Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1068: A welcoming feat, seating arrangement, same seats

Just like that, three days went by...

It's finally time for the Domain of Gods to open up.

Inside the city, Imperial family members and the Guardians woke up earlier than usual.

Even the lower-ranking Guardians and non-cultivators woke up earlier than usual.

The Guardians are effectively restricted to a life of guarding Emperor Island.

The Domain of Gods opens up once a decade so the Guardians naturally wouldn't want to miss out on such a grand occasion.

Almost every family on Emperor Island are outside their houses, wandering the streets and looking on like devout followers. They looked in the direction of the Guardian Tree. None of them were talking so the city is dead quiet.

The imperial families also readied themselves before making their way over to the Guardian Tree.

Those living near the area allocated to the imperial families can see royal family members exiting their compounds via doors and windows.

Mana and douqi filled the air as figures clad in their respective energies dashed towards the Guardian Tree.

Magicians and fighters filled the streets, lighting up the town under the Guardian Tree with their energies.

Wu Yan chortled while gazing at the scene of cultivators fervently running towards the Guardian Tree like they are in a race or something.

"What's the hurry? It's not like the Domain of Gods will run away?"

A cold voice rang behind him.

"The Domain of Gods open up once a decade, for older cultivators, this is a rare chance, for younger practitioners, this would be the first or second time entering the Domain of Gods, they all have a reason to be this excited."

Wu Yan grinned as he turned around. Sylph, in her usual icy blue attire entered his vision.

Wu Yan teased her as she slowly walked over.

"Then why do you look like you're not in a hurry at all?"

"That's just my personality..."

Sylph reminded Wu Yan.

"It's time we head out too..."

"I don't particularly mind it..."

Wu Yan shrugged. Then, he had a nice idea, he floated a cheeky grin.

"Oh, Princess Sylph the fair, would you like to try flying in the sky?!"

"Flying in the sky?"

Confused, Sylph couldn't react in time when Wu Yan suddenly hoisted her up by the waist into a princess carry.

Sylph frowned after initially gasping in shock.

"What are you doing?"

Wu Yan responded to her cold demeanor with a smile.

He can see the thinly-veiled fluster in her icy-blue eyes.

"Well, I am just giving you a taste of what it's like to fly in the sky."

He suppressed the urge to play more tricks on her. He turned around without further ado and flew out the window.

She felt the breeze brushing her cheeks, even Sylph felt amazed when she looked down to see other practitioners running towards the Guardian Tree while they are flying.

Flying, it's a feat reserved for demigods.

Not all cultivators who can fly are demigods, there are also users of flight spells in Silvaria, however rare they might be. The rarity of flight spells became a highlight when even Princess Sylph didn't have it despite being the princess of an empire.

Sylph looked intently at the smirking guy.

"You are a bag of surprises, aren't you?"

"What's wrong with that?"

Wu Yan chortled.

"Live a little, there is beauty in serenity but you need a little spice sometimes, a guy with surprises is just the perfect fit to rock someone's world..."

Sylph raised the corners of her lips just a little, adding some cuteness to her otherwise frigid expression. Her beautiful smile appeared only for a fleeting moment.

Alas, Wu Yan didn't catch that scene.

Under the Guardian Tree,

on the dueling platform.

Three days ago, the brief exchange between Wu Yan and Entel wrecked the platform. However, someone repaired it until it's glistening once more.

Multiple individuals ran here from miles away. They were in groups of twos and threes. Then, they started socializing in low volumes. These people are mostly imperial household members from all three empires.

On the other side of the platform is a company of Guardians numbering around 100-men strong. Unlike the chatty imperials, the Guardians sealed their lips shut while emanating a heavy mood. They were all focused on the center spot of the platform.

No, it's not just the Guardians, the imperial family members are also sneaking glances at the center point like they were secretly admiring something.

At the center of the platform is another platform on top of the existing platform.

This second platform is about 10 meters tall and separated into two sub-layers.

The first sub-layer is situated 5 meters away from the ground platform. There are five seats here.

The highest layer has chairs too but there are only three seats here.

The eight seats are obviously prepared for VIPs.

The top three seats are unseated for now. Meanwhile, the five lower VIP seats are already almost full with four persons seated there.

Entel, Gurda, Weya, and Kate.

The four seated VIPs are either emperors or the patriarch of the Guardian Clan.

Many were curious as to the extra lower VIP seat.

Is there another person with equal standing to the emperors and the leader of the exalted Guardian Clan?

The imperial family members were busy whispering to one another because they were speculating as to the identity of this fifth VIP. The Guardians aren't talking out of line but they were similarly confused if their expressions are any indications.

As time went on, more on more guests arrived. When Wu Yan arrived in midair with Sylph in his arms, most of the invited guests are already here.

Entel, Gurda, Weya, and Kate stopped talking when they detected Wu Yan's presence in the air. They bitterly laughed at the same time while making the same comment as Sylph.

"What a never-ending bag of surprise, that youngster..."

The others also looked up at the sky when they saw their leaders looking at something.

They started making noises after a few seconds of stunned silence.

"He's flying! That guy's flying!"

"He can fly?! Is he a demigod?!"

"Impossible! He must be using some kind of flying magic!"


The ones on the platform were pointing at Wu Yan. They murmured with a few gasps mixed in. It didn't take long for them to identify Wu Yan.

This only caused their astonishment to deepen.

The Guardians were particularly affected as they were looking at him with jealousy.

Flight magic, that is very rare.

Seeing this display of rare magic on their sworn enemy only served to pour salt on their wounds.

Little did they know they should have kept some of that envy as reserves because the good stuff's coming.

"My friend, Wu Yan!"

Entel is the first one to stand up and greet Wu Yan. He beamed radiantly at Wu Yan.

"Come, take a seat while you're here."

"Take a seat", that's what everyone heard. They were shaking in shock.

He is the fifth VIP to sit on the same level as emperors of the three empires and the patriarch of the Guardian Clan?

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