Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1210: Unfair treatment?

Tengu city, Fraxinus...

"No abnormalities detected."

"Reiryoku signatures have disappeared."

"Final conclusion, no difference compared to humans. Cannot identify her as a spirit using established parameters."

The Ratatoskr members gave their reports. Kotori nodded in satisfaction.

"Target spirit: Diva, is now sealed!"


All the members cheered. They are glad because that is one more spirit successfully saved.

After discovering Miku's spirit status, they were troubled by how hard it would be to get her to lower her guard. This stressed the team out as they came up with various suggestions.

Diva's seal and the subjugation of the Berserk twin spirits meant that there are now 3 fewer spirits in existence that could threaten the populace. This is a win for them.

Kotori, Mana, Yatsuki and Kannazuzki are all grnning.

Alas, the conversation between the spirit and the sealer didn't end there.

"Ne ne, darling, do you have any plans for today?"


"Yeah, if you don't then do you want to go shopping with me?"

"We can... But, aren't you super popular? You might end up in the tabloids, you know?"

"Hehe, I am not the past me, bad press can't get to me anymore. As long as darling is by my side, I don't care what they say about me!"

"I am happy to hear you say that. However, any tabloids involving you would probably harm me... Also, what is up with calling me 'darling'?!"

"Maa maa, it is just a term of endearment, is it that bad?"

"N-no, it's fine..."


The others in the control room of Fraxinus were watching with stiff expressions.

Wu Yan stood there with his latest catch.

They watched as a jubilantly smiling Miku continued pressing up against Wu Yan while hugging his arm. It looks like she is having a blast while Wu Yan is a bit awkward around her. He can be seen sighing and bitterly smiling.

After giving him a passionate kiss and putting on the Sealing Bracelet obediently when Wu Yan told her. She kept this bubbly attitude up until now.

She had military-grade bombastic figure but her mind is like that of a kid. The Ratatoskr couldn't link the present Miku to her past self.

Wu Yan is also in a similar situation.

After receiving a hot kiss from Miku during her concert, he had trouble adjusting to her drastic change in personality. He just played along with Miku's aggressive attacks.

Kotori pursed her lips. She wanted to put a brake on this so she addressed Miku.

"Good, now that you're here, Miku should tag along too, I have something to ask you..."


Miku was busy rubbing up against Wu Yan, she flinched before turning her head.

"Question? What?"

"Oh, believe me, I have a lot of questions for you."

Kotori tapped her fingers on her armrest.

"There are questions about your abilities, your angels, and what you did after getting your spirit powers, anyway, tons of questions..."

"But, we can put the questions aside for now..."

Kotori turned stern.

"I am more concerned with how you became a spirit..."

Wu Yan also noticed something off. Miku tightened her hug with a frown. Her breathing is also out of whack and she had a pained look.

Kotori closed her mouth as the room turned silent. Nobody emitted a pip.

The people here know about Miku's background.

They know what led to her transformation, her utter despair in humanity and the world at large.

Asking her something like that is basically peeling off unhealed scabs.

Wu Yan tightened his grip on Miku's hand.

"If you want to answer then answer, it's also fine if you don't want to answer, don't force yourself..."

Miku warmed up as she shook her head.

"My Reiryoku is sealed, I am not a normal human. My voice returned, I don't want to let the shadows of my past dominate me..."


Embracing Wu Yan's arm once more, Miku floated a bright smile.

"You will protect me, right?"

Wu Yan didn't answer her. He just gave her a very firm gaze.

She got her answer from that.

Leaning against Wu Yan's arm, she answered Kotori.

"It was half a year ago..."

Miku delved into her memories.

"At that time, everyone betrayed me. I also lost my voice due to my trauma. I lost the will to live..."

"When I lost everything, I wanted to end it all. I wanted to kill my meaningless self..."

Miku raised her head.

"Then, God appeared in front of me."


Kotori's gaze turned sharp. Wu Yan also narrowed his eyes.

"Yes, God."

Miku nodded.

"It appeared and told me..."

"Do you want the power to change this world?"

Wu Yan, Kotori, Mana, and others exchanged looks. They gave Miku the chance to elaborate.

"Then, it passed me a purple gem..."

Miku recounted her encounter with the entity.

"The gem merged into my body. I got my powers and became a spirit. I got the voice that can control people."

Miku returned from her reminiscence.

"Anyway, that was basically it..."

"That's it?"

Kotori frowned.

"Can you give us more details? For instance, can you tell us what God looked like?"

"Look like, huh?"

Miku continued.

"I... am not too sure... It is so fuzzy..."



Miku lowered her head apologetically.

"Although God appeared in front of me, it was covered in mosaics so I can't tell what it looked like. It also sounded weird. It felt like the entity is out of this world..."

"Covered in mosaics, huh?"

Kotori pondered for a short while.

"did you notice anything weird after becoming a spirit? Like how if you use your powers you will get destructive urges..."


Miku answered.

"After I turned into a spirit, the ways to use my power became carved in my mind. I can use my powers as freely without anything affecting me."

"I see, only I can't control my own powers..."

Kotori sighed. She turned her head the other way in a huff.

"What an unfair treatment..."

"You should be thankful..."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"If all spirits rampage when they use their powers then a lot of humans would have died by now..."


Kotori bitterly laughed...

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