Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1185: Hurt? Intense counter attacks

“Let me introduce myself, my name’s Tokisaki Kurumi…”

Ellen’s eyes turned cold when Kurumi curtsied like a noble young lady. She floated a look of slight disgust.

“You’re just a spirit,  stop mimicking humans… You’re so unsightly…”

Ellen pointed her lightsaber at her.

“Since you delivered yourself to us, I am going to treat you nicely…”

“Isaac will be very happy to see you, I am sure…”

“Ara ara, this is no way to treat your guest. DEM people sure are rude…”

Kurumi shrugged. She sized up Ellen while licking her lips.

“You look delicious. I am glad I came here for a visit…”

“For me…”

Ellen got into a slashing stance before her boosters went to max output. Like a hurricane, she rushed towards Kurumi. Before the winds even hit Kurumi, Kurumi was already within her striking distance.

She chopped diagonally down at Kurumi.

“It’s all the same!”


Kurumi showed her a look of excitement rather than fear.


A bone-chilling sound of blood hitting the ground resounded in the office.

Ellen’s lightsaber tore apart Kurumi’s Astral Dress and she left a huge wound across her body. One could even see her bones. Ellen opened up a mortal wound from Kurumi’s shoulder to her elbow-level torso.


Ellen isn’t glad to see this. She frowned at Kurumi.

“Why didn’t you block or dodge?”

Kurumi didn’t do anything against the slash.

“Ara ara…. Ara ara ara….”

Kurumi touched her gaping wound like it was nothing but a scratch. She looked at the blood on her fingers like it was not her blood. She didn’t even grimace in pain. She just gasped at the damage she suffered.

“You sliced apart my Astral Dress like nothing, you also gave me such a grievous wound…”

Kurumi licked the blood off her fingers.

“As expected of the strongest magician…”

Ellen watched as the mortally-injured Kurumi played with her wounds. She had a bad feeling.


Kurumi stared at Ellen with a devilish grin.

“This will do for now…”

Kurumi raised her left arm. The golden clock in her left eye flashed.

“Come to me…”


A giant clock taller than Kurumi appeared behind Kurumi as if someone had drawn it. The clock manifested at a lightning-fast speed.

“An Angel!”

Ellen slashed Kurumi one more time.

“I won’t let you!”

“Ara ara, don’t be in such a rush, chill…”

She blocked Ellen’s attack with her rifle. Ignoring her severed fingers and blood, she held onto her flintlock pistol.

“We still have time for fun…”

Kurumi pointed her flintlock at the fourth hour on the clock.

”Fourth Bullet, Dalet…”

A blackish-red surge of power entered her pistol through the clock.

Ellen thought Kurumi is going to attack her. She sent a command to her CR unit to prepare evasive maneuvers in an instant.


However, Kurumi did something she didn’t anticipate.

Kurumi shot herself with the charged-up attack.


Kurumi shot herself with a smile much to Ellen’s shock.


Kurumi grimaced like she had been shot for real. It looked like a suicide no matter what.

What happened next made Ellen doubt her eyes.

The mortal wound on Kurumi started healing at an impossible speed. It’s almost like the wound’s time got reversed.

In less than a second, Kurumi became as good as new.


Kurumi giggled again. She looked at her healed arm in front of a disbelieving Ellen.

That’s the hand for her rifle.

“Ah~ Ah~ What a pity. Much as I would like to test what death felt like when being dished out by the world’s strongest magician, I cannot waste hubby-sama’s Time like this.”

Kurumi shook her head regrettably.

“Let’s end this here…”

Kurumi pointed at the first hour on her clock.

“First bullet, Alef…”

Dark energy streamed forth from the first digit of her clock. The energy entered her flintlock pistol. Once again, Kurumi shot herself with the pistol.




The instant she shot herself, Kurumi vanished. Then, Ellen felt an intense pain coming from her abdomen. She got sent flying by that impact.


Ellen’s mind went blank when the impact hit her. She adjusted herself using her boosters. Stopping in an instant, she tried to dash back.


Ellen had just steadied herself when another strike came from above. This strike hit her on her back, slamming her to the floor. That impact created a crater in the fragile floor.

Kurumi looked at the wound on her body with a slight frown.

This wound wasn’t there before.


Kurumi rubbed her wound. She praised Ellen.

“You used your Territory to grasp my coordinates. Then, you attacked me at the same time I attacked. Impressive…”

“The same could be said of you…”

Ellen got back up while keeping Kurumi in her line of sight.

“I never imagined Nightmare would have this kind of power, I underestimated you…”


Ellen pointed her laser sword at Kurumi once more.

“If you’re only at this level then you don’t stand a chance.”

“Ara ara, I am still being underestimated…”

Kurumi giggled while covering her mouth. Her golden eye glimmered slightly.

“Looks like I have to get ‘us’ to kill you…”


Ellen narrowed her eyes while furrowing her brows.

“Did you bring your friends?”

“I wonder…”

Kurumi replied with a sly grin.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out…”


Ellen snorted. She brandished her lightsaber before looking at her empty hand.

“Too bad for you, in terms of numbers, you’re outgunned here…”

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