeling bummed now, he is definitely going to feel bummed in just a few moments.


The floor master got excited at this prospect. His blood started boiling.


“Hahahaha! Bring it! Come on! Come at me!!!”


The floor master ignored his aching body, he laughed out loud and the dark light grew in brilliance as if it is reflecting its owner wish to go out with a bang.


The mini-blackhole also expanded several times in size.


“This is my final attack!”


The lightning crackling around him disappeared without a wisp of sound. It’s like the calm before a storm, the lightning had all gathered at Wu Yan’s fist.


“Super Dark fist of murder!”


The floor master charged at Wu Yan with his souped-up blackhole punch.


“You think your attack will become stronger just cause you appended a super to the name?”


Wu Yan retorted, unsure whether to laugh or cry. He beamed wide and he raised his fist to meet the floor master in a glorious finale.


“Super lightning punch!”


Both of them traversed the distance between them in less than a second. They smashed at each other! The bluish-white light and dark light melded together.




The ground, or rather, what used to be the arena got completely destroyed upon the collision of the two punches. It’s like someone threw a mini-nuke, rubbles started flying up and disappearing into the blast. To any outside observers, they would only see white and black in this place.


Soon, the bluish-white light overtook the dark light until it reined supreme in this place.


After the bluish-white light receded away, the situation became clearer. Wu Yan stood towering over the floor master who had collapsed.


Beep, congratulations on clearing floor 5 of Silvaria World Institute’s arena tower. Obtained 100,000 Equipment Points, 100,000 Item Points, 25,000 Ability Points, and 25,000 Summoning Points!




Wu Yan
True Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, Electromaster Lv5
Gate of Babylon (Rank D)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Misaka Sisters
Equipment points:
Item Points:
Ability Points:
Summoning Points:




The System notification told him that he had attained victory. Wu Yan released a sigh of relief.


The floor master this time is definitely stronger than the one at the fourth floor. Without True Ancestor and Eternal Arms Mastery, Wu Yan would probably not win against this floor master.


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