Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 226: Threat countered! The ace in the hole.

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Aleister’s indifferent attitude when talking about people Wu Yan cared drained him of all his patience. Wu Yan could no longer hold back his anger and killing intention.

Blood-red aura started fuming around him as he lifted his head to reveal a pair of golden eyes like that of a savage beast.

He flipped his hands and a longbow, black as night with its design resembling wings appeared in his hands with a flash of light, starlight glittered in the darkness of the bow.


The moment he made the gesture to nock, light gathered towards the bow like bees to honey. The light became concentrated and turned into a soft silvery color which reminded one of the lights of the night sky.

The surrounding had its colors drained and Aiwass hold over this place was torn apart by the sheer aura the elegant yet deadly longbow emitted.

Aleister’s unchanging expression finally had some form of change for once. It was a very slight change but it spoke volume for one who hadn’t shown any sort of emotions for years.

Aiwass still remains unseen but a faint figure could be observed behind Aleister’s culture tank, the aura there seems to be very concentrated.

Starlight reminiscent of the Milky Way gathered at the longbow and as more starlight got sucked in, a silver arrow of the most radiant order appeared, nocked and ready to fire.

An ominous sensation hit Aleister.

Starlight danced around Meteor Shower and the silver arrow. It gave the bow and arrow a comet-like appearance, both powerful and beautiful.

The golden eyes hidden by his bangs stared right down Aleister’s barrel.

“Just you try, Aleister!”

Wu Yan dared Aleister to do as he said, issue warrants of arrest.

Aleister is a very decisive man, if Wu Yan hadn’t pulled out a bow on him, he would have no doubt made Mikoto a wanted criminal and his plan would progress with the elimination of Wu Yan, and the retrieval of the sisters.

But, he’s hesitating whether or not that is the right move. He looked at the nocked arrow and the signs of death written all over it. The table had been turned on him. He was going to strong-arm him into submission but it appears he is now the one being coerced, what’s more, it appears that he might really have to step back.

How many years had it been since he last felt death’s presence this close to him? To think there would be a day where he is threatened by another individual…

‘You better think this through carefully…’

While Aleister is considering his next move, Aiwass spoke to him telepathically, the voice manifesting itself within his head.

Aleister had a steely gaze as he mentally talked with Aiwass.

“Could it be that you have no confidence of blocking that attack as well?”

Aiwass stayed silent for a bit as if he’s thinking before replying.

“I can take that attack but I would suffer some damage as a result.”

Aleister’s heart shook, he didn’t say anything but Aiwass knew that beneath his calm expression he had big emotional turmoils. Aiwass continued.

“That bow is very dangerous. It is about as dangerous as the sword that is the bane of angels!”

“Moreover, that weird protection he has on him is something I can’t do anything about. If he did attack, I expected minor injuries to result but I can’t guarantee anything on your part!”

Aleister went deathly silent. Wu Yan got even madder when he saw that Aleister wasn’t going to say anything. He drew his longbow and pulled the strings to its maximum capacity.

Observing Wu Yan’s action and feeling that death drew nearer, Aleister broke the silence.

“Don’t make me…”

If anyone who was familiar with Aleister were here, they would no doubt be slackjawed from hearing what he said. Wu Yan recognized the meaning behind what he said. The guy wouldn’t give up his plan even if death right in front of him.

He’s saying that he plans to go down with him. Gnashing his teeth, Wu Yan wished he could just get of the bowstring and let loose the nocked arrow. But, he couldn’t muster up the resolve.

He hadn’t expected Aleister to be so hellbent on completing his plan despite the looming threat of death.

If Academy City lost Aleister, it would no doubt be attacked by the magic faction in no time at all.

Aleister is the lynchpin holding Academy City together. If he were to die then Academy City can kiss its ass goodbye.

At that point, Mikoto, Kuroko, Ruiko, Uiharu, Uiharu and the others…

He could somehow figure out how to get them to leave this world with him but to watch Academy City with its 2.3million inhabitants, roughly 80% of which are students or kids be embroiled in something he did is a feat he cannot stomach.

He recalled what Tsuchimikado Motoharu had said about not escalating matters with Aleister…

But the sisters…

He suddenly had a bright idea.

Aleister didn’t want the sisters themselves, he just wants the network of AIM dispersion field that suffuses Academy City, and probably wants to expand it globally.

If he can achieve that then there would be no conflicts of interest between the two of them.

A tool to enable AIM dispersion field to cover the whole world is something that the System’s Item interface can provide.

Virtual field amplifier: A tool exclusively used for virtual fields. Can infinitely expand virtual fields according to factor demand.
Cost:  100,000 Item points

Wu Yan released a sigh of relief when he found the item he was looking for. He put down Meteor Shower and the silver arrow along with the light show of starlight disappeared.

Seeing as Wu Yan put down his weapon, Aleister blinked at the thought of Wu Yan stepping back.

Is he going to compromise?


Wu Yan growled at him.

“If you want me to give up the sisters, you can dream on…”

Aleister would be surprised if Wu Yan suddenly handed over the sisters after putting on such a tough front. He must be proposing an alternative…

Wu Yan glanced at Aleister and the golden figure floating behind before continuing in a plain tone.

“Your objective is to expand the AIM dispersion field in Academy City to the whole world right? I have a plan!”

Wu Yan could feel that the moment he said it out loud, Aleister’s mood changed but he lacked the apt expression on his face. Wu Yan couldn’t help but admire how stoic the guy is.

Aleister focused his gaze on Wu Yan. With a flip of the hand, Wu Yan stored away Meteor Shower, his golden eyes turned back into its usual wine-red eyes. They stared at each other for a while in silence.

Finally, Aleister spoke first.

“If what you say is true…”

Wu Yan grinned because this meant that he got what he wanted again.

After a bit of time passed, Musujime Awaki appeared and fearfully looked at Aleister before she guided Wu Yan out in a more terrified manner.

When Wu Yan left, that place fell into silence once more. The figure looked at the Virtual Field Amplifier before mumbling…

“Unknown pressure, fear-inspiring weapon and fascinating gadgets, what are you, really?…”

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