Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 146: Yuri girl making a ruckus...

Adopting a facial expression that mimics the 囧 character, Wu Yan listened to Astrea’s wails. Listening to her preposterous theory of starvation, he could feel the weird glances coming his way from the people around him. In all honesty, he almost knelt down from the awkwardness.

“What the fuck is going on here…”

Wu Yan felt like he should be the one breaking out in tears here…

Alas, Astrea didn’t look like she’s going to answer him. She would wipe her tears, wobble her head and mutter.

“I’m hungry…”

The corner of his lip twitched when he saw how she’s acting all moe. He can’t hold back his tears anymore. Why did it look so cute in the screen and yet now when he’s actually experiencing it, he felt a sense of fatigue…

“Can you please tell me, why did you fall in such a place?”

Enduring his headache, he asked her while pointing at the spot where she fell down.

Astrea moaned and answered.

“I was hungry, I didn’t have enough energy and so I lied down there.”


He felt slight pain coming from his nether regions, he’s almost fainted like her as well. What can he say, the girl’s explanation has a style all its own…

Seeing her wobbling from side to side and her languid appearance, he sighed helplessly and said.

“Well whatever, let’s get you something to eat…”

When Astrea heard him, she instantly jumped up straight as if she’s having a dying flash. She nodded vigorously while being flushing red. She didn’t look like she did 5 minutes ago, barely alive. He feels like he’s getting stomach ulcers just dealing with her.

“I knew it, you’re a scum to the core!”

His expression collapsed and he grabbed Astrea’s hand before turning to dash in a certain direction. At the same time that he turned around, a pink figure appeared in a flash, her pink iris flaring at him, she looked like she could devour him on the spot.

Who else but Shirai Kuroko. He froze up and lifted a hand to greet her while uttering a few dry laughs.

“Y-yo, what’s up, Kuroko…”

He’s mad at himself at the moment. Why did he appear now. He already heard about how a disciplinary member is coming and he knew that the 177 branch office is in charge of this area. The chances of meeting this yuri girl was practically 90%, oh god why was he so foolish…

I so do not want to see her right now…

“Don’t call me so intimately!”

Kuroko gnashed her teeth while shooting beams of intense hatred.

“To treat me like that yesterday, and then proceeding to kidnap Onee-sama. Your timing can’t be anymore perfect, I will teleport your scummy butt of an existence into the ground this very moment!”

She disappeared right after she said that. Wu Yan’s expression changed and he dodged to the and a hand appeared where he was. Kuroko stood there in shock at how Wu Yan seemingly dodged her.

With Kuroko distracted, Wu Yan who has his full attention on the opponent, made the decision to take her down before she could take any further action. He grabbed her by the hand, twisted it around and behind her back before pinning her down on the ground while exerting weight on her back. His other hand is placed upon her head for an instant hostile takedown.

He wryly grinned and continued in a helpless tone.

“To appear suddenly and act barbaric is something unbecoming of an Ojou-sama….”

“Unhand me! You despicable scum! Today, this Kuroko is going to exterminate your very existence from Onee-sama’s side!”

Kuroko kept struggling, she looked like she’s going to use her ability to escape, Wu Yan who saw through her like clockwork, tazed her with his power, making her yelp in pain and simultaneously stopping the calculations in her head.

“Your objective appears to be Mikoto as expected…”

Wu Yan didn’t know what to say as he speechlessly looked at her.

Kuroko face turned dark.

“Damn, calling Mikoto here and there, being so intimate. I must teleport your finger into your larynx….”

“Woah, you’re even more savage than Fujibayashi Kyou!” (Tl: character in clannad famous for her ability to throw thick dictionaries with ridiculous force and accuracy.)

“Aaa!!! You’re too noisy for someone who molest young girls!”

She practically screamed that out with all her strength, everyone around them yelled out in surprise and started pointing fingers at Wu Yan. He darkened as well.

“And I said it was an misunderstanding!”

“A scum like you must not be allowed to get close to Onee-sama, extermination as first priority!”

“You damned yuri girl, you really should listen to what people are trying to say!”

He feels so helpless, he already know how her yuri attribute pierces the heaven but she’s practically losing her shit hearing him call Mikoto with such an intimate tone. She would probably go after him with the intent to dismember him if she founds out that he rolled around with her Onee-sama in a blanket.

On the side, Astrea pouted. Wu Yan ignored her and went ahead to “chat” with that pink twin pony tailed girl so she tugged his sleeve and used puppy eyes on him.

“Ne, Master, I’m so hungry, let’s go grab something to eat…”

Before Wu Yan can reply, Kuroko made a big fuss and yelled out loud.

“Aha, you dirty scum, while plotting to get inside Onee-sama’s pants, you are training a sex slave, you evil fiend, you must be plotting to do the same to Onee-sama! I will never let you have your way!”

Wu Yan almost lost his remaining breath when he heard her, he sighed in fatigue and ignored her before slipping his hands into her skirt and fumbling around.

“Wayaya!!! What are you doing you scum! you’re planning to defile me as well? Unhand me this instance!”

Kuroko twisted her body around in panic but Wu Yan had already decided that communication with this yuri life form will achieve little so he decided to take his own actions.

“Uuuu, Onee-sama, I, Kuroko is no longer pure. Uuuu, Onee-sama….”

Kuroko stopped her pointless struggle and mewled as she moaned about her predicament at the hands of a certain person. Wu Yan felt his eye twitching in response. Isn’t it just basic search of her pockets? Does she need to overreact so much?….

He took out her phone from her pocket. Having done it once before, he quickly found Mikoto’s number and called her.

“Hey, Mikoto, where are you at the moment?”

When the line connected, Wu Yan instantly asked.

“Yan? Why are you using Kuroko’s phone again!”

The surprised and curious sound came from the other side, as a result she also sounded a bit unamused when she continued.

“Don’t tell me you got caught again?”

Wu Yan felt awkward.

“How can that be possible…”

When Kuroko heard Mikoto, she stretched her neck and yelled for help.

“Onee-sama! Help me! I am about to be.. mhgghh by the scum…”

He covered her mouth and stared her down before continuing.

“Mikoto, have you found Hinagiku and the others?”

“Not yet…”

Mikoto said in a slightly upset tone.

“I see…”

Wu Yan felt a bit bad as well, he then turned to look at Astrea and answered in a tired tone.

“I’ve found Astrea by the way…”

“You found her?”

Mikoto said in an energetic tone. Looks like she’s worried about the knucklehead Astrea as well…

“Nn, why don’t you step outside for a bit, I will bringing Astrea to a diner and wait for you!”

Kuroko started tossing around again, she kept uttering muffled cries like she’s trying to stop something.

“Alright, I am coming!”

The line disconnected and Wu Yan shoved it back into Kuroko’s pocket and released his hand from her mouth. Of course, he would very soon come to regret releasing his hand from her.

“You scum! How dare you invite Onee-sama out! I am not going to let you have your way!!!”

Kuroko shouted out loud, drawing a big crowd yet again. The eyes of the crowd looked like they were looking at something unseemly. He looked up at the sky and drew a long sigh. How he wish he could push this yuri girl down right now. His eyes then flashed when he thought about something, he went guhehe while looking at Kuroko who’s struggling for her dear life. She felt her back growing cold and a sense of doom approaching her. She didn’t know where this sense of crisis is coming from but she reflexively zipped her mouth close.

Satisfied, he lightly patted her head and let go of her. Kuroko instantly jumped up and retreated a distance away while raising her guard against him with tightly pursed lips.

He turned around at Astrea and grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go, we are going to a diner first…”


Astrea hurrahed.

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