Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1201: The fight between spirits and magicians

Disastrous flames licked everything. The scorching heat on the ground is a testament to the ghoulish fire that plagues DEM's branch.

Everything was engulfed by flames. The steel plates meant to protect the buildings against spacequakes were about as useful as a water squirter in a real fire. Those metallic sheets were melted away.

If someone stepped into the sea of flames, they are going to be cremated in an instant. Even magicians in CR units would need to deploy their Territories to resist the damage, even then, they can't stay for long in the fire.

Nobody is dumb enough to try and stand in the flames. The personnel evacuated into underground shelters. Magicians in CR units also flew into the sky to support Ellen.

With the base burning into cinders, Ellen looked at the assailants who were neatly standing in a single horizontal line. Even a jackass could figure out who started the fire.

DEM is under attack.

They were under attack by the very spirits they hunted.

With the hunter now becoming the hunted, the magicians were stumbling around as the spirits came knocking on their front door.

Ellen also didn't expect this counter-attack from the spirits. She had always been the hunter.

Westcott is the first one to recover from his initial shock. He looked at his burning branch, he can tell the base is done for. However, he took it as chill as a cucumber. His facial muscle didn't even twitch.

Ellen noticed an alarming thing. Westcott isn't spotting his usual shit-eating grin anymore.

With the DEM branch brazenly demolished like this, no matter how well Westcott could contain his emotions, he still wouldn't be in a good mood.

Finally, after confirming the uninvited guests, Westcott smiled. He effectively gave up on his base.

"What a beautiful night, Shido-kun, I wasn't expecting such a grand welcoming gift from your arrival..."

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow, the guy got over his base being burned down rather quickly.

"Looks like this gift wasn't enough for you..."

"No, what makes you say that?"

Westcott shrugged Wu Yan off. He sneered when he saw Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru.

"Offering a bunch of scrap metal to invite the Red Devil, Nightmare, and Berserkers here is money well-spent if I do say so myself."

Westcott looked at Natsuki. He narrowed his eyes before beaming at her.

"Ah, this must be Shido-kun's Angel? It's an honor to meet you..."

Natsuki pursed her lips in annoyance.

"I don't know who you are but you have a talent for making bad first impressions. You give me the same feel as the guy with snakes."

Natsuki didn't beat around the bush. Westcott is nonetheless surprised by her bad attitude. He's curious as to the snake guy's identity but he knew better than to ask Natsuki for more information.

He turned back toward Wu Yan.

"Well then, Shido-kun, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? I don't think you're here to give me 'presents', right?"

"This is why I like talking to smart people. I don't need to mince words."

Wu Yan said. He smiled at both Westcott and ellen.

"I came here with one simple objective. I got pissed off by some of your recent actions so I came here to make sure you guys back the hell off..."

"What do you mean?!"

Ellen directed her cold gaze at Wu Yan.

"You came here for revenge?!"


Wu Yan laughed out loud. He slowly strode forward. He made sure everyone could his sarcastic tone.

"DEM can hunt spirits but can't take the heat when a bunch of spirits comes to return the favor?"

"Just what I expect from brutes like the DEM..."

"Red Devil!"

Ellen took out her lightsaber. With her blade pointed at Wu Yan, her pale face gave her real feelings away.

"Do you think you can take down the entire DEM by just yourselves?!"

"I am not sure about taking down the entire DEM, though..."

Wu Yan looked down.

"We will be taking your branch office if you don't mind..."

"Shido-kun, I cannot stress the ramifications of your actions enough..."

Westcott nonchalantly continued.

"I, for one, do not care what becomes of this place, the guys over at HQ will not take kindly to the destruction of this branch office. I am afraid more troubles would come knocking on your doors from now on..."

"I think it's enough if you guys rein in your behavior, at least for a while..."

Wu Yan waved his flaming nodachi after shrugging.

"As for the continuation, I think we will be tallying up the accrued interests once we have more comrades on our side."

Westcott's expression dissipated when he heard that.

Wu Yan is making it very clear that he intends to force DEM into recovery mode while searching for the rest of the spirits.

On one side, we have an organization that was founded to hunt down all spirits. On the other side, we have an organization that seeks to live and cooperate with spirits. It's obvious who should be hunting who down.

This is an outcome Westcott cannot tolerate in his path to obtain the spirits' powers.

Westcott intently stared at Wu Yan before sighing.

"It seems we can't be friends anymore..."


Wu Yan almost couldn't hold back his laughter. He looked at Westcott.

"I don't know if you're trying to crack a joke or you're just painfully naive."

"You might be right..."

He patted Ellen's shoulder while raising a hand.

"However, I cannot allow you to take this base. Otherwise, I can't explain myself to others..."

"Let's see who will come out on top in the war between spirits and magicians."

"Everyone, move out!"

Ellen uttered her command.

"Capture the Red Devil, Nightmare, and Berserkers at all costs, you're permitted to use deadly force!"

"Yes, madam!"

The magicians replied in affirmative.

"Raphael, El reem!"

"Raphael, El Nahash!"

The Yamai twins conjured a storm by summoning their Angels from the lock-like bracelets on their hands.

Kaguya materialized a mechanical wing on her right shoulder while Yuzuru had a similar wing on her left shoulder. They also had shiny vambraces.

Kaguya equipped a pointy lance while Yuzuru equipped a chain with a pointy pendulum at the end of it.

Soon, the skies darkened as a tempest started blowing, the scale of this storm rivaled the intensity of the flames beneath.

The heaven and earth churned...

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