Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 174: Bashful Ikaros and an eventful morning...

The genetic life infusion is really working its magic, one could surmise that from the never fading smile on Wu Yan’s face, he spent 1 whole night reviving the Sisters. That 1 million Item points were well spent. In one night, he managed to revive the 9000+ sisters he stole.

Once he was done with reviving the dead sisters, he released the Sisters in stasis within the biocontainment unit and repaired them with gene recovery infusion. With this, Wu Yan & company managed to return the normal life that was robbed from these sisters. After repairing the last of the sisters and sending her back inside the biocontainment unit, Wu Yan felt a great sense of accomplishment. He just saved half the sisters, he had good reasons for feeling damn good. His impulse is telling him to save the remaining sisters right away but he held himself back. Haste makes waste, he might just reveal himself in Aleister’s sights if he doesn’t go about this properly.

If Aleister is just a person with fighting strength behind him, Wu Yan wouldn’t be so cautious of him. However, Aleister’s real strength lies in his godly intellect. If his cover got blown, he might just get embroiled inside some kind of weird scheme and end up like poor old Touma, playing a game he doesn’t even know the start and end from…

Wu Yan thinks that he’s not as gullible as Touma but when the opponent is Aleister, he’s really anxious about his chances…

The conclusion is that it is still too early to celebrate for they are still many sisters left to be saved. Each day this situation remains as it is, sisters will die…

He’s still happy that he saved a ton of sisters, so glad in fact that he had a good sleep that he hadn’t had for such a long time.

His fleeting joy soon came to an end the next day when…

“Good morning, master.”

“Ikaros! What are you doing on top of me!”

He reflexively got up, forgetting for just a moment that Ikaros had her hands by his head and is still technically on top of him…

The result, he buried himself right in those huge cans of soft divine meat! The soft sensation being transmitted from his skin to his brain and that heavenly smell on her is really driving him nuts. He is choking due to how tight it was. All this information told him all he needed to know what is happening to him…

He nudged his head and he actually got further stuck inside!


Ikaros stared at Wu Yan with a blank expression. She tried shifting her body away from Wu Yan but because the center of gravity is around Wu Yan’s head, they tumbled onto the floor!

Registering the slight pain finally woke up Wu Yan from his stupor. When he realized what he had done, he lifted his head and looked awkwardly at Ikaros only to find himself stunned.

Ikaros who is usually sporting a deadpan look is currently blushing red and she hugged her chest. Glancing at him, she then lowered her head…

“This is not a dream right…”

Wu Yan mumbled.

“Ikaros… actually felt embarrassed after having lewd stuff done to her…”


Noticing her master’s intense gaze, she blushed again and lowered her head even more. Hugging her own breasts accentuated her already big hooters, Wu Yan can’t help gulping at the sight of it.

That morning symptom males have reacted intensely to Ikaros’ appearance like a candle lit in the presence of abundant methane gas.


Led astray by his lust, he reached out towards Ikaros with one hand…

Ikaros saw this, of course, a strange sense of heat erupted from her motion furnace (Tl: read heart), she fell into an odd dizziness.

If it were the Ikaros in the original work, her self-recovery mechanism might have triggered and deleted the cause of this strange malfunction of her motion furnace, i.e. the memories regarding Wu Yan would be deleted in this case. As someone who had seen the original work, Wu Yan is not going to let it happen this time. When he first summoned her, he had already located an item that can tell him the status of her motion furnace.

Put it another way, he had already made preparations for when he would finally get busy with Ikaros! It took what seemed to be an eternity for his hand land on Ikaros but it finally did and the hand made contact with foreign land.


Heaving, he embraced Ikaros and squeezed the soft mound of meat in his hands.

“Master… no…It feels weird…”

Her emerald eyes started moistening up as she grabbed the hands that were busy going to town with her breasts after having found a way around her armpits and onto her breasts.

Her words failed to stop him and actually managed to turn him on even more. Who else had seen this bashful side of hers? No one had seen her in this state, not even in the original work.

He increased the speed at which he fondled her and he stuck close to her ears before licking her cheeks.

“Nnh… Master…”

Ikaros felt herself sinking down into that sweet daze, according to her calculations, this much stimulation should have brought enough heat in her furnace to fry the whole system but for reasons unknown to her, the motion furnace endured.

His tongue swept between her cheeks and neck to and fro. Listening to those muffled moans that had never graced anyone else’s ears and feeling those huge knockers in his hands, he decided to give her earlobes a good nibbling.


Ikaros didn’t know why she’s feeling this way, she also doesn’t understand why her master is doing these things to her, making her feel so many strange feelings all at once. But, she does know that her master is very happy…

If her master is happy then she too, is happy…


Her crimson lips parted and a few moans escaped. She subconsciously clenched her legs together and she even started rubbing them together.


With great efforts on her part, she finally managed to turn around and looked at Wu Yan who was busy licking her neck. Her emerald eyes were filled with thoughts of passion! Charmed by her appearance, he approached Ikaros’ face…

Looking at her master’s approaching face, Ikaros’ eyes were glistening but for some reason, she uttered a line.


He finally realized what he was about to do. Looking at Ikaros on his chest, he grinned before giving a final squeeze and running out of the room, leaving behind Ikaros who is heaving on top of his bed.

He dashed out of his room and within seconds, he sneaked his way into Hinagiku’s room and ignoring Hinagiku who’s stunned with his sudden appearance, he hugged her and then threw her onto the bed!

“You! Nn…”

Before Hinagiku can say anything, Wu Yan sealed her lips.

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