Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1225: Interesting? The found footage

Tengu City, JSDGF AST base...

In the AST Base, Westcott is pouring over a document in a lavish room. His smile grew wider like the document had the information he wanted.

Ellen who held a dossier knew just bad the situation was. Westcott shouldn't be smiling, he should be fuming or concerned right now.

Ellen voiced her bad feelings.

"Aren't you going to do something? Isaac..."

Ellen complained.

"The dumb directors from the board of directors are climbing on top of your head, I don't know why you're so happy..."

"Well, I am just amused by this matter."

Westcott threw the paper back onto the paper.

"When I started DEM, they can only say yes to me like miserable worms. They are now using the Branch HQ's destruction and private use of Realizers to try and pull me down. This is way more fun than when they kissed my boots at every meeting, no?"


Ellen raised her voice.

"Do you realize your situation? They are probably working on ways to remove you from your position!"

Westcott is the managing director of DEM.

There are also other directors in DEM but they aren't the top dogs of the organization.

Alas, Westcott always acted in his own interest. This means acting against DEM's interest to further his own goals.

For instance, Westcott wants the powers of spirits so he doesn't mind killing spirits to get their Sephira Crystals.

However, Westcott actually wants to plunge the spirits into despair and trigger their Inverse forms. He wants to kill these Inverse spirits and get their Qlipha crystals.

This isn't because the Qlipha crystals are stronger than Sephira crystals. No, it is just his personal preference.

Westcott derives joy from this activity.

As for how DEM turns out at the end of his project, he honestly couldn't care less.

This is why the directors in DEM don't like Westcott very much. They also want his position for themselves so they constantly schemed to get more power and authority over DEM.

Ellen isn't afraid of those directors. With the combined might of Westcott and Ellen, he can settle these uppity directors in no time at all. Ellen can even think of multiple ways to stop these directors.

She stopped here with Westcott because they reckoned they needed some time to stage a comeback, no harm in being prudent at this point.

Ellen is no longer the strongest in the world.

Ellen pursed her lips. She finally released a sigh.

"We shouldn't have given them the power to sack you."

"That would be too boring!"

Westcott gave Ellen the answer she expected.

"What do we do? Go back to HQ just like the order said?"

"I, for one, would like to see what they have in store for me..."

Westcott shrugged.

"No, staying here is way more interesting than what is happening back there."

Ellen raised an eyebrow.

"Is it because of the girl? That Origami something..."

Westcott's smirk widened.

"I didn't think we would find someone from that class in the AST..."

The AST is a specialized military squad made to kill spirits who cause spacequakes. It espouses the same value as DEM>

Inside AST, there are combatants who have experience fighting spirits. Even if spirits hid their Reiryoku signatures, these people can still sniff them out.

However, the AST still couldn't take down the spirits despite knowing where they are.


Because Origami didn't snitch on the spirits, she didn't report them to the higherups of AST.

"I am guessing this Tobiichi Origami has a special connection to those spirits."

Ellen pointed out.

"Isaac, is that why you're so interested in Origami?"

"Yes, but, we should observe her for now."

Westcott smiled at Ellen.

"What about your investigation?"

"The equipment here is inferior so that slowed my investigation a bit. However, I did pull up an interesting piece of info on Origami.

Ellen gave Westcott a few documents.

"Here you go, you should find something of note in here."


Westcott read the document with raised brows.

"Her parents died due to a spirit attack? She also hates spirits incredibly?"

Westcott gasped.

"Why did she cover for those spirits?"

"Good question."

Ellen nodded.

"If she truly hated spirits, it would make sense if she investigated the spirits. Truth be told, I think she already knows about her classmates' real identities. She purposely chose to hide this fact from her superiors. Truly an odd situation..."

"The human heart can be complex. It is almost incomprehensible."

Westcott shook his head.

"Her parents died in a great fire five years ago? Was it Efreet?"


Ellen answered.

"I investigated this event and delved deep into the archives stored in DEM. At the time, we detected multiple Reiryoku signatures, we also caught footage of the scene at the time."

Ellen gave Westcott a digital display.

The monitor displayed Tengu City in a sea of flames.

Origami's parents died from a laser attack that looked like a flame pillar, he replayed the scene multiple times.

"That footage was caught by an abandoned satellite."

Ellen explained.

"We concluded that the victims were ordinary citizens of no value so we slated the video for digital destruction. However, after we excavated the remains of the burned-down branch HQ, we found a copy of this video.

Ellen's eyes started wavering.

"Upon further examination, I found this..."

Ellen pulled the scene away. Westcott saw the figure that unleashed the flame pillar. He saw the same flame pillar that killed Origami's parents.

Westcott inhaled deeply when he saw the perpetrator. He started laughing out loud.

"Ahaha! What an amazing discovery! This is going to be fun!"

Westcott laughed out loud like a maniac. He ordered Ellen to schedule a meeting.

"Get me Origami!"

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